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Hi there! Greetings from this side. Today I’ll be talking about 10 top paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi. 

But before we jump into the 10 top paid digital marketing jobs.

Let us quickly know a few essential points regarding this industry. One thing we all know that this industry is growing like anything. This industry is also emerging as a booming career option. As well as, there are many opportunities in this industry.

If you are already in this industry you will be able to relate and agree to me but if you are new to this digital marketing industry then you have landed at the right place. It is predicted that this industry will be providing 150,000 jobs by 2020. And this trend is not expected to go away anytime soon.

Today, Digital marketing skills are required in 85% of the industries. This post will cover topics like What is digital marketing, 10 top paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi, digital marketing jobs salary, digital marketing jobs in Delhi salary, benefits of this industry, and so on.

Top paid digital marketing jobs: What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also known as internet marketing, web marketing etc. You can say that digital marketing is a shift from traditional ways of marketing. As earlier, internet or say, social media was only used for entertainment purpose. But with time, business owners started seeing potential on the internet, as well as in social media.

With everyone going cashless and dependent on the Internet for almost everything. To book movie tickets or to search for a new restaurant near us. We all look at the Internet for answers. And because of all these factors, digital marketing is at its peak.

Digital Marketing is a new method of marketing in the 21st century. Through this method, we can reach our target customers and businesses and promote our company easily.

Journey Of Jeff Bezos –

When we are talking about the top paid digital marketing jobs. Earlier we already discussed what is digital marketing.

Now, we all are very familiar with the name ”Jeff Bezos”, the living legend. The CEO and Founder of Amazon. Is the wealthiest man in the world. Do you know he majored in computer science and electrical engineering? In an interview, he said that back then he was doing a stable job. But he took a rare risk and even abandoned his stable job.

After learning the potential of the Internet. He mentioned that “I came across the fact that Web usage was growing at 2,300 percent per year,” Bezos said in 2010. He further explained that “I’d never seen or heard of anything that grew that fast.”

Jeff Bezos understood the potential of the Internet back then at the age of 30. And now, he is the wealthiest man in the world.

Top paid digital marketing jobs:

Now, let us see the 10 top paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi (2019).

Well, in my humble opinion joining the digital marketing course will definitely help anyone become a certified digital marketing professional. Apart from this, doing the course will also help to become a skilled marketer, who will be eligible enough to grab the opportunities waiting for them.

Now, let us quickly see what are the 10 top paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi –




Well, in the race of 10 top paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi.

Content marketing is what comes in the slot one. When we are talking about content. This is something we need in every industry.

digital marketing jobs

Fresh, unique audience-friendly content is what every company seeks. Content marketing is indeed a proven strategy to increase sales for your business. Almost every company needs content for their business.

”Do you know on average conversion rates are six times higher for brands and companies using content marketing.?”

Which means that the right marketing strategy is indeed proven beneficial for any kind of business. Lead generation, website traffic all these are too done with the good quality content only.

As a content marketing manager, one thing to keep in mind is to work for a specifically targeted group for better results.


  • Creating useful as well as educational content
  • Identify and develop the essential piece of content
  • Making sure is helping out the readers with the information they are seeking
  • Writing quality content for websites to drive traffic

Earned Income: The Average Salary Of A Content Marketing Manager Is Rs. 746,765 per year.




So, the next one in the race of 10 top paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi is search engine executive. Organic ranking is no less important.

digital marketing jobs

This visual clearly shows the difference between Organic Search and Paid Ads. The demand for SEO (search engine optimization) is no less. Unpaid ranking on Google is also essential for any kind of organization.

This is what makes search engine executive in high demand as companies want the best ranking for their company in the search engine result page (SERPs).

One thing to keep in mind is that the work of search engine executive keeps changing. As a Search Engine Executive, one must be familiar with all the latest developments within this sector. Aware of every white hat strategies used.


  • Improve the website of the clients so that it gets the highest traffic
  • Making sure that the website’s designs and layouts are user-friendly
  • Taking every right step possible to get organic traffic from Google and other search engines
  • Optimization copy and home pages for better conversations

Earned Income: The Average Income Of A Search Engine Executive Is Rs. 500,673 per year.




A recent study, in fact, shows that Email delivers the highest ROI for marketers. If you think that Email marketing is not valid today. Then, you are highly mistaken. ”Email Marketing is not dead.”

digital marketing jobs

When talking about digital marketing jobs. It is important to remember that email marketing is also a very important part of the digital marketing process.

Email plays a very essential role in building a brand’s identity. There are many benefits of email marketing for an organization. Do you know that there are many businesses who are solely dependent on email marketing? As they feel it is the only right strategy for their business.

And this marketing strategy helps them build long-lasting relationships with their ideal customers. There are many benefits of email marketing. Even emails have the power to turn the ideal audience into customers. As well as, customers into loyal buyers.


  • Taking care that the emails sent to the audiences are mobile-friendly
  • Creating campaigns to promote products and services
  • Making sure that the emails don’t have any grammatical errors
  • Scheming and designing different email templates

Earned Income: The Average Income Of An Email Marketing Manager Is Rs. 532,500 per year.




Gone are the days when social media sites were used for entertainment purposes. Now, businesses are earning huge through social sites. As social sites are proving to be highly beneficial for companies.

digital marketing jobs

This visual above shows the social media platforms reach. As we all know that YouTube comes in slot one. Everyone enjoys watching videos over there. As well as it is also a great business platform. There are many YouTubers who earn huge amount through this video platform. Then for business use comes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These all are Social sites and Social media marketing is very important for any kind of business. Social media is not going away and indeed it is very important to be where your customers are in social media.

It is important is to know where your ideal customers are on the social site. Which is their most preferred social site? And being present there so that your services can help your people out there.


  • Sharing relevant and useful contents on different social sites
  • Helps to build meaningful connections and communities
  • Handling different social media channels
  • Making the existing users take action and engage with the brand regularly

Earned Income: The Average Income Of An Social Media Marketing Executive Is Rs. 449,976 per year.




As the name itself suggests digital media manager is responsible for all the media related works done by an organization.

Many-a-times a digital media manager is connected with different professionals at the same time be it a copywriter or a web designer.

These people are responsible for multi-channel marketing done by an organization. They need to be clear of the messages these marketing processes are sending out to the targeted audiences.


  • Designing digital media campaigns which are in sync with the company’s goals
  • Maintaining a strong company’s voice
  • Outreach customers through social media
  • Supervising ROI of the organization

Earned Income: The Average Income Of A Digital Media Manager Is $344,966 per year.




The work of Google AdWord Specialist is generally different from the other fields. i.e., as a content writer, the work revolves around creating contents. Or as a Social media manager, one needs to manage different social sites.

digital marketing jobs

There are many benefits of Google Ads. But As a Google AdWords Specialist, one need to manage different types of Ads campaigns needs to be familiar with the different tools used in the same field.

The true thing about an Adwords Specialist is that with the right specialist your business can touch heights. And a right specialist can give your business your right and ideal clients on a regular basis.


  • Managing email and social media marketing campaigns
  •  Conducts keyword research to create a list of keyword phrases on which you will be bidding.
  •  Managing Paid Search Accounts on a regular basis
  • Expert in using Google Analytics, Google Adwords and other relevant platforms

Earned Income: The Average Income Of A Google AdWords Specialist Is Rs. 374,329 per year




Every digital marketer today is keeping in mind that there every campaign and strategies must be mobile-friendly. As mobile phones, today are in high demand.

There is no one in this world who does not own a phone. Even kids know how to operate a phone.

So, the marketers are keeping in mind to make there every digital strategy mobile-friendly.

As it is a fact that the mobile application marketplace is growing magnificently. So, the mobile app developer jobs are indeed in high demand.


  • Developing mobile APIs to support mobile purposes
  • As a mobile App developer, one must keep themselves updated with the latest technologies, concepts regarding the development of mobile Apps
  • Making engaging and attractive mobile friendly designs

Earned Income: The Average Income Of A Mobile App Developer Is Rs. 469,000 per year.




Video marketing is always in high demand. There are many people who do not want to read much. And seeks visuals where they can learn the concepts of what the writer wants to convey to the audiences.

”We are operating in a world, where one good video can lead to a massive social following.”

This quote speaks it all today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.

Today most marketers are trying to add video marketing to their marketing strategies. As with the right video marketing campaign. You can get a massive following.


  • Supervising the video content production for a company
  • Make sure that the message of the video is very clear to the ideal audiences
  • Handling every video strategies i.e., uploading, editing adding effects to the video etc.
  • Creating video marketing strategies for meeting the goals for the organization

Earned Income: The Average Income Of A Video Marketing Manager Is $465,000 per year.




An influencer is always someone who has the power to influence others.  Let us understand it with an example, all the Bollywood celebrities are doing this particular type of marketing years and years from now.

digital marketing jobs

The graphic above shows the evolution of Influencer marketing. Today the need for influencers is more in the marketing. If you are someone who can grab many likes and comments on a picture with an eye-catching caption. Then influencer marketing is for you.

There is always a trust factor associated with this type of marketing. Let me clear an interpretation here. Many people think that influencer marketing is done by celebrities only and it is too expensive. Then, the answer is No. for example, a famous food blogger can be an influencer too.

Today businesses are spending much on this type of marketing. And are also getting a good ROI. When talking about digital marketing jobs, then influencer marketing is indeed among other high paid digital marketing jobs.


  • As an influencer, conveying the right message to the audiences of the brand
  • Maintaining an influencing strategy to increase ROI
  • Keeping track of every interaction with the audience
  • Make the brand’s audiences related to what you are trying to convey

Earned Income: The Average Income Of A Influencer Marketing Executive Is Rs. 734,300 per year.



There are still many who do not know about AI.  There are many brands around the cornet using AI and its benefits. Does not matter if everyone is familiar with it or not.

digital marketing jobs

You all must have heard about AI. This is the new buzzword in the market nowadays for Artificial Intelligence. Now, when we are talking about AI. And, you are well aware of the new digital marketing trends.

Then you must be knowing that in the field of internet marketing, AI is something which cannot be taken lightly in 2019. Do you know that AI is already a part of computer science, which has the purpose to make quick-witted machines? In other words, AI is machine learning. But without any charge.

As an AI Specialist research work is a must. It is part of the work itself.


  • Must be good at scheming and analyzing pieces of information
  • The ability to protect the internet systems of the organization
  • Technical smartness to maintain and renovate technology within an organization
  • Must be good software investigator

Earned Income: The Average Income Of An AI Specialist Is Rs. 202,280 per year.



So, these were the 10 top paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi. I have discussed everything here regarding the top paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi.

It is a true fact that there are enormous career opportunities in this sector. Not only this, but you can also get an interesting pay scale in this industry.

If you still think digital marketing is not big… Think again..!!!

You know what I love about this industry. That there are many roads to take. And everything is interesting here. What I mean here is, anyone can do what interests them the most.

Let me give you an example here, Suppose I am good at writing. So, I can go for Content Writing. Similarly, if you have an analytical mind. You can go with Google Adwords.

Like I already said, there are lots of options here.

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