15 Potential ways to increase followers on Instagram

increase followers on Instagram

Do you want to increase followers on Instagram?

As far as I know, everyone wants to increase followers on Instagram.

Well, I am a big fan of the visual site Instagram. What about you?

Do you know India is one of the popular countries having a gigantic number of Instagram users? Around 73 million users, astonishing, isn’t?

A number of individuals are constantly searching out for ways to increase followers on Instagram. And when you Google, you will definitely find a number of potential ways to do that.

So, in this guide, we are going to discuss 15 potential ways to increase followers on Instagram.

Sometime back growing Instagram followers weren’t a tedious task. But with the growing popularity of this App, now if you want to increase followers on Instagram. It is very necessary for you to move strategically. Let us understand how you can grow followers on Instagram:

9 Potential Ways To Increase Followers On Instagram:

increase followers on Instagram

The tactics we are now going to discuss are indeed powerful. And if followed correctly it provides the answer to ”how to get followers on Instagram Fast”. Sometimes getting real followers on Instagram can seem a bit tedious task. But now that you will be following the strategies mentioned below. This will surely make your task easier for you:


Have you ever seen a popular Instagram profile? You know what is common in the pages that are growing successfully through Instagram. The thing that is common is they will surely have a theme for their Instagram page. This is because having a theme for your Instagram page will make you look more professional.

And it makes your profile more unique then the rest of the rat race. And your audience will also surely appreciate you for having a professional theme for your Instagram page.


The trend of hashtags started with Instagram. Facebook doesn’t promote Hashtags. But utilizing the same on Instagram is very necessary in order to increase followers on Instagram.

When I started with Instagram Marketing, I ignored the advice of making use of hashtags (and I regretted that later on as well)

In order to increase your reach on Instagram. It is important that you are utilizing Hashtags. Relevant and niche-based hashtags for your Instagram profile. Utilizing the right hashtags will not only increase your brand visibility but it will also expose your company in front of new audiences as well.

Here, you can use your Instagram popular hashtags or you can come up with your own hashtags as well.


This is actually an excellent way to build a relationship with similar pages. How you do this? You do this by engaging with like minded-business pages. As soon as some popular page within your niche posts an update on Instagram what you need to do is like, share and leave an insightful comment to the page.

This can be done with numerous pages also this way you expose your page in front of the audiences of the page. This is another popular way to increase followers on Instagram.


People nowadays are more inclined to live videos or IGTV. And trust me this actually works wonders. Adding more video content on your Instagram page or coming live with your Instagram page is definitely an excellent way to boost your reach on Instagram as well as you will be able to attract more followers with this strategy.


If your Instagram page has low audiences. What you can do here to increase your followers on Instagram is to ask your happy customers to share their reviews or video on Instagram and to tag your page with the same.

This is actually an effective marketing strategy and it works amazingly well. This will also let people know more about your business and your happy customers.


As a business, you actually need to utilize Instagram highlights. This means letting people know more about your brand through your Instagram stories. When a new individual visits your Instagram page for the first time he/she might not be aware of what exactly you are dealing with. So, for that purpose, you need to keep your Instagram highlights up-to-date with relevant information. Giving your first-time users a chance to know you better.


Well, this is actually a bit underrated strategy. But it definitely helps you to gain more visibility thus helps you to increase followers on Instagram. Make sure to always use relevant keywords or hashtags in your Instagram bio.

Make full use of Instagram’s bio. Also, add a professional logo as your profile picture which you are using on your website or other social sites. Again, never forget to add your Website URL in your bio. As it will help people to know the website belongs to you.


In the race to increase followers on Instagram, try not to keep your Instagram profile limited. Cross-promote the same content on various other social media platforms where it’s possible.

Think about various other marketing channels you are utilizing. Be it your Website, Landing Page, Facebook, Pinterest (another social site like Instagram). And think about how these channels can make people land on your Instagram page.

Cross-promotion is an excellent thing that you can do with your Instagram content. This way you open up your new content in front of new audiences.


In order to increase followers on Instagram, you need to understand that the audiences are different on different platforms. The second thing, what is working for my Instagram page audiences will not necessarily work for you as well. There is no specific thing that will work for your audience. As it requires experimenting with different content altogether.

Post different contents on your Instagram page be it images, infographics, videos, motivational quotes or anything. And see how people are engaging with each picture. This is how you will know which content is working best for your business and which is not.

increase followers on Instagram


Don’t forget even before marketing began on Instagram. This site is a photo-sharing site. As a business, if you aren’t using high-quality images to showcase your products or services then your audiences will not find you authentic. And you will lose your customers even before they make a purchase for you. So, this is something you must keep in mind. In order to increase followers on Instagram for your business page.


Instagram was created initially for people. And when you share behind the scenes pictures or snaps with your customers. This way your customers find you more genuine and authentic. And they will be more loyal to your business. Make it a practice to share behind the scene snaps with your audiences.


Free kinds of stuff excite everyone be it a child or an adult. And this is an excellent way to boost followers on Instagram. Run a contest on Instagram sometimes. And have exciting gifts for people who participate. This will not only boost your followers. But again it will increase your brand awareness as well.


Organic reach on Instagram is actually low. So, what you can do here to increase your Instagram followers is to boost your Instagram post to reach more people. But what matters here is quality content. If your content is interesting and you know that people are going to love it. Then, it is an excellent opportunity to boost Instagram posts.


People will always trust and value the recommendations of their friends and companions rather than companies. So, don’t keep your happy customers testimonials or reviews limited to your website or landing page. Use the same in your social sites be it Facebook or Instagram. This is a great way to increase interactions among your potential users. Also, another exciting way to increase your followers on Instagram.


Last but not least, this is something you must keep in mind. Posting the same kind of things over and over again will bore your users. And sooner or later they will run away. There is no sure-shot way of what will work for you and what will not. So, what you need to do here is experiment with different kinds of posts, be it infographics, videos, images, motivational quotes, etc. And then keep a check on what is getting the maximum likes and comments and what is not.

Or the second option is, ask your audiences what they will like to see. And then give your audiences what they want. Here, the bottom line is to keep variations. Always come up with new-new things to keep the interest of your audiences.


So, the above-discussed are some of the potentially powerful ways for you to increase followers on Instagram. If you are running any page for your business or website. We are very sure that if you follow the above-discussed strategies smartly. It will surely increase your followers on Instagram.

Increase followers on Instagram: Why having An Instagram Strategy Is Must For A Business

Instagram App is flourishing and its users are growing day-by-day. Almost every marketer is present on the two most important sites. One is Facebook and the other one is Instagram. The competition is very high on Instagram. And not only you, but your competitors are utilizing Instagram for their business purpose.

Moving strategically is very important on Instagram otherwise you will never get the desired result through Instagram. Many a time people think that Instagram looks a very visually appealing site. But they fail to realize that the same site is very crucial for business.


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