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increase YouTube Subscribers

Are you into YouTube marketing? ”How I am supposed to increase YouTube subscribers”. Have pondered about this? So, in this guide, we are going to discuss YouTube, YouTube marketing.

I am aware of the fact that many of the YouTubers out there face this problem of how they can increase YouTube subscribers. And not only this, sometimes it becomes soo frustrating that they decide that they don’t want to continue with the same.

YouTube is something every individual uses. Think about it, someone is visiting your place. You want to try a new dish. If you want to see how exactly the same needs to be cooked. You see on YouTube. This is something we all can relate to, that’s how essential YouTube is with over 1.9 billion monthly active users. YouTube is definitely essential marketing site. So, if you are a YouTube marketer. And constantly evaluating ”How to increase YouTube subscribers” I am surely you will get all your answers here. 

One of my friends sometime back started his YouTube channel, he had around 25-20 videos on his channel. He was really good with comedy videos. He used to make videos that everyone would easily relate to, was working hard for his channel no doubt, but his subscribers were not increasing. Alas! he gave up.

You need to play smart when it comes to ”Increase YouTube Subscribers”. There are many YouTubers. So, how you are going to distinguish yourself from the rest? Ever found yourself in such a similar situation? You are in the perfect place to discover the answers to your questions.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s see what you need to do in order to increase YouTube Subscribers.



This is the first step in order to increase YouTube Subscribers. Let’s get started with this simple yet useful thing. Add watermark in your videos. YouTube allows you to do the same. You can add your logo or subscribe button or anything you would like to add. It tells the viewers that the videos belong to you. It looks authentic as well. Hence, people subscribe to your channel fast.


We all know about movie trailer but here I am talking about Channel trailer. This is the second thing we need to do in order to increase YouTube Subscribers. Create a short yet engaging channel trailer for your new followers. It is a way of telling them what your channel is all about, what are your specialty. And what to expect from your channel. Haven’t thought about it yet? Give it a chance.


Confused what am I talking about? Well, in order to increase YouTube Subscribers. I want you to clean your channel. How? Every once in a while go through your all your videos from the very beginning. There must be a few videos that are not up to the mark. We all make mistakes. So, if there are some of those videos. Then, I would suggest you delete those from your channel. And flaunt your excellent videos.


This is crucial, even before creating videos. Know the people whom you are targeting. Also, what content they would like to see. Today, we all know that people are a big admirer of Youtubers like Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchalani, Harsh Beniwal. Reason for their success, they know what people like to watch. Hence, they have large YouTube followers. Also, their videos cross lacs. viewers. No! I am not telling you to compete with them. The only thing is, understand your audiences first.


After you are done with the step mentioned above. It’s time for you to have a vision for your YouTube channel in order to increase YouTube Subscribers. What are your videos going to be about? Plan the layout for your youtube videos. Don’t just copy everything that is trending. It’s trending today, but in a few days something new will come up again. Think of long-term goals. Don’t just copy everything scattered on YouTube itself.


Obviously, we are all aware of its importance. Publish the content that is informational as well as entertaining. If you create dull content no-one is going to watch your videos. Always create content that has the potential to keep your audiences hooked to their screen. Remember, never be bias or don’t use jargons. Produce content that everyone enjoys. And, trust me, they will keep coming back for your videos.


Now, this is interesting. You must have seen a number of YouTube channels performing the same kind of challenges. Like, The eat it or wear it challenge, try not to laugh, chubby bunny, whisper challenge. I am just throwing out some challenges names performed by a number of YouTubers. You know the interesting part here? Though they all performed a similar kind of challenge. But they all twisted the same according to themselves. That is the thing. Everyone did the same thing but differently. So, if you also want to do something similar, don’t forget to add your own flavors to it.


Now, if you clearly understood what I wanted to convey in the above part. Now, comes the second part that is video translation. As a YouTube marketer why not make use of the same. Translate your most popular video into a few different languages. This is an excellent way of gaining international viewers also another way of expanding your reach in the international market.


Think about this, create a playlist on some popular keywords. Where the user can find everything in one place. Rather than searching some. For Example, suppose I created some videos regarding content writing and marketing. So, I can create a playlist regarding the same for my viewers to find everything in one place.


Every successful YouTuber does the same. The more people watch your videos, the more likely they are to subscribe. So, make sure at the end of your videos you promote yourself and your channel. Telling your audiences, to like, comment, share and subscribe to your videos.


The main and only reason someone subscribes your channel is that they admire the content you are producing and want to see more of the same. So, it is essential to be consistent with your YouTube channel work. If you are producing your work once in a blue moon. You will soon notice that all your subscribers run away. So, keep this in mind and be consistent with YouTube.


Well, YouTubers follow this initially, but after gaining recognition they don’t stick to their words. This is a blunder you can do. If you promised that you will come up with 3 videos a week. Stick with the same. If you are unable to do the same. Let your audiences know the same. In other words, deliver what you said you will.


If you desire to get the maximum number of views on your Youtube videos. Never forget SEO for YouTube marketing. First and foremost,

  • Always use keywords in your titles. ( It will allow Google bots to know what your video is all about)
  • Look out for high volume search which has low competition as well.
  • Don’t keep your video title too short or too long
  • Add an attractive thumbnail
  • Make the title captivating


This is crucial to keep in mind. YouTube provides you really big space for your ”About” Section. I have personally seen many marketers don’t utilize this section fully. They just write 1-2 lines about themselves and that’s all. However, this is the wrong way of using the same. YouTube channel has given you this section really huge for you to use this. Write a detailed description as you can, tell your audiences,

  • What your channel is all about,
  • What they can expect with your channel
  • How frequently you will come up with new videos

* You can even add your keywords sometime in your description as well. It’s like the cherry on the cake.


Make sure your channel icon is interesting. Your channel icon shows up everywhere. It is like a thumbnail for your entire YouTube channel. If you are running your business channel. Make sure you have your professional logo as your channel icon.


Now, you need to accept it, most YouTube marketers do nothing stand out from the crowd. And later they complain that they are not getting enough subscribers. Never hesitate to try something that others are not trying out. Ever thought about creating a unique tagline for your YouTube. Find out one unique thing about your page that no-one else does. And there you go. Everything is sought out.


I have personally seen this many YouTube marketer doesn’t encourage engagement. This is a blunder. Never experiment with such things as it will potentially harm your engagement rate. As soon as someone appreciates your work. Or tells you something in the comment section. Encourage them. Always show them that you appreciate that they took time out to comment.


Who doesn’t like free gifts? Everybody admires the same. Conduct a giveaway in a way that when your channel will cross 100k followers you will treat your audiences with something special. It can be anything you wish. It can be a t-shirt, a watch or a car even.


According to the privacy policy of YouTube, ”Channels and videos with higher watch time will be shown more with search results and recommendations”. For any channel on YouTube watch time is definitely crucial. So, the question that arises is ”How am I supposed to increase my watch time”? With a number of solutions available on the web. I’ll tell you the most effective one. ”Value the time of the audiences who are spending time on your channel.” Provide them what they are looking for (read the line twice and you will get the hack which in turn will increase your watch time)


Promote your YouTube channel anywhere you can so that people can easily approach your channel. Have social share buttons on your website for people to land in your different social sites. You can even promote it on your other social sites like Facebook or Instagram.


When you upload a new video on YouTube there is an option for you to add relevant tags. You should utilize the section and not leave the same. As it gives YouTube a better understanding of what your video is about. Add hashtags relevant to your channel. You can even put your relevant keywords within the same.


Monitor your YouTube analytics and it will give you a better understanding of how well your channel is performing. Through analytics, you can know a number of thing like your video watch time, stipend and lot more valuable insights. So, never miss your analytics.


In YouTube analytics see the subscribers report. Analyze the information and look for which videos got the most and least numbers of views. Also, which video content is making your subscribers run away. With the information regarding the same, you can adjust accordingly.


Well, in case you are new to YouTube. And, you desire to increase your subscribers organically. Who is better than your companions and family? Ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. I heard that the first 100 subscribers are the hardest to get. I never experienced the same. But you can cross this bridge by asking your near and dear ones.


Editing is a crucial part be it in contents or be it on Youtube. Never be a couch potato and never hesitate to edit your videos. If it is needed edit multiple times but make sure your best shots are visible to the people. Always post those videos with those you are confident enough. Also, to make this process a little easy for you. You can even use the best editing tools available in the market.

So, these are the 25 Smart Ways to ”Increase YouTube Subscribers” If case you are delighted reading this post. Don’t forget to share the same with your friends and companions.

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