7 Exciting Ways to Promote Your Wedding Business

Are you a wedding planner? Looking out for ways to promote your Wedding Business?

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So, you all will agree when we say that there is tough competition in the market. Not only in competitive examinations, but in businesses, and in between all that exists there is a high competition. In case, you are dealing with the wedding business. Then, in your industry as well. There exists tough competition.

So, in this case, you need to make your business stand out from the crowd. But how you are supposed to do so?

No worries! As here we are going to discuss some of the exciting ways for you to promote your Wedding Business. That will undoubtedly help your business to stand out from the crowd.

7 Exciting Ways to Promote Your Wedding Business

promote your wedding business


As a wedding business, you must not just work to get new clients for your business. Staying connected with your old customers is important as well. You can stay connected with your clients by sending them something on their wedding anniversary. Your clients will feel happy as well. This is an amazing way to stay connected with your past clients.

In this way, you will be able to build a long-lasting relationship with your past clients which can help you to get new businesses as well. If your past customers are happy with your service, with your business. Then, they will undoubtedly refer your business within their circle. Indirectly, helping you get more customers.

So, keep your past customers close.


You will need content writing in every industry no matter what. It is the best cost-effective way to educate your customers. Everyone wants their wedding to be special. Also, according to Stats, brides-to-be spend a lot of time on the web, looking for inspiration that can make their wedding special and memorable.

So, as a wedding planner, why don’t you promote your wedding business through a blog? Make your wedding blog interesting. Add accurate content on your blog and it will help your audiences know who you are. That is an exciting way to keep your audience glued to your blog.

Looking for some exciting ideas for your blog?

  • Give your clients some inspiration for their wedding days, be it related to fashion, jewelry, etc.
  • Photo album of your past client’s marriages, some pictures for the marriage venue? Even better.
  • Checklist for each and every wedding process
  • A financial checklist for the overall wedding expenses, honeymoon?
  • List of some exotic honeymoon destinations?


What? As a wedding planner, you are not using social media sites for promoting your business?

Today, Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are used by everyone around the globe. They are hugely popular. Are a wedding planner it is very important for you to make use of social media for your business.

Keep your audiences updated on social media, post regularly different contents regarding weddings, share real-life images, short-videos, post testimonials, etc. It will make your audiences stay hooked with your sites. Also, make sure your social media has positive reviews. Looking forward to boosting your Instagram business page engagement? (Check out this graphic)

If you are active on social media and you have successfully build a strong bond with your customers, In case that, when they will upload their wedding memories on social media. They might tag you as well.


It is very important for you to build your brand identity. That will let your customers know who you are, and will give them your business idea as well.

BRAND NAME – It will be your business name. Create a business name that can match the services you provide. Match it appealing.

TAGLINE – As a wedding planner, an exciting tagline will always make your business more appealing.

GRAPHIC AND VISUALS – It is important that as a business, you must use vibrant colors in your business. That can co-relate with your whole brand. Choose the colors that best suit your wedding business, that your audiences may like as well.


Today, everything is happening online. So, as a wedding planning business, you must invest in SEO. So, you can improve the online visibility of your business. Make your wedding website look good in every aspect, make it easy to navigate, update fresh content on your website, and optimize your content with your niche-keywords. Apart from this, you can invest in paid-advertisements as well.

The bottom line here is to make your business website seen online. Invest in paid or organic methods is up to you. But this is a very important part you must adopt.


In the above section, we discussed organic ways to boost your business. Now, it’s time for you to make use of paid advertisements. Another powerful technique to make in your wedding business.

To see which platform is working best for your business, make use of Google Analytics and you will know which platform is working best for you and where you need to advertise your business. In advertisements, you can target specific audiences as well, who are just engaged in an example. To enhance your visibility this is another powerful medium.


A giveaway or a contest is always interesting. It helps your business to get the eyeballs rolling. You must run giveaway or contests in your blog or social media every now and then. It will help you get more traffic and engagement.

But keep in mind that the prize you are holding as a gift for the winners should be exciting for your audiences. It should be useful for them. The gifts can be some free hairstyles ideas for the bride, or some useful outfit ideas, some destination packet, you see, it can be anything big or small. It’s up to you. But make sure it is relevant enough.

You can even ask your audiences, to mention you in their story after uploading the gift. You see there are numerous options available to make your contests or giveaways engaging. But you must know what is the tone of your brand and what your audiences desire.


So, we hope you all enjoyed reading this guide.

If you are a wedding planner, looking to promote your wedding business. We are damn sure the strategies discussed above will surely bring exciting results.

As we have discussed this in previous sections. There is a lot of competition in the business market today. So, you just can’t open your business. Be a couch potato. And expect everything to work on their own.

Because of the competition. Undoubtedly, you need to work hard. Today, when everything is moving online. It’s better to build your online presence strong. So, that it will benefit your wedding business in the long haul.

Last but not least, good luck with your wedding business. And prepare yourself for the upcoming wedding season. Wedding seasons are always exciting, isn’t it?

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