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become a successful vlogger

Want to become a successful vlogger? Well, if I tell you that you can become one. Would you believe it? Some of you might be wondering that there is already intense competition online.

Yes, it’s true! The competition is intense. 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. That equals to 30,000 hours of newly uploaded content every hour. (Source: Statista)

People love to watch online video content that’s the prime reason such content is growing. Numerous YouTubers are making great money with vlogging.

With such a crowd how on earth one can dominate and make themselves appear out of the crowd? It is predicted that video viewing time will increase by 100 minutes a day by 2021. Crazy, isn’t it?

Ready for another exciting news? As video consumption is increasing. So, is increasing Video Ad spend. Look at this graphic

The video advertisement investment is growing because video consumption is increasing. Do you as per Statista, in May 2019, YouTube reported two billion logged-in monthly viewers. Video consumption is rising like anything.

I know that the competition is tough but it’s not entirely impossible. Starting up vlogging was easy a few years back. But you know what creating video blogs called vlogs is immensely popular. For dozens of people, it’s like their full-time job. People are making huge money through this.

YouTube came into existence in 2005. Now, 5 billion videos are seen on Youtube every day. Making vlogging a pretty exciting deal.

Every individual be it a kid or a grown-up man everyone prefers to watch videos rather than reading heaps of content.

All this vogue and craze regarding vlogging makes one ponder what’s special regarding vlogging. Why on earth people are going gaga over vlogging. People watch  5 billion videos each day. Forget about Netflix’s 5 billion videos on YouTube alone. I mean what’s so interesting?

Want to build an impactful online marketing strategy? Well, in this case, it is important to incorporate videos into your overall marketing strategy.

The reason behind?

First, Videos are an extremely powerful marketing strategy. It has the power to influence the purchase behavior of an individual. Also, it can convert a lead into a customer. Struggling with customer retention? Videos help you with that as it builds trust.

Video can help you create a long-lasting impression. It can give a face to your brand. Allowing you to connect with your audience and show yourself credible. Not only this, 90% of customers believe that product videos are helpful in the decision making process.

Second, as said previously as well, videos are the preferred medium for people when it comes to gaining information. Not everybody is interested in reading heaps of contents. Videos are always engaging. Through videos, your audiences are more likely to understand what you are trying to communicate. Thus, providing you better results.

Third, videos are always regarded as more authentic than any other medium. Through a catchy video, you can engage your audiences in real-time. Not only that people are more likely to take action after watching a video.

Fourth, not just people but Google loves videos, too! A video on your homepage or landing page. To be precise, it’s 45 times more likely to rank. Videos that are optimized well are more likely to rank. Bottom line? Apart from your audiences, search engine cares about videos. Thus, you must keep that in mind!

Undoubtedly, video blogging or vlogging is in-demand, popular, and well-paid as well. Top YouTubers earn around $14 and $26 million dollars per year.

Who is the highest YouTuber right now? That 8-year old kid? Ryan’s World.

There’s massive potential for video blogging or vlogging. We cannot deny the fact…!! Okay, so now proceed and with the most crucial question.

How can one become a successful vlogger?

I know this can seem scary. Especially if you never started before. How on earth can I become a successful vlogger. When the competition is intense. I know there are many questions. But hold on…!!!

As of today, I’m going to discuss everything that you must know to become a successful vlogger. This blog will include everything such as how can you create a quality vlog. Its advantages, how can people find you, etc. You will find everything here. This is going to be fun.

Trust me, you will find the answers to all your questions. So, without further delay. Let’s get started:

Become a successful vlogger – Know the basics first! 

Numerous times I heard that people want to start with a series of similar videos. It’s like starting a blog or a podcast but with only one idea.

Well, that’s actually a stupid idea, to begin with.

Any online marketing strategy be it SEO, video blogging, or be it anything. It needs a proper strategy, to begin with. Otherwise, it would be like throwing stones in the darkness. You need a proper strategy. No shortcut to this!

One of the most appropriate question to ask yourself is, ” What I want to communicate with my audience?”

Once you have the answer to this question, you can almost instantly start with your vlogging contents concepts. Check this out:

  • What can be the format of my vlogging video? Will someone else participates with me? Will that be a demo video or some step-by-step instructions that I want to guide my audience?
  • How often will I produce a video? Once a month? Twice or Thrice? (in case, you have promised your audience that you will bring videos for them for instance, thrice a week on some particular days) {Make sure that you provide them what you promised them}
  • What exciting I can do with my videos. That’s no possible with any other formats?

You need to plan your strategy. And make sure that these strategies will help you achieve with you want to.

Check your audiences and produce what is trending i.e., what people like to see more of. Creating dull vlogging content will surely not work.

When you want to become a successful vlogger. The other thing you must keep in mind is to be consistent always for better results! Posting videos once in a blue moon will definitely not work.

The content of your videos and consistency… These two things will help you achieve what you want in vlogging. Another thing? create quality content always!

Become a successful vlogger – Creating quality content for vlog

Vlogging is complex. When you see all the equipment that is required while shooting a television series or a movie. You will start thinking of endless reasons why you and vlogging are poles apart. Why you won’t be able to make it

It happens, now relax!

People will still see your vlogs and they won’t expect Warner Bros production.

Common man, people are smart now. They understand what vlogging is!

But one thing you must keep in mind that is, never compromise on quality. Always create quality video content otherwise don’t invest in vlogging.

Now, there are several types of equipment available that are not much costly. And can make your videos look professional. Sometimes back these equipment were expensive but now are affordable. You can invest in these!

Step #1. Get yourself a camera, microphone, and a Tripod

I know you must be wanting to use your Iphone’s camera. We usually capture tons of photos and videos with our iPhone already. But when it comes to vlogging. I would suggest you don’t rely on your iPhone camera.

When you are serious about vlogging. In that case, the iPhone is not a good option to consider. There are reasons for it: Its sound quality is horrible, you’ll get very limited exposure on the iPhone regarding everything needed. For serious vloggers, iPhone is not worth it.

Well, if you already have a camera in your home or office. There’s no need to buy another one. Consider using it. What kind of camera you need depends on the type of content you need to create.

You seriously don’t need fascinating settings. A normal DSLR Camera would work. It looks like this:

pc: Amazon

All you need is a good camera lens that can create quality videos. No! every time you don’t need to create 4k videos. A good lens camera would do the work. And you can look for some extra features if you want to consider them.

Another aspect for you to consider when you want to create quality videos is audio. Think about it, would you like to see a video with poor audio quality? The answer is No. Therefore, you must also take care of this.

Well, I would suggest you get a camera with a mic-in jack. So, that you can plug-in an external microphone. Get a microphone, plug it and that’s all. Make sure that your sound levels are good to go. And you are all set!!!

In case, your camera doesn’t have a MIC. Get yourself a Microphone and then you can easily record sound on your computer. If needed you can later merge your audio with video.

Bottom line? Always take care of the sound quality of your videos. It is very important. While editing if there is any unwanted noise. Make sure to edit them out.

This is how a Microphone looks like:

pc: Amazon

Okay, now you will need a Tripod. When you want to create professional vlogs. You must have these two things with you. It is necessary. You must have them!

Many of you must be thinking that hey, I can keep the camera on a table or something else. What’s the need for a tripod?

Well, when you want to become a successful vlogger. You must know that a shaky video looks unprofessional.

No need to worry as Tripods are very affordable and it also gives you full control of your videos. You must have it!

Here’s how a professional tripod looks like:

pc: Amazon

Step #2. Lighting

Okay, so everyone will agree if I say that proper lighting while shooting a video is an absolute necessity. So, you want to become a successful vlogger and create quality content for your audiences.

Everything is incomplete without proper lighting. Whenever possible always try and utilize natural sunlight when outdoor. When indoor make sure you have a window in-near your camera. This way your videos will have proper lighting.

You don’t need a very expensive lighting setup. But you cannot compromise with this. Your videos must have proper lighting.

You solve this lighting issue. You can even purchase On-camera lights. If you don’t know how it looks like. Then, here it is:

Always make sure your videos are brighter and clearer. Your audience will appreciate you for this.

Step #3. Be presentable

I am giving you all the options you need to follow to become a successful vlogger. No! I am not telling you to look like Emma Watson or Brad Pitt. But for your audiences, you need to be presentable.

Don’t overdo anything but at least make an effort.

You have got yourself an HD camera, a microphone, and a tripod. Then, you have a lighting setup also. That means now your audience will see a brighter and clearer version of yourself.

Experiment with the cameras and the lighting setup. And make sure your skin is not flashy. This applies to both men and women.

Don’t overdo anything. Be presentable, confident and you are all set to rock…!!!

Step #4. Edit like a pro!

Vlogging is similar to any other job – you cannot expect overnight success… You need to invest your time and energy in it and be consistent.

When we write a blog. At the end of the blog – it is always recommended that we should edit. Edit everything that is not necessary. The same goes will vlogging. You need to edit everything unnecessary.

If it’s possible and there are no errors – don’t edit, keep it raw! But in case, it’s necessary then take editing seriously!

Many people feel video editing to be a rocket-science. But in reality, it’s pretty easy.

There is software iMovie you can consider using – available on both Mac and iOS. It’s easy to use.

What you don’t know about video editing? – there are plenty of resources available on YouTube. You can easily learn from there.

You won’t learn anything overnight – practice and with the time you will be able to create excellent vlogs.

Okay, we have learned everything necessary – from the basics to the strategy part! But now tighten the belts. As of now, we are going to discuss the bit complex parts!

Become a successful vlogger – How to get more and more people to see your vlogs

Okay, this is a bit complicated! So, now you have created an excellent strategy – the videos are online. In vlogging you can control everything but not this.

You cannot decide and get tons of people to watch your videos – but luckily there are strategies you can follow to grab their attention. Let’s begin with those.


One of the first things people will notice about your vlogs – even before they watch the videos. If you create mediocrely thumbnails – rest assured people will never click on your videos.

Everyone who stumbles upon your vlogs – will see your video thumbnails first!

Always keep your best foot forward – your thumbnails can be anything related to the topic you are going to discuss – personalize it! Your thumbnails must always inspire people to click your videos. Make it short, catchy, and attractive.


You must always optimize your videos for the best results. No shortcuts to this!!! Keep in mind that YouTube cannot crawl your videos as Googlebot does on your website. When you want to optimize your videos. Here, are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Don’t force but add keywords naturally in the video title
  • Add keyword in the first few sentence of the description then use it 4 – 5 time in the whole description
  • Add your keyword in the video title
  • Categorize your YouTube video
  • Customize your video thumbnail

Optimizing your YouTube videos is necessary for best results. But everything first starts with a solid strategy and strong video content.


Anybody who has watched your complete video means that means he/she is interested in your channel. Well, that’s the intention behind creating end screens. An excellent way to grab your viewers at the end of the video.

The end screen allows some extra time at the end of the video. There you can basically do two things: promote your other videos or you can ask your audience to subscribe.


Vlogging is gaining more and more popularity day by day. You can become a successful vlogger. All you need is presence of mind and you must know how to play the cards right.

Nowadays video marketing and content writing goes hand in hand. Struggling to increase YouTube subscribers? I have written everything on how to increase YouTube Subscribers.

Remember in all online marketing strategies. You need to provide value otherwise you will struggle to gain attention. Never compromise with quality… Always provide quality content….!!!

Start with the basics first. Get yourself the equipment you will need to create quality videos. Make sure you make your videos with proper lightning, be presentable and whenever necessary edit like a pro!

Then, you can start with the strategies that can help you to attract people’s attention. Just making an excellent video is not enough. You must promote it as well.

Last but not least, if you feel I am missing out on something let me know in the comment section below…!!!



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