Best Digital Marketing institute in Delhi: Advanced training program!

Are you for the best digital marketing institute in Delhi ? Well, you have arrived at a right place. Before doing a digital marketing course, I want to tell you everything you need to know about this course.

  • Why has digital marketing become the buzz?
  • Is it worth the hype?

Absolutely. Digital marketing has drive everybody crazy with its growing importance.  

KODEREY Techstack is launching the DIPLOMA IN DIGITAL MARKETING  & TECHNOLOGIES that is a blend of 6 professional courses:

  • Professional Web designing

  •  Professional Grahic Designing course

  • Android app development Course

  •  Video Creation and Making professional course

  • Black hat SEO course( that is known to very few in the world)

  • Web Development Course  provide an exceptionally well advanced digital marketing institute in Delhi.

Best Digital marketing institute in Delhi: Koderey Techstack:

Why learn digital marketing course: This marketing is the best form of marketing in order to achieve the potential audience which converts. When the marketing of products and services are done using digital channels, this kind of marketing is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing industry promises to pay you the best salary if you have that will to work hard and learn new every day.

What will you learn in this course:

Best Digital marketing institute Delhi

Best Digital marketing institute Delhi

  • Basics of marketing: What is traditional marketing and what is the difference between traditional and digital marketing. Which type of marketing is better. What is the scope of digital marketing? What are the different digital marketing channels?


  • How to create a website: What is the difference between blog and website. Which is the best platform to write content? What is CMs? What is a domain name? What are the qualities of a good domain name? What are different types of a domain name? What is hosting? How to choose a good hosting platform. What type of hosting should you buy for your website etc?


  • WordPress management: You will learn how to manage WordPress. How to use plugins to make your website better. How to make your website load faster. How to add and optimize images, how to design your website by uploading a theme etc.


  • Content writing: Here you will learn how to write an awesome content that attracts a large amount of target audience. How to use APP formula in your content copy. How to write an engaging post that will get many shares. What is trending? How to find the most trending and evergreen topics. How to write an attractive heading. What is CALL TO ACTION heading etc?


  • What is Seo and how it works: What is search engine optimization. How will it help you to rank your website on the first page of google? How to gain organic traffic. What is organic traffic etc?


  • On Page SEO: What is on page Seo. What is focus keyword, meta description, tags, and keywords? How to makes changes in your website to bring your website on the first page. What is URL, slug, what is image optimization, internal Linking, external linking etc.


  • Off page SEO. Off-page, SEO involves doing changes on your website. You need to buy links from other well-established websites in your niche o rank higher on google. What are BAcklinks, how to get them easily, follow, do follow, no follow links, what is link juice, how to do advanced link building, how to do blog commenting, how to do article submission, what is PDF submission etc?


  • Google Webmaster. Google webmaster is google search console. This tool will help you to check the health of your website. If there are any broken links. What are your best ranking articles, what are your worse performing articles, how to check if google crawls your website? It is a very important tool that will help you to know the required changes to be made.


  • Google Analytics. This is another important tool by Google that helps you to track your audience. Which content is most liked by your audience. Where does the user spend the most of their time? What is the behavior of your audience? What is the speed of the website and other important factors?


  • Visuals and Graphics. This is a world of visuals. An image speaks louder than a text. You will learn how to create visuals and infographics. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to learn the skills. You can just master few tools and create amazing visuals to add in your articles.


  • How to monetize your blog. Don’t you want to earn money and monetize your blog? You will learn what is Google Adsense, what are Google ads, how to take Google Adsense approval and how to add ads in your website and how to make money from ads.


  • Affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing, how to earn commission from Amazon, flip kart and other websites? Which affiliate network is the best? How to get the links inserted on your website etc.


  • Social Media Optimization.
    Best Digital marketing institute Delhi

    Best Digital marketing institute Delhi

    What is Social Media marketing, how to optimize social media, how to make a powerful social media strategy to attract visitors to your website? Which social media platform is the best for your business. How to get more social shares. How to create ads on the platforms, how to track the campaigns etc.

  • Case studies. You will be working on the projects and the case studies, you will be given the assignments on the trending digital marketing campaigns and projects. You will learn how to create a professional case study presentation.

This is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi , we assure you.

We cover the advanced modules and learning that will help you in real life. Trust me, you will learn a lot from This course and it will make you more confident person and you will explore more and, or every day. We have an awesome class environment, the students are highly intellectual. Call us and we will schedule a proper counseling session for you because it is very important to know your thought process and solve all your doubts and make you confident about your decision.

Hope it has helped you.

Looking forward to having a word with you.

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