Blog Commenting: Is it dead in 2018?

Is Blog commenting slowly dying? Should you stop doing it in 2018? Can we get do follow backlinks by doing blog commenting? Hey all, if you are struggling to get answers to these questions, well today is the day you will get answers to all your doubts. This post will be covering the following content:

  • What is blog commenting?
  • Is blog commenting dead?
  • Importance of blog commenting.
  • How to get do follow links with the help of blog commenting
  • Best blog commenting sites
  • How to do a blog comment to get a backlink.

What is blog commenting? Everything you need to know about blog commenting:

blog commenting

blog commenting

Blog commenting is basically commenting on the blogs in the same niche. It is an important part of off page SEO. Google values natural backlinks. With the help of blog commenting, you are generating links by linking back to your website and writing valid comments on the blogs that have high domain authority.

For example, if you are a food blogger and you want to do blog commenting. First of all, go to google and type the keyword you want to rank for and write ” post a comment” after that and hit search. Google will display all the blogs that allow comments on their website. You need to check the domain authority of the websites and then type a comment and leave the link back to your website.

Is blog commenting dead?

Well, there are many predictions done every year. Blog commenting is not dying anytime soon. It’s just that google is not accepting just another link and the importance and relevance of the link matter the most. For example, if you are a technology blogger and you are building links on food blogs, even if you are leaving a link of your website, the importance of that link will be nil because the niche is different. Google is not going to give any importance to such links if they lack relevance.

Importance of blog commenting:

Now that you know that blog commenting is not dead, you must know what is its importance. How you can create links that are relevant and have importance. With Blog commenting, you can create as many as links you want, these won’t do follow links but this will definitely send you lots of traffic and link juice. The only thing you need to take care of the most is that you create relevant links in your same niche.

How to do a blog comment: Most important factor in blog commenting:

You need to write original and helpful comments that look authentic. Quality matters more than quantity. Go through the article and appreciate the writer and add something valuable while making a comment. Don’t just end up writing anything just for the sake of commenting. You need to leave a valuable comment otherwise it will end up looking spammy.

Always add something valuable. If you can’t then just appreciate it like a human and it should not look like a robot making a comment.

Benefits of doing blog commenting:

  • It helps in building genuine relationships: When you write genuine comments, it helps in building good repo and you will certainly be noticed by lots of people and of course it will create a good relationship with the writer of that blog because you are building engagement and it certainly helps the owner as well. You will attract visitors and it helps to build a relationship with the blog owners as well.
  • Building backlinks: Do not bother about getting no follow backlinks. They do make a difference. It helps you to build backlinks for your site. If a high PR blog gives you a link, then it will definitely help you to boost rankings.
  • Getting loyal subscribers: Think about it if you write genuine comments, you will always get up ending loyal subscribers if you get successful in leaving a mark on other blogs. You want loyal readers and when you attract visitors from other blogs, they end up coming on your blog and if have written good articles, they will always subscribe you.
  • Improve the SERP rankings: When you build links, you are giving Google an indication that there are many links linking back to this website and if those are relevant links, you will boost your search engine rankings.

Quality of a good blog comment in blog commenting.

A good quality comment is essential to build real relationships and attract the real audience. Have you ever noticed blog comments like wow great post, great feed, nice work, you are awesome etc? These comments are incomplete and at times look spammy. You want to leave authentic comments which promotes engagement and further discussion. You are leaving a link without adding something valuable, it does not leave a good impression. Always add something unique to leave a mark and to further let the readers explore more about you. You can get lots of good quality blog visitors. Here are the qualities of a good blog comment that you must take care while doing blog commenting.

  • Leave a long comment.
  • Add an interesting point.
  • Ask further questions to promote engagement.
  • Always leave a positive point.
  • Don’t act too smart or too dumb.
  • Always leaving something valuable.
  • Create a mystery and don’t tell everything. Don’t hesitate to ask them to visit your blog. If done smartly, this trick really works.

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These are some qualities of a good blog comment that you must take care of. I am sure there must be more, do tell s in the comments section, we are all ears for good tips and tricks to help each other out.

Blog commenting is fun and if done right and you build relevant links from it, you will attract lots of visitors and it will ultimately boost your SERP rankings. If you have any doubts about blog commenting, you can always ask and if you are interested in knowing what is SEO and how it works to boost your website ranking, we provide digital marketing course in Delhi, you can always call us to get the information.

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These tips will help you to build relationships and do the blog commenting in a right way. Good luck!



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