Blogging Mistakes To Avoid In 2020 As A Beginner?

When you are really serious about making blogging as a career. Blogging mistakes can prove to be really dangerous.

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We all learn from our mistakes but there is a certain limitation to everything. Some mistakes can be really harmful to your career as a blogger.

Do you know that when we talk about earn money online, blogging is among the top preferences of people?

Also, in today’s tough competition, if done right, content writing/blogging can bring potential results to your business. Excellent inbound traffic! Almost every company big or small is using content writing for their business today.

Everyone loves to read blogs today, be it related to news, business, entertainment. Everyone reads blogs!

Okay, so here are a list of mistakes you must never make in blogging. Check by yourself in case, you are making these mistakes you must stop immediately!





When we are going to discuss blogging mistakes this is going to be on the top of our list. Not being consistent is one of the top reasons why people are not able to get results from blogging.

Composing blogs once in a blue moon never helps. As a blogger, it is important to be consistent. You can choose your definition of being consistent. It can be once a week, or it can be twice a week. It depends on you. But keep in mind to stay consistent.

When you are regular when you are providing your customers with what they want. It will definitely boost your website traffic. It will boost your rankings on the SERPs, it will get your business more customers as well, you see there are numerous benefits.

If I talk about my experience, then initially, I didn’t ever take ”we should blog regularly seriously”. I had numerous tasks to do, so I ignored it. I was like Oka! this can wait.

And it really dropped my ranking. It feels really bad.

I promised myself that I am never going to make this mistake again! Now, I blog every other day seriously.



Expectations lead to disappointments Oops!

Common people! This is actually unrealistic.

As content writers, it is obvious that we want the best results for every blog written by us. We want to get viral, get thousands of shares and comments, etc. This may sound exciting but it is actually unrealistic. It’s like sitting by the analytics and waiting for miracles to happen every day.

And then that doesn’t happen and you are all disappointed! That’s again a waste of time and energy. Your every blog post will not get miraculous results. And that’s okay! This is not an excuse.

Remember, blog consistently and with all your heart!

The solution? Use Google Trends

Here, you will find tons of topics that are trending worldwide. What’s next?

Choose a trending topic that matches your website niche. And write on that (Secret – It will increase the chance of your blog going viral)



We have seen this there exists numerous people who think they need to become a Shakespeare to be a successful blogger. Thus, they use complicated words and sentences in their article to look smart.

I mean what’s the point in writing something that your customers are not able to grasp? This is one of the blogging mistakes you should never commit, it’s actually a blunder.

Think of this, you are reading an article on the web that is too complicated words and sentences for you to grasp. Would you like to read that article? That’s the point

It is important your article should always have simpler words and sentences so that your audiences can understand what you are trying to convey.

Using tangled words and sentences can make you look intelligent but it’s actually the useless thing for you to do. Your readers are not getting what you are trying to say then what’s the point? Always make sure that your blog is readable.

Now, the second part of the story, too many grammatical, spelling errors, meaningless sentences. Would you like to read such an article?

So, before publishing always go through what you just wrote and edit everything that’s unnecessary. Edit the errors, complicated words, and sentences, meaningless sentences.

In short, Edit! Edit! Edit! Every time. Never skip this!



Another blogging mistake for you to avoid. There are already millions of contents already scattered on the web. Recently I was reading a blog on the web. After reading the first paragraph I understood the blog was written by some layman. It had two big mistakes. First, it has poor structure second the article was short. (it was not even ranking)

In order to succeed in blogging, your blog must have a proper structure otherwise, it will surely get ignored by your audiences. If your blog is lacking this we would suggest you use the formula of APP that is (Agree, Promise, Preview)

First of all, your blog should have a relatable introduction, that your customers can relate to that’s the first part of APP (it’s Agree)

Secondly, now that your customers agree with you, then promise them that you really have a solution that can really help them. This way your readers will stay hooked with your blog. After all, they really want the solution to their issue and you have promised that you will bring it. It’s the second part of APP (it’s Promise)

In the third part of the story, it’s the solution your readers wanted to know. You promised to provide them the solution. Then, in the end, you provided them the solution. Now, that’s how you can delight your readers with your content. It’s the third part of APP (it’s Preview)

The second thing of the heading, short article…

When you desire to rank on the first page of SERP. Short blogs 400-700 words (approx) never works. Go and check out the blogs ranking on the first page of SERP. And you will surely find one thing in common, those blogs are long and insightful. Short articles never rank on Google.

So, if you were writing short articles, time for you to stop and start writing long articles!



It does not provide a step-to-step guide.

Beginners lack this in their articles

For instance, a blog talks about ”lead generation for small businesses” but then the blog talks about the theoretical part of the lead generation. It is not providing the step-to-step guide through which small businesses can generate leads.

Your readers want the solution to their problems if you are not able to provide then what’s the point?

Explain everything to your readers step-by-step.

Second thing, your blog is all theoretical.

How can your readers believe you then?

You must provide proof to your readers that can support the data you are providing. Got the point?



As we already said above, blogging is an important part of the online culture.

Every business does not matter big or small, it is using blogging for their business so that they can get the best ROI for their business.

There are certain mistakes that can be troublesome when it comes to blogging.

When you are already investing your time and energy into something. So, it’s always a wise choice to adopt the best practices when it comes to blogging, isn’t it?

If you enjoyed reading this. Do spread the word.

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