Channels of marketing: The complete guide!

Channels of marketing are the platforms that can be used to build up online business approach and helps businessmen to increase their reach around the world. Each online marketing channels have their qualities and approaches so, It depends on the motive and scope of business.

To use these channels you need to have specialization and skills required in it. Then only you can identify that you are able to reach to your audience with the help of campaigns or not and can modify your campaigns according to your response.

Now the question arises that How to learn these skills and tactics to improve the quality of your business?

The main thing is that you need to do digital marketing course to get knowledge of all these stuff.

As I am here to tell you all the details regarding online marketing channels and digital marketing course, so let’s start with some headlines of digital marketing course.

Digital marketing is the marketing of your product or business using the online marketing channels which is like Google, Social media, Paid advertisements, E-mail marketing, Affiliate marketing, Video marketing etc.




So here are the list of the most important channels of marketing:


WordPressMangement:- Wordpress is the platform which allows us to build our website and to optimize it without the help of coding and all. So here we make a website for our services or company or products and then we design it visually beautiful and systematic. This helps customers to reach you easily and contact you with their queries. We provide full information about our business and all stuff related to it.


SEO(Search Engine Optimization):- It can be said as to rank your website by organic ways in Google search engine. As we know there can be hundreds of websites related to your business and fields. So on competing with them, you require to rank high or we can say on the first page of Google search results. Then only more and more traffic can able to reach you easily. This SEO is done by optimizing our website properly with the proper use of keywords in your posts and by image optimization. There are some more important tips to rank higher amongst all and it is to get Backlinks from many well-established websites related to your website.

Now you must be wondering that how to optimize all these things and how to make your SEO better?


So I want to tell you that we KodereyTechstack: Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi has specialized in all these fields. We provide great exposure of this Digital World to each and every student. We have well-experienced trainers who are experts in the digital marketing course. By providing the amicable environment and tremendous placement opportunity to students, we are the topmost leading Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.


Now coming back to our point, I want to tell you about next Digital marketing channel:


Google Adwords:- As we talked about ranking and SEO, So on continuing same, Google provides us a facility to run the campaigns by which you can put your site in top rankings. But the main point is that this is all paid option. Google charge to place your websites at the top. This helps to increase and divert the traffic to our website in less time and easy way.All rankings are decided according to the highest bid.


Social Media Optimization:- We all are familiar with this word “social media”. Now its time to understand some interesting facts about social media marketing. This term means to build up your business presence on social media websites. Nowadays social media platforms are the biggest source of advertisements and promotion of brands. So it is very useful to take your business on these platforms which help you to expand your business even worldwide.



Affiliate Marketing:- Nowadays everyone wants to earn money by sitting at their home. So this is the best marketing strategy for them. In this type of marketing, people place the advertisement of E-commerce sites on their websites and transfer the traffic to that site. By this way, they earn commission from that e-commerce site.


Pay per Click:-  In PPC, the motive is to charge money from the business holder when any customer sees the advertisement in Google search results and he clicks on it. It does not matter whether he purchased anything or he returned back after seeing it. If a customer clicks on the ad then Google will charge the money.


Blogging:- First thing to know about blogs is that we can not sale anything thing from blogging sites. Blogging sites are used to share the knowledge and guidelines about a particular topic, affiliate marketing, etc. It mostly depends on the creativity of article writing which helps to attract people and make them read your blogs. This also helps to do Google Adsense for which you need to take approval from Google.


Content marketing:- It is the most powerful method of online marketing in today’s world. As we discussed ‘blogging’, so it is the way to manage the things like information, images, and graphics, videos, etc. But content writing is the way how to demonstrate things and convince customers for your product or services. The motives of content writing is to explain things in detail and understandable way and get shared with different groups and platform. Then to generate leads from it and sell your product to a customer.


Video marketing:- It is a most interactive field of online marketing because everyone likes to see videos nowadays. earlier it was not used much but now as Jio plans have come on market and data plans get reduced, mostly all people started watching videos on Youtube, which is the second largest search engine of the world. Now everyone likes to see advertisements visually with attractive sounds.

So it is the biggest platform to get exposure for your business.


E-mail marketing:-

It is the private type of correspondence which helps you to connect directly to individuals. But it is not as hot as the social media but somehow it has its own necessity. If your Email is properly arranged and discussed then you can directly get conversions from clients. It allows us to develop loyalty and generations.


These were some important channels of marketing which we have discussed.

If anyone gets expert in all these channels then ‘nobody can stop him to rule in the digital world.’
















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