Stop experimenting with explainer videos, You are messing it up!

Today, in this guide, we are going to discuss everything about the explainer videos. Types of explainer videos, advantages of creating explainer videos, tips to create successful explainer videos, powerful tools, and how investing in explainer videos can boost your conversion rates. This is going to be interesting. So, let’s begin?

Introducing the trump card – Explainer Videos

Same as the name suggests, videos that explain to people your business in 50-90 seconds? Heard about this prior? In short, this is how you can easily convey your company’s vision to people. Another brilliant online marketing strategy to attract eyeballs and to engage potential customers.

Often explainer videos are seen on landing pages, service pages, or website homepage. These kinds of videos are extremely popular among the masses. But the tricky part is to do them right.

Explainer videos are an amazing way to convey the right message to the targeted audience. Thus, it is highly important to make the first impression right.

According to Unbounce, several business owners use this strategy to boost their conversion rates.

explainer videos


See this, According to Rand Fishkin the founder of Moz. The most effective way to sell something – is to not sell something. You need to concentrate on building the trust and respect of the potential buyers. i.e. you need to build a healthy relationship with your targeted audiences.

Of course, building long-lasting relationships with your targeted audiences might take some time. But here, the key, you can easily build this trust within 50-90 seconds.

In such videos, you use exciting graphics with storytelling to familiarize your audiences with your products. This way you effectively grab the attention of your targeted audience, you educate them about your business. Thus, inspiring them to take an action.

Powerful Explainer Videos Examples 

1. How Deep Is The Ocean? (Tech Insider)

The main point of creating an explainer video? Be interesting – this is what the animated video of Tech Insider teaches us.

This video tells us a really interesting story. To be honest, I really liked the presentation of this video. This video is powerful enough to grab the attention of the viewers. I am sure everybody watched this complete video.

This video teaches us the thumb rule of creating explainer videos – Be Interesting Otherwise People Will Lose Interest.

2. Dropbox Introduction Video

Dropbox explainer video helped the company raise 10 Million Additional Customers and $48,000,000 Extra Revenue

How cool is that? That’s the true potential of creating an interesting explainer video.

Initially, the company was using Google Adwords to reach customers. But soon they realized that they are paying too much to acquire per customer. That was pretty expensive for them back then. Then, the company even experimented with Affiliate Marketing and other advertising strategies.

But the company’s revenue was suffering. They were not satisfied with all these.

That’s when the brand switched to a viral referral campaign to reach more customers. Fortunately, that became the key to their success.

Initially, their homepage was pretty simple. It had only two things: an explainer video and a download button. Thus, any for any visitor there was only one thing to do – to watch the video that explainer how the service works. This boosted their sign-ups as people learned how the service actually worked.

In around 2 minutes, dropbox explained to the end-users how their services work. The video was loved by the audience. It went viral. It boosted the company’s sign up by 10%. And boom it became $48,000,000 Extra Revenue..!!!

Dropbox’s explainer video boosted the company’s conversion rate by a big margin. That was not possible otherwise.

This was a huge success.

3. CrazyEgg Animated Explainer Video

Crazy Egg Explainer Video Boosted 64% Conversions and $21,000 Extra Revenue Per Month

Initially, Crazy Egg struggled to improve its conversion rate. That was the prime reason why the founder Neil Patel decided to invest in Animated Explainer Video.

The video was a bit long… But that was never the issue. The result of the video was astonishing.

Crazy Egg boosted their conversion rate by 64% and the founder himself revealed the surprising news. The brand started earning $21,000 Extra Revenue Per Month.

4. Airbnb

Another powerful example of explainer videos. I love this one!

Airbnb uses a really cool amalgam of live-action and animation to show the audience the unique experience one can get from using Airbnb.

It is an interesting video that shows how Airbnb actually works.

Like these examples shown above. There are several such examples on the web. Companies are using such videos for a long time… Do you want to invest in creating such a video for your brand? Well, such videos bought amazing results for companies like Dropbox and Crazy Egg.

Does that mean it is the right fit for your business? Several companies are using such videos to explain their products and services to their audience in hopes that the video boosts their conversion rate.

In reality, explainer videos will not benefit you or will make your business an overnight star and boost your revenue. Nope! the idea of an explainer video is not bad. The only thing is you are very much likely to take the wrong approach to create an effective explainer video.

Here, are some powerful tips for creating explainer videos that bring marvelous results:

11 Brilliant tips for creating an extraordinary Explainer Video

Step #1. Know the Purpose behind creating the explainer video

Why you are investing in explainer videos? What results do you want out of it?

Do you have the answer to this question?

Want to be successful? Always keep in mind the reason for creation. If you don’t have a clear vision in your mind. Then you will struggle with the result.

So, before planning your explainer video. First, understand your purpose in creating the video. Some good reasons are listed here:

  • Boost business sales
  • Influence sign-ups in landing page
  • Generate leads from social media
  • To spread business awareness

Like this, it is important to understand what you want to achieve with your explainer videos. Now, that you know the purpose of creating the explainer video. My question is do you know your potential customers?

Step #2. Know the potential audiences for your video!

Do you know them?

Who are they? Men? or Women?

Student? Working professionals? Housewives? Retired people?

Their age group?

Do they know your business exists? Or they are unfamiliar?

No matter what your marketing strategy is you must know the answers to these questions.

Knowing the answers will help you with your explainer video. It will get you more appropriate results. You can even personalize your video message.

Step #3. It’s the Script that matters!

In the previous sections, we understood that we must know the purpose of creating an explainer video. Also that we need to understand the audiences we want to target.

Now, this is the foundation of creating an explainer video… A powerful Script.!!!

Want to create a successful explainer video? Focus on the Script. Your video might have the most attractive graphics and the coolest voiceover in the world.

But everything is futile if you don’t have an engaging script.

It is the foundation of everything else! The script is primary everything else is secondary.

Keep in mind the goal of creating an explainer video is to answer the queries of your potential audience. It’s about making them understand your business in the easiest manner possible.

It’s always a wise idea to create the script yourself. As you understand your business, audience preferences, their issues better than anyone in the world.

You can likewise hire an outsider i.e. a video production company to create the script for you. But make sure to hire someone who can explain the business to people in an interesting, creative, and easy manner. Most of the video companies will first make you fill a creative brief.

The questions of the brief will assist you to think about your business at a higher level.

Before you start here are some questions for you:

  1. What is your business all about?
  2. Who are your potential customers?
  3. What issues do you solve?
  4. How do your services work?
  5. Is there any specific CTA to use?
  6. What tone should be used in the video?

After you are done with analyzing. It’s time to start writing the script. Make sure you refer to the questions discussed above. It will help you to stay in the right lane.

Okay, so now you have an understanding of your business. The other thing you can do is to ask your readers about the issues they face. You can use services like Qualaroo to ask questions from your targeted audiences. Questions such as:

  1. What are the concerns they face with your products?
  2. Is there anything that they would like to see more?
  3. What is the confusion they have about the product?
  4. How can you help them solve their issue?

When you get the answers to these questions. You will get a better understanding of your buyers. You will exactly know what their issues and confusions are and how can you assist them.

Overall, it will help you to create an engaging script for your explainer video.

Step #4. The brief, the Better!

Do you know according to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds?

Want to know the reason behind?

A recent study by the technical university of Denmark suggests that the global attention span decreased because of the plenty of information available to us.

That’s the reason I said the brief your video is, the better it will perform.

If you are working on creating a long video… People will lose interest. Rather work on creating a short interesting video that can almost instantly hook people.

If your video is short, interesting, and to-the-point. People will relate to it more than the longer ones.

You might feel tempted to share more and more information. But Stop! for effective results.

Step #5. KISS (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) 

In the previous section, we saw how short videos perform better than long ones. Well, to create a short video. You need to keep it simple and straightforward, isn’t it? No exaggeration. Just simple and easy to relate.

To succeed with explainer videos. Concentrate on saying useful things interestingly.

  1. The issue: Start with the pain point of your targeted customers
  2. The Solution: Express how you can solve the issue they face
  3. How To Begin: Quickly describe how your service works
  4. Appropriate Call-To-Action (CTA): What you want people to do? Tell them that

Step #6. Explain the Advantages not the Features

This might feel tempting. But you need to resist it.

Remember people are not interested in your business. They are interested in knowing the solutions to the issues they face.

Never show-off your features – 150GB Internal Storage, Silver screen, Ultra-HD screen.

Stop expressing all these… It not necessary. People are smart. There are high chances your targeted audiences already know them.

Express the benefits they will enjoy – For instance, ”unlimited space to store memorable pictures”, ”save your time”, ”gives you a comfortable ride”, ”money-back guarantee”

Got the point? Always tell your audiences the benefits they will enjoy.”

Step #7. Have a Professional Voiceover for your video

Investing in professional voiceover is a must. It makes people trust you more.

Otherwise, all your hard work will be futile. A video with poor quality audio. It never matches..!!! The right voiceover in explainer videos can inspire people to purchase.

There are plenty of resources available in the market. But the good way to start is –

Or you can search in Craiglist (in case you want to save cash)

Step #8. Visuals are important – but not that much

We just discussed in the previous section that not investing in professional voiceover can ruin your video. Similarly investing in visuals is also important – but that’s secondary. It’s not that necessary.

I have seen tons of videos that used simple graphics. That worked effectively well.

You need to add visuals – that can relate to the voiceover and the overall message of the video. That’s all.

If you invest much in visuals – then probably you will distract your audience.

Step #9. Make It Interesting and Entertaining

Remember the first video of Tech Insider? That’s the thing – your video needs to be interesting and entertaining. It does not matter who your targeted audiences are and who is watching your video –

One thing is common… People love things that can entertain them or make them smile.

Adding elements of fun, suspense, surprise – or something straight outlandish can sometimes do the work.

It makes people happy and they connect with your brand in a better way.

Step #10. Edit! Edit! 

Editing is always a necessary step. Don’t panic if the person reading the script skips a line or fumbles while speaking a sentence. It can happen.

Take a break and start again…!!!

When you want to create a professional explainer video. Editing is necessary. You cannot miss this!

Edit everything from the video that’s not necessary i.e., background noise, bad takes, breaths in-between lines, etc. Remove everything that seems bad.

Remember you want to create an impression with your video. That’s the reason editing is necessary.

Step #11. Launch it, Share it, and Monitor Performance!

Now, that your video creation is done. It’s time to launch it. Here are a few important steps to it:

1. Know where to host the video: There are several options available out there. Two things matter here flexibility and performance metrics. I would suggest you use TechSmith Screencast, Wistia, or Vidyard. You can even consider YouTube.

2. Have a strong Marketing Strategy: You really feel you can succeed without one? To get your video to go viral you need to make some extra efforts. You need to use multiple marketing channels to promote your video i.e. social media, email, blog, etc.

3. Incorporate the video with your website: Companies put their explainer videos on landing pages, social media, or their website homepage. You add place it anywhere. But make sure it matches your overall brand and its content.

Reasons a Company must invest in Explainer Videos

1. Reading vs. Watching – Any idea who will win? 

Tell me which one will you prefer more? – Videos, isn’t it? This is the preference of the majority. That’s the primary reason why the majority of marketers invest in videos – people are inclined more towards videos. They enjoy watching video content. As it’s easy to remember. No brainwork

People are more likely to watch your explainer video. Rather than reading piles of content.

Humans are lethargic – we tend to procrastinate on tasks that are too demanding. We always prefer going the easy way. That’s human nature – The prime reason why businesses must invest in explainer videos. An excellent way to introduce your business to people.

2. Videos boosts SEO

Search Engines gives preferences to SEO – You must care about it too. There are tons of advantages to investing in video marketing. One of them is, Google always gives preference to those sites – where people spend maximum time.

When you have video content on your homepage – It will not only improve your Search engine ranking. Your site will be regarded as credible.

In such a scenario people are more likely to spend maximum time on your site. Thus, it will improve your overall ranking.

for instance, websites with endless pages don’t work well. Customers run away because they want to understand the product or services quickly. They will not stay on your website to read piles of content. It will increase your bounce rate and harm your overall website growth.

Got the point? There are multiple advantages to investing in video marketing.

3. It builds Interest

More and more businesses invest in social media to spread the word about their business. The reason? Social media contents i.e., catchy visuals, videos generate interest among people.

According to Forbes, over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily. (Crazy, isn’t it?) But that’s true. Think – what wonders a strategically created explainer videos can do for your business.

4. Videos will help your audience to remember you

Do you know people will retain 95% of a message when they watch it and only 10% when they read it? Want your audiences to remember you – Invest in creating explainer videos.

And when people will like your video they are more likely to share it – It will not only spread your brand awareness but it increases your chances of going viral.

5. Easily Shareable

If your explainer video is captivating enough. People are more likely to share it across their social sites. They prefer sharing video content more than any other form of content. Apart from adding the video to your homepage or landing page – you can even share your video to sites like YouTube or Vimeo. And optimize them by adding relevant keywords.

6. Videos will help you build a long-lasting relationship with your potential customers

Do you know people are more likely to purchase when they watch a video? That’s true in all senses. Explainer videos use the power of storytelling – audiences can easily understand how to use your app or products. Thus they are more likely to purchase.

Through these videos, you answer the queries of your customers in the most effective way – allowing them to trust you more.

These type of videos helps you build an immediate connection with your targeted audiences.

So, according to visitors are 144% more likely to purchase after watching a video.

Got the point?

7. Show them who you really are!!

This is more than important… As the competition is intense.

When you are an online business. People usually cannot contact you directly. In such a scenario, it is important to build trust. Then, only you will be able to retain your customers – otherwise, you will end up losing them.

In this intense competition – if customers don’t trust your business. You will struggle to survive. Explainer videos give you the chance to show who you really are. How people can use your products and how it will help them.

There are tons of advantages of investing in explainer videos – and this is one of them. Through such videos, you can build your brand awareness, make people familiar with your services easily.

Videos are an excellent medium to spread the word about your business.


In case, you are planning to get started with explainer videos this year. I am sure this blog will give you the right insights. Make very sure that you create an explainer video that is suitable and relevant to your audiences.

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