Different Types Of Marketing Strategy With Explanations

What Is a Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy consists of some course of actions which is followed by a company to market their products. Each and every company do have their different Marketing strategies. It is important to know which works better. Some blueprint which works best for me does not mean that it will work better for you also. These business strategies are some sort of rules or you can say, plan of actions which are used by a company for their improvement and betterment of their company.

There are many marketing strategies out there. People read about these strategies but are still confused about what actually needs to be done. So, here in this post, I will be explaining to you all about marketing strategies.

Here, let us first understand the difference between a strategy and tactics. A strategy is a full-fledged planning about how you can achieve a specific goal. What I mean here is that you make a plan of action to be followed properly to achieve a specific goal. However, a tactic is a specific bunch of rules you make or you follow in order to achieve that Strategy or your goal. For example, suppose someone is running a PPC Campaign so they need a particular business strategy of how they can achieve their specific goal. And for achieving their specific goal they need some tactics i.e., they need some plans or they need to take some actions to achieve their goal.

”The Marketing Strategy used by any company can be entirely original and new plan Or it might be a plan which is used by the company in past”

Note: There are a bunch of things that are needed to be taken care of while planning a marketing strategy. A strategy has to be one’s own. The copied strategy of others is not always a good idea. You need to keep in mind your goal, budget, audiences and a couple of other things too so that you can be successful with your strategy. Always try to figure out the right marketing strategy for your business. Not everything will work for your company. But you need to search for the one which works best

In this time, There can be two types of Marketing it will be either –

  • B2B – Business To Business Marketing
  • B2C – Business To Customer Marketing

These Are The Types Of Marketing Strategies Used By Companies Worldwide –

  • Online Marketing – This is as we all know is the era of the Internet, Computers, and Technologies. This is the time where a kid also has smartphones and knows how to use the internet. From watching a recipe online, to check movie reviews. Nowadays we use the internet for all these things earlier it was not there. Now you can probably understand ”The Importance Of The Internet In Our Lives”. And if the internet nowadays is so essential for everyone around the corner. Then, one must follow the trend right? One can utilize the internet for their business. That is what Online Marketing is. Online Marketing is the process of broadcasting about your company to people by the means of the internet. Basically, it is all about using the internet to reach a vast number of people. So that the people can know about your company or brand. Or can buy something from you. And moreover, it is a really good idea because everybody uses the Internet.

  • CTA (Call To Action) Marketing – This is one of the interesting types of marketing in which you work and try to provoke your target audiences to take an immediate step into your business. These type of words you use in your website needs to be powerful enough to grab the attention of the audience. Many companies around the globe including Netflix does this type of marketing. ”Click To Contact”, ”Book Now”, ”Limited Stocks Available”. These are a few examples of CTAs. There are many like these. You need to check yourself which CTA will work best for your company or brand. But the main purpose of CTA is to grab the attention of your target audiences. So they might think and make a sale. This is just a way of letting your customers know that they might be missing something important. These CTAs represents that if the customers do not act on this they might be missing up something very important. If these CTAs are attractive and attention-grabbing. These are bound to give you better results.

  •  Affiliate Marketing – In this type of marketing you earn some amount of money by promoting other company or brand’s products. In the beginning, this might not be a good option for earning the certain big amount. But by practicing and improving your skills in this sector. In the near future, you can do affiliate for a number of people. And this will surely bring more money also.

  •  Email Marketing – In this type of marketing the person uses the means of the internet i.e., to connect to his/her target customers. An email is sent to them it can be sent to an individual or a group of people together, it depends. But here, we market through the medium of email. And this is how we connect to our potential customers. Here, in this way, the marketer builds the relationship with their audiences.

  •  Word Of Mouth Marketing – This is another unique type of marketing. Word Of Mouth Marketing was around the corner for a very long time but it was not termed as a type of marketing. You & I have done WOM marketing many times since childhood. How? Think about it, let me give you an example. In our childhood, our parents bought a very unique birthday present for us. What happened the next day of birthday? We went to schools and meet our friends and we started with the story of our birthday gift. Of how exciting the gift was, what was it, what was the features was, how it looks like etc. What do you think was that? Word Of Mouth Marketing, Obviously. And this is what the companies are doing nowadays for their brand awareness. Suppose you bought a pair of shoes of a renowned brand. Now let us see, how it works. You bought the shoes now you are the WOM marketer. Now, what you are supposed to do? You will spread the word among people about the shoes you are using. And it is very influencing to people as this is a common human tendency to trust someone who is sailing in the same boat as yours. People here trust you more and makes the purchase. If done correctly, WOM is a very powerful thing.

  •  Content Marketing – Content Marketing is the creation of fresh and unique contents. For Website, you create contents which are new. You write your views about something or you write blog posts. That all is content marketing that you create some contents for the readers and you distribute it whether on the website or social sites. This is indeed a very vast network as wherever you go. You will always need content. And the ability to create new contents is indeed an art. Whosoever said ”Content Is The King” said it right as it is surely the king. Writing good contents you will not master it overnight. Noone does that. But by constant practicing, you can master content writing.

  • Mobile Marketing – In this time who does not use the mobile? Of course, everybody around the corner uses and have mobile phones. And in this type of marketing, our customers are always mobile friendly. The marketer here targets their potential customers on the mobile-friendly devices.

  • Search Engine Marketing – This is the type of modern marketing executed through the use of Websites. This is done by increasing the online presence of a website. These are a number of ways for doing this type of marketing i.e., by paid advertisements, submitting website URL to directory submission sites etc.


Conclusion – These are some of the types of marketing strategies used by different companies or brands differently. These types of strategies help us with our business. Now, we need to decide that which strategy will work best for us. It is not necessary that what works best for others will work best for us too. It is on us what strategy we need to adapt for the better future of our business.

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