December 26, 2017

Digital Marketing FAQs

Q: Why is everybody so keen to learn digital marketing these days and why should I do this course? Click To Tweet

A:  Technology is changing and so is the customer. We are living in the internet world. Every second person knows how to use the internet and they spend most of their time on the smartphones. Won’t you like to convert this scenario into an opportunity and build the strong online relationship with your customer? Online marketing aka digital marketing is the future. The craze is building at a rapid speed.

Start learning digital marketing now. The more early, the better.

Q: How would digital marketing help my offline/online business to grow? Click To Tweet

A: Customer is the king when it comes to business. Customer satisfaction is the key factor for success. Digital marketing helps you to get in touch with the customers, know their needs/behavior and track the results whether or not your services/ products are liked by the customers or not. Yes, you can track everything about your customer with just a click.

Q: Who can do this course? Click To Tweet

A: It does not matter what profession you are into, you need a strong digital marketing presence in this era. You will learn how to build an online presence, how to get in touch with your customers, how to find the potential customers and how to track the numbers. The learning never stops, why not start today?

Q: How can digital marketing help a student? Click To Tweet

A: Believe me. If I had any idea about digital marketing back in my school days, I would have done it then and there. This field is crazy and we promise you that after doing this course, you will never want to stop doing it. It gets more intense and interesting. You will learn the basics and there is no expert in this field, there is so much to explore.

Q: Can I work from home after doing the course? Click To Tweet

A:. Definitely!! You can work from the comfort of your home. There are situations when you can’t afford to do a full-time job and trust me this is the best job for these situations. All you need is a laptop and a good internet. How can you earn money from home?

By writing articles for famous e-commerce companies and well-established bloggers who don’t have time because they run more than one website. All you need is good writing skills and if you have a blog, you get a bonus point. You can create a blog for free.

By giving online classes. I teach English and I am also a digital marketing analyst so I do teach whenever I have time. You can also teach a particular subject. Become an online teacher.

By having your website. Start writing articles and earn through Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing: You can earn through affiliate marketing if you have a great following on social media. You don’t require a website. You can earn good commission. You don’t need your own product. You will be promoting somebody else’s product and earn a commission through it.

You can also give start your own YouTube channel or a website to earn from home.

You will never be bounded. You can carry on with your job and still make money online through different sources. We will teach you step by step procedure and will help you in making the website and ranking it on the first page of google.

Q: When is the right time to do the “Digital Marketing” course? Click To Tweet

A: Every time is the right time. The right time is now!! It’s best to start as early as possible as the world is going digital. You will be lost otherwise. Stay up to date with the latest technology. It does not matter what your profession or age is, digital marketing will be everywhere. It’s not just the future but the present too.

Q: I am not a technical person. Will I be able to do the digital marketing? Is it tough? Click To Tweet

A: Everybody can do this course, that’s the beauty of digital marketing! You don’t need to know the coding. You just need to give time and constant determination to learn new every day. Be constant and complete the everyday tasks given by the trainers and you will easily do the course easily in just 3 months. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. 

Q: What positions can I apply for after doing the Digital Marketing course? Click To Tweet

A: There are many different specializations in digital marketing and it opens up so many options for you. To name few are:

  1. Digital marketing strategist.
  2. Digital marketing executive.
  3. Pro blogger.
  4. SEO analyst.
  5. Google Ad words specialist.
  6. Email marketing specialist.
  7. Social Media Manager.
  8. Become a freelancer, master any of the above fields and start giving the exclusive services.
  9. Start your own digital marketing agency.

and many.

We will always guide you the right path after knowing your interests.

Q: How is “KODEREY TECHSTACK” different from other institutes? Click To Tweet

A: We would never say that we are the best as the students are the best to judge that but yes we definitely have an edge in teaching over others. You would discover the teaching style and the friendly and helpful staff of our institute. We focus not just on the theory, in fact, the theory is just 1/3 part of the whole course. We focus on case studies and real life examples. Our trainers run their own successful websites because one must have a solid proof and experience before sharing it with others. We charge the minimal amount of fee and the exposure that you will get after doing this course is limitless.

What makes Koderey DIFFERENT from other digital marketing institutes?

1: Case studies: Whenever you learn any module, you will be asked to write a case study and how it applies in real life because when you will apply for the job in the biggies in this industry, you will perform case studies there.

2: Every student is made comfortable over here and special attention is given to each and every student. You will build confidence as well. You must know how to talk in front of many people and how to give the presentations.

3: There is no one way to earn money. Everybody has a different profession like you can be a businessman, corporate employee, housewife, blogger, student etc. Your problems are heard and you are given the best advice based on your choices.

4: We have different courses depending on your work schedule. Digital marketing is the future so you must learn this to match the speed of this growing industry.

5: You will definitely earn a good salary because it opens so many options for you and you will develop that confidence when you will study with the other brilliant minds.

6: We always give the study material because it’s very important to keep the notes and trust me you will need those forever in life because the deep conversations of different minds lead to an awesome class environment.

7: Group activities are performed by the students and there is a healthy competition and you will feel the aura of working, it feels like a workplace.


Q: Would I get the assistance even after the completion of the course? Click To Tweet

A: Our trainers and experts are super helpful. You will never face any kind of trouble ever. Mentors are meant to guide their students and we build a lifetime relationship with our students.

Q: Do you also organize seminars and webinars? Click To Tweet

A: We keep organizing seminars and webinars ( seminars online) for our students. We love experiments and we love to talk about new technologies. Seminars are really helpful for brainstorming and creative minds would love it.

Q: How is the class environment? Click To Tweet

A: The Class environment is healthy and professional but that does not mean we get strict with our students. There is a friendly and polite environment. We believe in personalization. The level of understanding of each student is different so we make sure that every student is given the required attention. Don’t worry, you will always be heard whenever you need us.

Q: How many students are there in one batch? Click To Tweet

A: As we have mentioned before, we believe in personalization. We want every student to get satisfied and happy with the training and thus we keep only 7-8 students in one batch. This way, everybody gets the attention and there remains active participation of each student.

Q: How to enroll in the Digital Marketing Course? Click To Tweet

A: You can directly call us on 9711793981  and book your visit and a free demo class.

Q: Can I pay the fee in the installments? Click To Tweet

A: Yes we allow two installments so that should not be an issue.

Q: What are the certifications that you will provide after doing this course? Click To Tweet

A:  16 Certifications: We are first in the industry to provide special corporate technologist course which no other institute is offering. They have recently introduced a special Corporate Technologist Digital Marketing Course that includes 55 modules and providing 16 certifications.

110 Assessments:Koderey Techstack provides a course of 28 modules with 48 assessment tests and the course of 55 modules with 110 assessment tests and also provides with live projects to its students to go through the practical knowledge. The foremost advantage of this course is that they will lead you in-depth knowledge of digital marketing.


Q: How to be sure about my decision? Click To Tweet

A: We completely understand your hesitation and we will always be supportive. You will get a free DEMO CLASS and the proper counseling of a student is done before coming to any conclusion. We want you to be sure of us and then take a sound decision. A demo class is given to a student where we will get to know about you and vice versa. We will discuss the modules in brief and the career opportunities you can have after doing this course.

Q: Who will train me? Click To Tweet

A: You will be trained by the industry professionals and the study environment will amaze you. That’s the best environment you will come across and that is our promise. After the years of experience now, it’s our time to pay back and you will always feel comfortable and we thrive to make you a better and a confident person as a whole. Time to time focus on personality development is also given because our institution believes in the fact that there is more to study and it’s very important for the overall growth of the student, seeing the market growing at a rapid growth.

Q: Can I join this course if I am doing a full-time job? Click To Tweet

A: Of course you can! Join our weekend classes. Each class would be of 2hours 30 minutes and the classes would be given by the experts. Time is never a barrier. If you want to do it passionately, we will teach you with the same enthusiasm. 🙂

Q: Is there a 100% Job Placement? What is the salary package? Click To Tweet

A: The freshers can easily get the salary starting from Rs25,000-30,000 p.m. We like to be honest with our students and respect their money and time they have invested in the course. We will provide you the gateway and introduce you to the various opportunities but the final call will be yours. We at Koderey, help our students to become a complete package.

Q: Why and how do you think your digital marketing experience can help me? Click To Tweet

A: Our trainers are industry experts from different fields, you will be exposed to different fields and will get help from their past experiences. They have years of experience and that’s what they are here for, to build the future experts in digital marketing.

Wish you a Good luck and a Great Future.