What is Personalized Marketing and how you can master it?

Mostly every one of you will agree that personalized marketing works, isn’t it? Nearly 86% of customers agree personalization plays a vital role in their decision making. Also, 91% of customers are more likely to shop with brands that provide personalized offers and recommendations.

Personalized marketing has effectively changed how businesses perform. It has improved overall customer engagement and thus has made businesses more profitable.

Undoubtedly, this marketing strategy has several benefits. Yet many marketers go up in smoke. They fail miserably. They don’t get the desired results. Some just add the name in email marketing campaigns and expect to get results. Some are so muddled that they don’t even try.

And people end up thinking personalized marketing doesn’t work. Well, the truth is… it works, but most of the time the approach people take is wrong!

Thus, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about personalized marketing.


As per Dale Carnegie, ”People are proud of their name. A person is more interested in his or her own name than in all the names on earth put together… A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and the most important sound in any language.”

Well, this one is the prime reason organizations call you out by your first name in promotional emails.

Personalized marketing is a powerful strategy for marketers to use. Also, marketers worldwide are using this for decades now to improve their business revenue.

Personalizing your marketing strategy is always a wise idea… But only when you know how to play the cards right.

So, do you mean personalized marketing is more than adding a customer’s first name to the email?

Indeed. It is only a part of the iceberg. There’s more to it.

Personalized marketing can be incorporated into different marketing mediums i.e. social media, website, email, etc. It involves collecting data and insights regarding customers. Then using the data to offer personalized marketing messages to individual customers. Here, you provide customers with what they want as per their interest.

In case you use personalization effectively, it will undoubtedly enhance your business’s overall revenue.

Effective ways to do personalized marketing right:

Collect your customer’s data and insights – The more the better!

Want to do personalized marketing, right? This is the first and most important step to it. Gather more and more data and insights about your targeted audiences.

Without enough data, you are more likely to fail miserably. Remember, data is your best friend and savior here!

To be successful, you need to know everything about your targeted audiences like you know your name. What are their needs, what are they looking for, their overall preferences, etc?

The crucial and the most fundamental thing you need to know. Use different strategies you can use to gather information about your targeted audiences. Thus, it will help you to create your personalized program. You can use the following ways to research your targeted audiences:

  • Surveys
  • Feedback forms
  • Social media
  • Group discussions

Gather as much information as you can regarding your targeted audiences and their preferences. Avoid going for long surveys, as it is annoying for most people. The shorter the better.

If you provide your audiences with a long feedback form of 50 questions. They will abandon you within seconds and might never return. Instead, ask them a few questions now and then. And you will get the answers you need.

When you know your targeted audiences inside out. Then, only you will be able to provide them the content they want. If you can create exact offers that your audience needs with a touch of personalization. Your brand is bound is to perform well across all marketing channels.

Remember the more data, the more effectively you will provide your audience personalized experience.

Now that you know the needs and preferences of the targeted audiences. Let us understand step two of the process.

Segregate your audiences

Now that you have enough data and you understand the needs and preferences of your targeted audiences. You can segment your audiences based on different criteria, i.e., age, interests, income, needs. You can even segregate them as per their shopping habits, i.e. their shopping frequency, what offers work well for them, etc.

Analyze the current data you have and segment the targeted audiences accordingly. As a company, you will understand how you can deal with them and how you can fulfill their needs. This will also assist you to map out content creation.

Now that you have segmented your audiences. You can personalize your marketing messages and ultimately help your audiences by providing them exactly what they need.

Aim to create better content. Always!

Remember the Coca-Cola ”Share a coke campaign?” That was the power of creating unique and personalized content for targeted audiences.

When it comes to content. It is important to keep your targeted audiences in mind and create something that can be engaging for them.

Remember, if you fail to create the contents as per the needs and preferences of your targeted audiences. You are bound to fail miserably. Your content will fail to get the recognition it deserves. Now that you have enough data on your targeted audiences. Creating the content they want to see more often should not be a big deal.

Content is always regarded as the life and blood of online marketing. However, it is impossible to create content that can meet the desire and needs of each marketing persona.

Thus, marketers need to figure out the content that will work with their targeted audiences. You need to know what kind of content can educate your audiences and can inspire them to take action? You first need to understand the preferences of your targeted audiences and then provide them with the content they would like to see more of.

For example, suppose an e-commerce firm is selling garments and clothes for various age groups. They might see a user viewed comfortable swimsuits for toddlers. They might search for swimming suits that can be comfortable for their toddlers.

Now, you can use such insights to chalk out content strategy.

Personalize email marketing contents.

Always create email marketing campaigns keeping your audiences – their needs and preferences in mind.

Email marketing is regarded as one of the cost-effective marketing channels. As per Statista, in the year 2019, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day.

Insane, isn’t it? But that’s true.

It’s true that email marketing is cost-effective and provides the best ROI. But it’s competitive. Billions of emails are sent each day and most of them are spam, unwanted emails. Think of it, we receive many emails a day that we delete without even reading.

That’s why I said there’s tremendous competition in this channel. Getting your email to be seen and to get the desired result out of it is itself challenging.

Think of it, every day we use multiple channels on multiple devices, isn’t it? That means getting a sale out of an email marketing campaign has reduced. When it comes to personalized marketing depending on ”email marketing” alone will definitely not work. You need to involve other mediums and devices for better results.

Always offer your audiences personalized content and offers through email that they can’t ignore.

Build a long-lasting relationship with your targeted audiences!

This works. Always!!!

That is the power of personalized marketing. It will help you build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your targeted audiences.

For this, you need to show your targeted audiences you care. Send them a personalized email wishing them a happy birthday or anniversary. Send them a welcome email to let them know you are grateful that they are now a part of your community.

Apart from this… You can even personalize your homepage or landing page as per the needs of your customers. And it will help your business generate more revenue.

Foretaste their upcoming needs!

Last but not least, this needs to be your aim always. This is what will make your customers come back to you again and again. Through Analytics you can easily analyze their behavior and predict what they want more. Think about the Airlines… after you are done with booking their ticket. They don’t stop there! Thus, ask you several questions about what you need as they know you are traveling. And they anticipate what you might need. That’s the only reason they provide you with various offers.

The same goes for every industry. You must anticipate what your audiences are interested in and what they might need. You must anticipate the add-ons they might need. For instance, suppose they read your website contents more… Thus, you can provide them e-books, infographics, podcasts i.e. the things similar to what they are interested in.  To be successful in personalized marketing. You need to exceed their expectations and provide them with what they want.

Advantages of Personalized Marketing

One of the excellent examples of personalized marketing is it allows a company to target individual customers. Thus, it boosts engagement and revenue as you understand the preferences of your targeted audiences and provide them with what they want. Do you know personalized emails get a higher opening rate? That’s because your customers like personalization.

Here are some other benefits of personalized marketing. You cannot afford to miss:

Positive suggestions always matter: I have already discussed this in previous sections. You must anticipate the needs of your customers before them. Amazon is great in this… They will always recommend you new things that are similar to your needs. Use any medium but always suggest to your customers what can be helpful to them.

Personalization diminishes bounce rate: Umm… The cringe bounce rate. Every marketer hates it. But you know what? You can save yourself from this… By providing personalized content to your readers. When you provide your readers as per their preferences. They are more likely to spend more time on your site. Also, they are more likely to trust you enough to make a purchase.

Nowadays, customers are smart… They hate bad marketing, irrelevant emails. Thus, it is always a wise move to provide your audiences with exactly what they need.  You will always get a positive response from your audience through personalization.

In short? Personalization will always influence your customer behavior.

Delivering the right message at the right time: Providing personalized content is important. But providing your audiences what they want at the right time is also important. Thus always figure out ”when”

It builds trust: Customer retention is one of the significant issues marketers face nowadays. You need to show your customers you care about them. When a customer trusts you, that when they will come back to you again and again. When you personalize your marketing to provide your customers contents that are as per their taste. They will trust you more. Hence, more business.

Never be Irksome!

Yes, you heard that right. I had already talked about how to get personalized marketing right and the advantages of it, etc.

But there is a fine difference between personalization and over-personalization – that marketers fail to realize. Providing personalized content, taking care of the needs of your customers, everything is essential. But there is a fine line that marketers need to keep in mind – Otherwise, they will end up losing their customers.

You don’t want your customers to run, isn’t it?

Personalization is beneficial, and it is important – but there is a dark side to it that marketers fail to realize. In the past, several marketers have been entrapped by it.

Customer’s data are very sensitive to them and when they provide you their details. It is important to keep those data safe. At times a company has to handle vast customer data – Misinterpreting the data or using the wrong data for a worn individual can turn off your customers. And make them run away.

One of the personalization went gone example is…

Once Target sent booklets full of baby-related offers to a teenager. Her father was infuriated because of this incident that how can Target sent such baby-offers to his teenage child. As she was too young for all this. Unknown to the child’s father, the child was actually pregnant. That was known by Target by tracking down her purchase behavior.

Everything that a customer purchases online along with the demographics, the behavior is known to the companies. The company then uses this data to predict you and your needs.

In this situation discussed above, Target undoubtedly made a blunder mistake by over-personalizing.

Never Go Too Personal – Your Customers Will Never Appreciate Such Behaviour

In the previous section, we just discussed an example of over-personalization. The brand Target – of course, wanted to provide its customers personalized experience. But intentionally or unintentionally, they crossed the line which backfired. Personalization is necessary – but never be irksome!

If you go too personal – you might end up losing your customers. Trust me, they will never return.

That’s the reason brands must respect the customer and their privacy – never invade their privacy. Always respect the data you have got from your customers.

Every customer love personalization – But there is a line a brand must never cross. In the scenario discussed above, Target crossed the line and even paid for the blunder they have committed later!

Powerful Examples Of Personalization Done Right By Brands


When it comes to personalized marketing. Amazon never fails to enchant its customer… Hands down!

Successful personalization is one of the prime reasons people prefer Amazon more than any other brand. Amazon gathers huge data regarding their customers by tracking down their purchase history. Thus, they always provide recommendations to its users based on their behavior on the site. Amazon certainly knows its customer base well.

When I shop online on Amazon. Many times I find new things that I never saw before. That relates to my taste and preferences as well.

From personalized website content to personalized emails. Amazon never fails to impress its customers. Amazon always uses strong algorithms to personalize your homepage, providing targeted product recommendations as per your purchase record and behavior on site.

Think about those ”frequently bought together” you see on Amazon. Nope, these are not accidental. These are the result of analyzing customer behavior. This is what successful personalization is all about.


Another common example of personalized marketing we see every day is the emails we get from our favorite brands. Most of the time you must have seen that they use our name in their emails…

This way a brand connects with an individual on a personal level. This makes the email more relatable.

When we receive an email with our name on it we tend to open it. It is also found that the opening rate of personalized emails is higher than the others.


Spotify is among the most popular music service provider with 70M paid subscribers, insane, isn’t it?

When it comes to personalized Marketing – Spotify has gotten an amazing reputation as well. Their personalized list of music. Reminds us that they keep their user’s preferences in the top of their mind.

Do you know the reason behind Spotify’s tremendous growth? It’s their innovative marketing strategies and personalized marketing.

pc: popsugar.com.au


Aware of what Grammarly is? Well, this is a company offering several writing tools for content writers. Well, weekly Grammarly sends its users an automated weekly report. Well, that’s actually a progress report. Something like this


Well, writers are sometimes curious… They want to know how productive were they. And Grammarly provides you insights just like that. They will let you know your productivity, word usage, writing errors, etc – in short, ranking users among the competition.


Now, you must know how you need to implement personalization, isn’t it? Personalization is an amazing strategy marketer must use.

But there is a difference between ”We think you will find these recommendations helpful” and ”we have an eye on you” – Make sure you never cross this line.

So. always do proper research, test, experiment – before you jump on to large-scale personalization. Start small – analyze the efforts and then plan for large-scale personalization.

Provide your customers with what they would like to see more – that’s the secret to success always!

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