Want to know the evolution of Facebook. And how Facebook is helpful for digital marketing.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the same.

And if you are still reading this guide then it is obvious that you are interested in reading more about the same.


Okay, so we all are aware that Facebook is the ruling social media. Or you can say that Facebook is the big daddy of all social media sites. No matter how many new social media sites come into existing Facebook will always remain in the #1. Don’t you think the same?

Facebook is not only densely populated but it is an excellent marketing tool as well.  Marketers worldwide are using Facebook for digital marketing i.e, for marketing their business to the world.

Facebook started in 2004 and it soon became a household name. In today’s time, everyone has a Facebook account be it a teenager or an old person. Everyone is there on this platform. First, in 2004 Mark Zuckerberg, bought ”The Facebook. But in 2005, it removed ”The”. And bought the domain Facebook from a company. And soon the platform was able to hit six million users.


As we already discussed above as well. Facebook started as a social media platform. Allowing people to connect with their friends and family. A platform where people can share their day-to-day activities, videos, etc.

And because of the growing popularity of Facebook soon, it became a marketing platform. As companies started shifting from traditional to digital space. Facebook became an amazing marketing tool.

Facebook for Digital Marketing –

Around 2009, Companies started to connect with their customers on this platform.  Facebook became a necessity for marketers. And it provided companies with excellent ROI as well. The platform built several features that helped marketers to do full-fledged marketing on this platform.

Okay, so now that we already understood the evolution of Facebook and how Facebook for marketing started. Now, let us get started with the main aspect –


Create A Facebook Business Page And Make The Most Of It –

Creating a Facebook Business page is free, isn’t it? But the advantages you can gain from a Facebook business page are endless. You can share your business insights with your audiences, engage with them, upload real-time images, the details of your product, make use of Facebook live, etc. You see there are several things that you can do with your business page.

Don’t just promote your business, give your brand s human tone, and provide people with what they expect from you.

But before anything, make sure you first provide all the necessary details of your business on your page. About us, description, the timings, website link, etc. Provide every necessary business details.

Facebook Advertisement

The platform has its own form of advertising. In your Facebook Ad, you can write attractive headlines and details, add an attractive image, provide a link where you want people to click.

Want more traffic to your website, want more page likes… run Facebook Ads.

Attribute To Facebook Marketing –

  • You can target easily based on education, interests, preferences, age, etc.
  • Ability to easily set Ad budget.
  • You can do Ad testing, i.e., use Ads of different forms and designs and you can check which form is giving you good results and which is not.

Maximum business awareness

Of course, when choosing the right social media for our business. We always need to choose the ones where our audiences are there.

Now, Facebook is always in the first position with the maximum number of users worldwide. Marketing Via Facebook is actually cheaper than Google. Also, it’s video views are cheaper than YouTube as well.

Nowadays, everyone is present on this gigantic platform. And if your users are there on Facebook then you must definitely get started with Facebook. As one cannot just ignore Facebook when it comes to connecting with audiences.

Facebook Live

Since the time Facebook Live was introduced. People started using this feature as never before. As a business as well, if you are missing out on this feature then you are actually missing tons of opportunities to humanize your brand. And to connect with your audiences in a better way –

Another important aspect of using Facebook for digital marketing. Advantages of using Facebook live –

  • Show short videos of your upcoming products
  • Show your audiences the scenario of your workplace
  • Allow your audiences to meet your team via Facebook live
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Event promotions
  • Answer the queries of your audiences by coming live

People nowadays prefer to watch an engaging video rather than just reading content. And actually there is no time better than now to utilize this feature. It is found that people engaging with brands better who come live regularly. So, there is no time better than now to utilize this feature.

Facebook for digital marketing – OPTIMIZATION RULES

When using Facebook for digital marketing i.e., when you are using Facebook for your business purposes. Make sure to always check the Insights of your page. This way you will always get a better understanding of your Facebook Audiences.

Always keep variations. This works for every social media, be it Facebook or Instagram. There are a number of Facebook features that you can utilize for your business. i.e., Facebook live, Ads, boost a post, etc. Apart from these use different posts on Facebook for your regular days, you can share your blog post, videos, motivational quotes, industry-related images, etc.

You see there are a number of things for you to post. But the point is, you should always keep variations in your posts. Otherwise, you will lose your audience.




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