July 20, 2015


Do you have a desire to be independent and be your own boss? Do freelancing. A freelancer is a self employed person offering services to multiple clients at a time. Freelancing job is also an actual job. You can work on your own terms and the best part about freelancing business is the time flexibility. In this course you will be learning the following skills:
  •  Getting organised: You will be taught how to manage time between different projects. How to build a office at home and how to run a business like a business.
  •  How to market yourself: How to make yourself a brand and how to market yourself. It’s a very important Criteria to do freelancing business. You need to stand out in the crowd to get the maximum opportunities.
  •  How to get the target clients: You need to sell yourself out there. You need to tell the people that you are best in so and service and find out the potential customers who need the service.
  •  How to promote your work: You will be taught how to promote your work through different social media channels and how to make your profile look stronger and impactful.
  •  How to build a strong portfolio: You will learn how to make a solid portfolio. We will help you build a powerful website where you will be adding your achievements and the highlights of your work and experience.
  •  How to build a network:  You will be taught how to make your communication strong and how to pitch people for help and make powerful contacts in the industry.

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