What You Should Be Doing to Grow Your Creative Business in 2020?

I want to grow my creative business. How am I supposed to proceed with this?

Every entrepreneur wants to build a huge community for their business, isn’t it? That’s the definition of success for an entrepreneur. But the issue here is how to do the same without spending too much?

Well, to be successful there is no need for you to spend money unnecessarily. But you need to be innovative in your marketing strategies to get the best results.

Okay, today let proceed and we will answer this popular question.

If you run a creative business, these are some of the things that you must invest in. It can seem like a tedious task but trust me it’s worth your time.

As a creative business owner, it may seem like you have multiple things to accomplish. And you are running out of time.

Well, you are not alone, it happens!

The issue at times the creative business owners face is with time. They are left bewildered that where they need to invest their time.

And what are the things that can wait!

As a solo entrepreneur, it can be confusing. For best results, you must know what is working in your business favor and what’s not.

So, let’s proceed further –

grow your creative business

Powerful Ways To Grow Your Creative Business

#1. Stop creating mediocre content. Be creative!

Yes! You heard it right.

The Internet is already over-flooded with millions of contents. So, when you are working to grow your creative business. You need to stand out from the crowd.

For the same, you need to dig deep. Invest in content writing, but smartly!

You need to compose an article for your audiences so that they don’t leave halfway and read you’re complete article.

For a moment, stop being so much concerned about SEO and Google Algorithms and start taking care of your customer’s needs. Know what they are searching for, and provide the appropriate answer to their queries.

The more you take care of your customer’s needs, the more they will stay by your side. And the more your brand will be regarded as genuine.

Add giphy, relevant infographics. In short, do everything that your customers want! Educate them, entertain them..!!!

Be consistent!

#2. Take a different approach to Marketing!

This is going to be the second part of our guide ”grow your creative business”. Since now, you are doing everything said to you by different people, Okay! they did this to grow their creative business. I must do that as well. Now you need to take a different approach!

Like we said in the previous section, don’t just write content for writing! Now create content after understanding your potential customers inside-out. After knowing their pain-points! And then providing them the appropriate solution.

Do what others are not doing! Provide excellent customer service. Not engaging with your customers over social media? Start with that! Create different social media profiles for your customers. Engage with them over social media sites! Build a community. The point is to take a different approach. Doing what others are not doing. Take some extra care!

What else? Work on keeping your website updated. Be regular on social media sites, create a stunning landing page for your business, etc. Your customers are always asking a similar question now and then? Keep it simple for them. Create a section on your website that answers the frequent question asked from your business. This way it will be easier for your customers. Got our point?

#3. Know the power of Networking!

Yes, that’s right!

When you want to grow your creative business. This will surely help.

Follow the industry-leaders within your reach!

Check what activities they are doing on social sites.

Collaborate and network with others!

Do guest-blogging.

And expose your business in front of a huge number of new audiences.

Find people within your niche with whom you can collaborate. Provide value and network! And soon you will realize the power of networking. Build a big community of engaging followers.

#4. Get featured in the biggest publication

Yet another creative method to grow your creative business.

Numerous companies do use this strategy.

When you get featured on the biggest publication your website traffic will surely grow, more and more people will be a part of your business. This way you will grow your business effortlessly.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start building a positive relationship with the biggest publication. Share their content, engage with them, etc. Make sure that you are not being overly promotional.

Thus, as you build relationships with them. It will help you in a way that you are highlighted. Thus, more and more individuals will start to reach your business.

#5. Know what your customers are saying!

Don’t just concentrate on marketing your products and services to your potential customers.

Knowing what your audiences are trying to tell you is important as well!

Ask for feedback from your potential customers.

Know what is making them happy and what makes them unhappy.

Always listen to your customers and improve where it is needed. Now and then make it a practice to ask your customers for reviews and you will know where you are lacking.

When your customers are facing any issues attend each one of them personally and make sure that they never face the same issue again.

#6. Have an excellent team!

When working to grow your creative business. Does it feel like you are running out of time isn’t it? Do you want to accomplish more things in less time? Hiring a smart team can help your business with this.

Don’t try to accomplish everything by yourself. Every business needs a strong team skilled with different tasks. This is the secret to accomplishing more things, getting more things done! This is indeed a crucial step! When hiring a team for your creative business. Choose wisely! You can even outsource tasks to freelancers!

#7. Invest in Referral Marketing (This works wonders!)

Want quick ways to grow your creative business. This is just for you!

This is no rocket-science. Here, your loyal customers help you and they advertise your products and services on your behalf. Trouble-free strategy, isn’t it?

Now, the question is why is this strategy so important? That’s because when purchasing a product or service. Almost 92% of individuals believe personal recommendation rather than any other marketing.

Think of it this way. You went to watch a movie. You completely loved the plot. Then, you told your best friend to watch the movie. 99% of the time your friend will go to watch the movie.

That’s the reason I said personal recommendation works!

Here, you want your customers to work for you i.e., you want them to excitedly talk about your business within their friend’s circle.

Thus, for this, you want to build a referral program for your customers.

When you want to grow your creative business. It is not a tedious task as some of you might think! But you need to do smart work instead of hard work. Because smart work is the way to success!

#8. Conduct A Contest

Yes! Exactly.

This works wonders!

Companies do believe that this is indeed the most successful strategy one must utilize to gain quick results.

The successful website YouTube has already used this strategy in their initial days. Conducting a content works wonders if you know the strategy to play the cards right.

Conducting a contest is easy and the right tools are available as well. In today’s intense competition, Facebook is the right platform to gain visibility from conducting a contest.


When you want to grow your creative business, creativity and innovation is must! Follow the strategies discussed above when you desire to grow your creative business in 2020!

And the strategies if followers in the right way! It will surely bring excellent results.

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What strategies you are using to grow your creative business this year?


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