Guaranteed No Stress How To Become A Digital Marketer

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also known as modern marketing. Which came into being a few years back. Before it, nobody knew what actually digital marketing is.  All credit goes to the technology. It is a 21st era marketing. Which is done with the help of the Internet. It is marketing done through the channels of the Internet i.e. Social media marketing, Email marketing, websites etc..

Reasons why you must choose digital marketing as a career?

Digital Marketing is obviously a big name in this globe now. Amazon has done this kind of online marketing. Jeff Bezos is a renowned example who have done online marketing. He understood what digital marketing is. And understood the future of online marketing. And now what he chose yesterday. Today is a solid example for his success. In this competitive world. If you want to stand out of the box. It is necessary to do something that will make you extraordinary. As nowadays everything is dependent on the Internet. Online transaction, Online Payment, Online bookings etc. It is definitely a good idea to be a part of this Online World.

Here are the reasons why you should become a digital marketer – 

1. Boosts creativity

If you are the type of person who needs to do something interesting. Who gets bored with the day to day boring same office routine. Someone who is annoyed with the same routine and dull office work? And believes that the same lifestyle is not taking you anywhere. And you cannot achieve something big with this. Who cannot see yourself doing the thing which is completely uninteresting and dull? In this case, Digital Marketing is your savior. With the digital marketing emerging like anything. This industry is constantly looking for individuals who have the potential to think something big. Moreover, is creative and innovative in nature.

2. Everyone Is Invited Here

The best thing here is that. There is no specific field of work here. A vast combination of work is here. People with business development quality or content writers or graphic designers or website developers. Everyone is welcomed here. If you are someone is passionate about writing? Carry yourself on as a content writer! If you are someone who has a creative mind. Who loves to create new designs. Become a graphic designer! If you are a social media worm who can have more than hundreds in a profile picture with a beautiful smile or handsome look, captivating photo filter and caption then my friend it is time to become a social media executive! If you are someone who loves to create fresh and unique content. It’s time to be a pro at blogging and become a blogger! Apart from all this Digital Industry is a well reputed and sound industry. Where you will meet like-minded people. And you will also get good pay also. Even a fresher can kick-start his or her career with 20k. And with improving and evolving yourself. The digits increase too. 

3. Be a part of the digital revolution

We all live in a modern era. Where we cannot ignore the fact that without the Internet. It will be impossible to survive. Here digital marketing has changed the game of marketing and advertisements. With more and, more brands are looking up for online marketing and trying to become a big name in near future. Whether for a big business or small. Trying to open a e-commerce or startup. Everybody is trying their luck online. And because of this digital marketing is emerging like anything. Moreover, in this industry, as there is a place for everyone. There are great opportunities available for each one of you also. Everyone follows the crowd. However, this is the perfect time to become a part of the revolution and not follow the crowd. With the high demand for this industry. This sector is definitely the big name in near future for sure. 

4. Digital Marketing is here to stay forever

When a style becomes a trend after a few days it becomes cold. However, think if there has been a point in history where marketing went out of fashion? No. There was no such time. Techniques could have been different but marketing was there forever. As long as people around the globe will be consuming products. There will be the need for marketing and branding. And this cycle will never stop. Nor the people will stop gulping products nor the marketing will stop. However, this marketing industry will keep on reaching new heights for sure. That is why brands are trying there level best to make online space for themselves. As the marketing industry is emerging like anything. 

Things to keep in mind before starting your digital marketing career:

In case you are thinking of being a part of this revolution, there is no better time than now. According to an official case study earlier, the digital economy is growing very rapidly and it produced a number of job opportunities in past and is a stepping stone for one’s career.

1. Eagerness to learn

This industry as growing like anything. Also giving better opportunities to the newcomers. However,  the main concern is that people here are creative, innovative as well as smart. One can easily see if someone approaching for the marketing sector is eager to learn and evolve or is there for self-entertainment and is lethargic. As this sector needs people who are ready to shift and evolve. Those who are ready for the change. Who has a burning desire to evolve as a better person? So you must have the eagerness to learn, grow and be ready to set new standards for oneself. 

2. Stay Updated

You need to stay updated with each and everything happening around you. If you ever met a digital marketer. You will notice that that have the knowledge of almost everything happening around them. They know everything from a Justin Bieber music concert happening next month to what a political party is trying to do. You need to stay updated on what is going on into the world. I personally never met a digital marketer who is not aware of what is happening around the globe. As Google, Facebook and Twitter regularly change their policies and algorithms. And as a digital marketer, you need to know such thing which is altogether an interesting thing.

3. Build positive circle for yourself

Encircle yourself with positive like-minded individuals like you or more capable than yourself. And you will see that you can learn many new things from them. The people you meet will be your support system when you will find yourself in problems, as well as help to open doors to opportunities you might not have otherwise found. You will constantly learn something new and it will help you with your growth. As you and everyone around you will be on the same boat. Might be possible that the problem you are presently facing. And your business partner already knows the answer to your problem and bingo you got your answers you were looking for. This is the beauty of working with like-minded people. 

4. Learn the Language

Digital Marketers should be comfortable with the marketing terms used i.e. PPC, SEM, and SEO. They are whole different terms which are used. The ability to understand digital marketing campaigns and understand what is going to be the agenda now. Able to handle the deep inside internet terms. And to see what is working and what is not.  Here, everything is dependent on your ability to understand industry language. For example, if a kid does not know countings then obviously he or she won’t be able to understand and read the big digits written. In the same way, if you are not familiar with the industry terms. It will surely affect your work.  You must be fully aware of the terms used in this sector. So that you can use it for yourself. 

5. Build your website

Starting digital marketing or have already started but you have no Website of your own? If you want to show to a client that you can build their company’s online Website then you need to show them your website first that you have your own personal website and that you are consistent with your work. That as you have made and working on your website. A strong website could be the main factor between two people who have applied for the same position. And no doubt the company will choose someone who has a strong knowledge of working on a website. 

How To Make A Website – An Outline 

  1. Choose what platform you want your website to be built on. We would recommend WordPress
  2. Get yourself a domain name (the unique name for your website) for your site so people can find it. Make it catchy and relevant.
  3. Set up your website, choose a theme, make the design and make it look amazing!
  4. Write content for your website, be consistent with your work
  5. Get yourself keywords (decide topics you see yourself writing 10,50, 100 blog posts)
  6. Make categories on your website. Depending on your interest
  7. Collect your thoughts and write something unique!
  8. Remember readers always want to read something which is new, fresh, unique!
  9. Do not copy other writing style or thoughts!
  10. It is not that you will be able to write great articles in one go. But never give up!
  11. There you go, be consistent with your work.
  12. Value your readers and yourself too.
  13. Give it your time and energy!

6. Get Working

Many people thinking that digital marketing is fun. Yes, Of course. It is interesting and fun. But it is work. As a digital marketer, we surely agree to this that it is creative work and it does take hard work and dedication. Working like a tired man will surely not take you anywhere. You need to work awake as it requires your attention and time. 

7. Proper Education

Just reading about digital marketing will not take you anywhere. As reading and practical knowledge are two different things. To excel in this industry you need to study more about it. If you really want to go into this sector a proper certified course will definitely help. Because this is a vast industry and a plenty of things to know. And by joining a course you will know many things you don’t know anything. When you join the course and attend the classes. There will be a professional teaching you. Then you will be able to learn from someone who is perfectly genius in this industry. You will learn the language used in this sector. As well as practically implement all these things in your study. The best thing is this is the short term duration course. And it will take 3-4 months to understand everything. Wait, this does not mean that in just 3-4 you will know everything. This will not happen. As this is no magic. You will learn everything by practicing more and more. i.e. before getting admission in a school, the parents send their kids to a playschool. Why? So that he or she can learn to live without parents for a few hours. Can learn to stay with other kids. Can learn discipline. This is done to prepare him or her for school. Same with marketing study. You will learn but with practice and hard work it will help you master. 

  • This is how you can become a digital marketer. No stress. No educational qualification needed. You are just a decision away from a bright future. Common, Be a part of the revolution with us. Make a decision and jump on the board with us. Learn, make mistakes and evolve. Help yourself become and a better person. Do not follow the crowd. Stand out. Improve yourself. And soon the crowd will follow you. If you are someone bored with dull lifestyle and work. Come Join Us. 


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