How to land in your dream digital marketing job?

Do you want to land in your Dream Digital Marketing Job?

Well, if you are reading this guide. I am pretty sure that you desire to be a part of the industry that is constantly evolving, has a number of opportunities and where you can grow.

We all are aware that the digital marketing industry is flourishing. The marketing scenario is shifting from the traditional to the digital space. Also, several individuals come up every day to do the digital marketing course so that they can land in their dream digital marketing job (here, the reason varies from person to person)

Okay, so if you are someone looking forward to land in your dream digital marketing job. This guide is surely going to be helpful for you. As here we are going to discuss the potential ways for you to land in your dream job.

So, without stretching the things let’s proceed. We are going to start from the basics –


It is also known as 21st-century marketing… basically, it is the marketing done online, through digital mediums. The digital channel can be social sites, email, search engines i.e., Google, website, smartphones. In short, apart from these, you can also consider other digital platforms.

A more simple definition?

Digital marketing is another name for online marketing, internet marketing. As the name suggests, it is the marketing done online with the help of the internet. Got it now?


Have you seen billboards? You do remember it?

Well, I do.






Source: Pinterest

These are all childhood memories.

I remember when I was a kid and used to see these billboards across the road. These were pretty exciting then. Whatever I used to see these, my next sentence used to be ”Can we go there? Please, please take me there. I promise I will study more seriously and will bring good marks in exams. Now, please?

And the reply of my parents was ”First, bring good marks, and then we will take you there.”

So, this was the scenario every time.

It might sound funny. But this is how it is. And if you belong to an Indian family. Then, you will definitely relate to this.

Well, moving on.

This is how big companies used to advertise then. Take the example of MacDonalds, Coca Cola, BMW, Audi, etc. Big companies used to compete in this way –

Source: Pinterest

Take this example. These are three big airline companies.

Funny isn’t it? But this was the reality at some point in time.

Earlier, companies used to spend a huge amount of cash on these billboards for advertising their company.

Happily or Unhappily, the truth now is… Billboards are dead.

Now, is the time for advertising through Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube. And companies are investing in these platforms as they can see that these are bringing their business more ROI.

Reason? Because people globally, are present on these platforms. Everyone is using these platforms. These digital sites have the potential to reach more people, to engage more people worldwide. Sadly, that was not possible with billboards.

People are not spending time looking outside their car window. They are busy with their smartphone, laptop, social sites, etc.

That’s the reason billboards died.

Companies are spending more cash on digital platforms.

And that’s the reason DIGITAL MARKETING MATTERS… (as it the center of people’s attention)


We have already seen in the previous section that why digital marketing matters.

Today, companies worldwide are not dependent on traditional methods to market their business. Everything has shifted to the digital space.

Companies are looking for skilled digital marketers who can handle all company’s online activities. And bring more revenue to the business.

Want to know some exciting news? Today, a skilled digital marketer is given more priority than a regular MBA student in terms of job preferences that’s because the industries are already shifted from traditional to digital space.

There is actually no time better than now to get started with this industry. Also, this will help you to stand out from this rat race as there is tough competition in the marketplace.

Think about it, who is interested in watching television Ads nowadays? Everyone is more occupied digitally.

Billboards, radio, television Ads (they are expensive). Are already dead!

We are an education firm and we are aware that every organization whether big or small is looking for skilled and talented digital marketers.

If one desires to settle outside India. In that case, as well, digital marketing skills are recommended.

Well, do you know the best part of this industry? It is that you don’t need any prior qualifications before joining this industry. All you need is the dedication to learn and a good Internet connection.

In this industry, a fresher with the right skill can also get 18k-25k per month, can work as a freelancer. Most importantly, can learn a new thing every day, can grow every day.


Well, the digital marketing industry is constantly evolving.

More and more students are enrolling in the digital marketing course. As they have realized the importance of this. Some want to get a high paying job, some want to kick-start their own venture. (the reason varies from person to person)

Every organization is looking for skilled digital marketers. And in the market, there is a shortage of skilled marketers.

I am writing this guide, to help you all get your dream digital marketing job. Also, I am 100% sure that by the end of this blog, you all will be prepared to grab your dream digital marketing job.

As an organization, we have already helped more than thousands of individuals in their careers. But this guide will help each of you. And this is the main reason behind WRITING THIS GUIDE.



Okay, that’s a really excellent thing that you actually know what you want! The reason is you want your dream digital marketing job.  But the point is to avoid certain mistakes that at some point in time everyone makes!

First of all, you all must get rid of the traditional ways of getting a job.

What did I mean?

You know what most people do

  • They make a resume

  • Add their skills, academic qualification, experience (if any)

  • And then they upload the same to various job portals like Naukri, Monster

And then people complain that they are getting low-paying jobs. Do you know the reason behind it? Because there are numerous individuals out there who are happy after getting that job as well.

And through these job portals, you will get these kinds of jobs only.

This is what I call traditional methods of getting a job.

This method used to work years back.

But now they hardly work.

And as a result, you don’t get your dream job. And you get disappointed. As a result, this vicious cycle continues… There is no end to it.

This is the mistake most of us make. This method is the traditional method of getting a job. And if you are still practicing this then you need to stop IMMEDIATELY!

In this fierce competition, this doesn’t work. NOT AT ALL!

If you want to land in your dream digital marketing job. Now, you already know that this traditional method of getting a job doesn’t work.

Then, what works? Let’s proceed forward to understand what works…


Yes! This is the only thing that works in this cut-throat competition.

When you are applying for a job for a particular position in an organization. You are already aware that you are not the only one who is applying for that particular position… There are hundreds of other candidates as well.

In such a scenario, why your HR should hire you and not the other hundreds?

How can you expect the company to hire you?

You have to give them a reason to hire you first, isn’t it?

I already said above that every organization is in search of skilled digital marketers. An individual who can manage the online activities of an organization? And the one who can bring real-time results.

Today, organizations have nothing to do with your academic qualification, your knowledge. If you can bring results, you can be a part of our organization. Otherwise, you can go.

That’s why I said you need to give the organization a reason to hire you.

In today’s fierce competition… practical knowledge is everything.

Now, I am not saying that you need to be the best digital marketer in this Universe. What I am saying is, you need to stand apart from the crowd i.e., the competition.

If you say you are a social media marketer, then you need to be able to manage the organization’s social media sites across all platforms. And bring results through it. The organization is not going to hire you because you read 15 books about social media marketing or you have 10k followers on your personal Facebook account.

Or say, you are an SEO specialist, then you need to bring results on your company’s website ranking. You need to be aware of how to do the tasks. The organization is not going to hire you because you have read books about it.

Still, confused?

Companies will hire you for your practical knowledge and the ability to bring results.

Just saying I know content writing, SEO, Adwords, Social media is never enough. You need to have the skill to do these practices, you need to be aware of the trends.

Here, the question that arises here.


Okay, let’s understand this a bit more clearly.

Suppose, two individuals went to give an interview. Ummm… let’s say for the position of content writing.

One went to give the interview, showed the interviewer his resume. And took the name of 10 skills he knows, i.e., SEO, Content Writing, etc.

The second person went to give the interview. He showed them his website with 10k monthly visitors, showed the blogs he was writing, showed how much he was earning with AdSense, showed his website social media pages, where he was also having decent followers and he was regular in updates.

After sometime. The results came from the interviewer.


This is exactly the organization’s scenario today.

If you can bring results then only you will get hired.

In the scenario discussed above, the second person got selected because he had practical knowledge. And he can bring results.

But to begin… from where should we get started to land in your dream digital marketing job?

Let us understand this


dream digital marketing job


Okay, so if you are not aware of this industry, it’s job profiles and how everything works in the industry. Then, the first thing we would suggest is to join a reputed digital marketing course in Delhi institution. So, you can learn everything about this industry, practically do everything from the very beginning. Learn all the jargon of the industry, know the art to grab freelance projects, etc. So, that you can be market-ready.


You need no prior qualifications to be a part of this industry. But to stand out from the crowd. You definitely need to polish your skills to land in your dream digital marketing job. Build yourself up, learn from a reputed digital marketing institution. Build your website, work on designing the same with Elementor, write content, work on its ranking, etc. So, that you can show others who you really are.

In order to land in your dream digital marketing job. There is no need for you to become good at multi-tasking, there is no need for you to become the best digital marketer of the Universe. No! it’s nothing like that, get rid of this thought.

But what you need to do is you need to polish your skills in order to stand out from the crowd. The digital marketing industry is wide, it has many concepts. From SEO, Content Writing, Freelancing, Social media marketing, numerous things are associated with the same.

Not only concepts, but a wide range of occupations are also associated with the digital marketing industry. You can be SEO Expert, Content Writer again, content writing is one of the top paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi, Social media Marketer, Video Editor, etc. You see there are many occupations associated and you can choose the profession as you like.

So, again if you desire to land in your dream digital marketing job. It is important for you to master one or two skills in the digital marketing industry. As of today, organizations hire individuals who believe in doing smart work and the ones who can bring exclusive results for the respective organization.


And trust me it’s fun!

I can assure you of this. Working in the digital marketing industry is never boring. As here you can shift between multiple things at once. ”My job is boring” – Said no digital marketer ever. To be a part of this industry is always interesting, you work with different clients, on different projects and you learn something new every day, thus you become an improved version of yourself.

All you need to do is learn, polish your skills, build your personal brand. And your



As you all must be knowing the digital marketing industry is huge. Some of its job titles are –

  • Content Writing
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEM Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Video Editor
  • Web Developer
  • Adwords Expert
  • Social Media Marketer

Well, I am just throwing some names. As already said above. The digital marketing industry is huge. And there are various job titles.

This means you have got a number of career options to choose the best one for you.

Want to know the top- highest paid digital marketing job titles? Here is the list.


Okay, so now you know that the digital marketing industry is huge. And likewise, there are numerous exciting job titles as well.

After you are able to grab your dream digital marketing job. Undoubtedly, you are going to love that and you will earn more and learn more as well.

But that’s not the end to it.

What did I mean?

Well, you are working in a good organization and you are getting a satisfactory stipend. That’s great. But there is more to it.

In your free time or at weekends. You can go with freelancing. And make some exciting passive income. Think about it, who doesn’t like extra money?  It is like a cherry on the cake, isn’t it?

And if you are blessed enough to make good money through various freelancing projects. You can anytime quit your job. And become independent. (Quitting the job is just an option, what I meant was you can be independent and you can take a break anytime)

You can read more tips about freelancing here.

In the meanwhile, you can apply on the sites like Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Toptal, etc. As these are some of the excellent platforms to grab good work and projects.

The digital marketing industry provides you with tons of opportunities, isn’t it?


Landing on your dream digital marketing job is actually easy, not a rocket-science as some of you believe.

I really wish you all find this guide helpful.

Go through everything discussed in this guide. And you will be able to grab your dream digital marketing job quickly. Apart from getting the proper digital marketing education to get started, polishing yourself, and your skills, never go after the traditional methods of getting a job.

Follow the latest digital marketing trends.

Beware of the changing algorithms in the digital marketing industry.


If you enjoyed reading this guide, do share this article with your friends and companions. In case they need it 🙂

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