Inbound Marketing Features Every Marketer Should Know

”Inbound Marketing Features”

Yes! you heard that right. That is going to be out topic for the day.

Thinking to boost your startup sales?

Well, in this scenario you need to invest in inbound marketing.

We all are aware that the companies have already shifted from traditional to digital space. Thus, using old traditional marketing strategies will do no good.

Well, you cannot be successful without investing in some really excellent inbound marketing strategies.


If we disappointed you but that’s the truth of today’s competitive scenario.

If you want to survive in the market.

Embracing powerful inbound marketing features is only the key. Otherwise, you will struggle to survive.

But… There’s no reason to be disheartened. If you haven’t thought about it yet. It’s never too late.

Okay, so before we jump to inbound marketing features.

Let us first understand INBOUND MARKETING


The term ”Inbound Marketing” wasn’t there in 2005.

In 2006 this term came into existence. The word was invented by HubSpot’s CEO and Co-founder Brian Halligan.

Inbound Marketing works in four ways –

First, you start with attracting a visitor by creating appealing and relevant content i.e., through blogging, by appearing in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page), etc.

Then, the visitor becomes your lead by filling your form on the landing page. After that with strategies like email marketing, you close the deal. And boom! you’ve got a new customer.

After that, you finally delight your customers with smart content like surveys, etc.

When your current customers are delighted with your services. They share their happy experience with their friends and companions. This is a never-ending cycle. Thus, it will get you, new customers.

That’s what inbound marketing is, it helps you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Also, you get the best ROI for your business.

In inbound marketing, you work on attracting potential customers through various online marketing strategies.

Here, you are not annoying but you work on providing your audiences with what they want. As a company, you understand your audiences inside-out and you provide them the solutions they desire.

In simple words,

Inbound marketing is actually a philosophy that states, that people now are smart, their value personalization. They hate interruptive texts. And thus, you work on providing your audiences with what they desire.

Now, let’s proceed and understand some of the popular inbound marketing features every marketer should know completely –


Okay, so these inbound marketing strategies will help you to attract your targeted audiences without being annoying. Thus, allowing you to market your business effectively.

Attracting a visitor: Here, you want to attract a targeted audience without being annoying. Thus, you can start by creating appealing and valuable content for your target audiences – content such as blogs, articles, helpful guides, social media content, etc.

You need to provide value, provide your audiences with the solution they are looking for. Be beneficial. Know what your competitors are doing and work to stand out from the crowd. Know where your competitors lack and fulfill that space.

For instance, write a detailed guide regarding how to use your products, what are its benefits, and how it is better than the rest available in the market. You can tell them how your products can solve their issues, share testimonials that you are trusted.

To attract maximum audiences through inbound marketing. Just writing will not work. You need to incorporate a solid SEO strategy. This means you’ll have to add relevant keywords to your content. You need to optimize your content for search engines so that it can be seen on the web when someone searches for your keywords. You will have to incorporate the right strategies. So, your content can organically appear on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Engagement Matters: In the previous section. We saw how we can attract a stranger. When you are using inbound marketing strategies make sure that you are communicating with your targeted audience in the right way using the right mediums.

Provide value to your audiences.

Engagement strategies include engaging your audiences via content in the existing social media platforms. Teach your customer service representative of how to handle calls from interested prospects. Make sure that you are focusing on selling the solution rather than telling the interested prospect why you are the best. So, always focus on engaging your audiences and providing them with what they want.

Make Your Customers Delighted: These are the marketing strategies that will make sure that your customers are happy and satisfied with your business and your services. Make sure that you provide life-long assistance to your customers. It will help you build life-long relations with your customers. Assist them in every possible way throughout the journey.

Request feedback from them throughout the journey. It will give you insights into what is working for them and what they don’t like. So, that you can improve accordingly. Or you can send a satisfaction form to your customer after some time of their purchase.

Delighted customers may even provide you feedback on your social media channels.

Bottom line? Delight your customers in every possible manner throughout their journey. And even after they have purchased from you. Focus on building long-lasting relationships with your current customers.


inbound marketing features


Yes! you heard that right.

You all probably know that there is a tough competition in the online space. Every business is trying to get maximum customers for their businesses. So, in such a scenario to stand out from the crowd, you need to be creative, isn’t it?

So, as a marketer, you need to come up with attractive ideas to get the eyeballs rolling.

From content writing to social media infographics, to email marketing content, to Ad campaigns… Everything needs to be creative then only you will be able to attract the eyeballs.

Mediocre kinds of stuff i.e., contents or visuals never work in inbound marketing. Everything you do in your business needs to be top-notch. Then, only you will be able to grab eye-balls.


Another important inbound marketing features for you to consider.

Well, we are not saying that inbound marketing is all about content writing. But content writing is a crucial part of inbound marketing strategies.

In every strategy, you will need content writing for sure.

Now, marketers worldwide are spending their time and efforts on content marketing. That’s because it is the most cost-effective strategy to connect and communicate with their potential customers.

Also, it provides numerous long-term benefits to a business.

Creating engaging and relevant content consistently for your business website will boost your web traffic. Everyone is present on the web. If you want to be present on the search engines. You need to have a proper SEO strategy i.e., your contents need to have relevant key phrases, internal/external linking, etc.

Note: As you all just realized the importance of content writing for a business. Ready for another amazing news? Content writing is one of the top-paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi.


Google plays an important role in every online activity. As already said in the previous section, your blog needs to be search engine friendly. And for the same, you need to have a proper SEO strategy.

Whether you write a blog, content, or you are indulging in YouTube Marketing for your business. All these need to be Search Engine Optimized.

You need to optimize your website in a way that it can appear on the first page of the SERPs. The reason why it is necessary is people are smarter nowadays. They only believe what is shown in the top five of the search engines’ first page. Thus, it is necessary that your website needs to be optimized in a way that it can appear on the first page of SERP.

But the question is how you are supposed to do that/ what are the best practices –

  • Write blogs on the topics that are trending
  • Use focus-keywords
  • Be consistent
  • Create appealing images/ add ALT tags
  • Build high-quality backlinks
  • Use appealing and attractive Headings and Sub-Headings (Use Keywords in them)


Some time back, email marketing was almost dead. But all thanks to online marketing strategies, email marketing is part of the family again.

Companies worldwide are utilizing email marketing for their business and are getting the highest ROI.

If you take email marketing practices seriously… like sending the right email to the right audiences, using personalization then email marketing can actually be very beneficial for your business.

Remember, know your targeted audiences before anything. Present them the content they want. Sending relevant emails to irrelevant people will do your business no good. Focus on providing value first.

As a marketer, you need to take care of the designing part as well, and you must content to fill in the email. You see, presentation is necessary as well.


The website is the foundation of all online activities for a business.

As an organization whether big or small, you need to build the website in a way that can attract your customers to your business. Follow the best practices for building a website. Provide every detail of your business to your website that can be helpful for your visitor.

Make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate. In today’s time, the website that is mobile-friendly is getting the highest traffic.

Creating an attractive and user-friendly website/landing page is actually one of the important tasks your business should invest in.

Your website or landing page should be attractive and engaging enough that can compel the visitors to take the appropriate actions. After this, make sure to update your website regularly.


Lead generation as we all know is an important aspect of every business be it big or small.

When you want to make a long-lasting relationship with your leads first you need to nurture them.

When the leads are nurtured well in each inbound marketing strategies. That is when they will purchase from your business. And will be your loyal customers.

When each lead is nurtured well that is when they will convert.

Now, if you are still wondering what a nurtured lead is, allow us to explain it to you –

A nurtured lead is a customer who is satisfied with your online marketing activities. Who got the answer to what he/she was seeking. The one who is satisfied and ready to make a purchase from you. They are not misled or are not trapped. Rather they are satisfied with your business in every manner.


Another inbound marketing features you must know.

Inbound marketing will always lead to better customer experience. Thus, making it easier for you to retain customers.

In other words,

With inbound marketing when you provide excellent customer service then it boosts customer retention. When you take good care of your customers then they will come back to your business again and again.

When a company uses content marketing and email marketing to connect with their customers regularly. Also, they are using social media marketing to keep their customers updated with everything. As a company, these inbound marketing strategies can actually boost your customer retention.


This is one of the best things about inbound marketing. It provides your business with the highest ROI. That was not possible with traditional marketing.

Here you can easily monitor the insights, you can easily know what is working in your business favor and where you need to make changes.

A recent study shows that when it comes to bringing more business, inbound marketing strategies are 10x more effective than traditional marketing methods.

Inbound marketing strategies are measurable and that’s the best thing.


Another inbound marketing features you must know.

As we all know traditional marketing strategies were costly. But that is never the thing with inbound marketing. It is economical. Creating a website, building social media pages, creating stunning graphics, building backlinks. All these inbound marketing are cost-effective.

Investing in Ad campaigns will, of course, will cost you a penny. Yet that is not expensive as well. Inbound marketing strategies will never exceed your budget.

Inbound marketing gives you plenty of cost-effective strategies through which you can market your business. It even gives small businesses an opportunity to compete with industry biggies.


Believe it or not, Word-Of-Mouth Marketing still works effectively works. You cannot expect somebody to purchase from an organization about which they haven’t heard previously.

Inbound Marketing works more effectively than traditional marketing strategies like television Ads.  One of the quickest methods to build brand awareness.

With a proper inbound marketing strategy, you can effectively communicate with a narrow group of a targeted audience. Here, you can be as specific as you want to be. You can easily target individuals who are interested in your business. Rather than focusing on individuals who are not interested.

By being consistent over different mediums. Using the same voice and colors across different channels. It will be easier for your audiences to discover you and remember you. When people will share your blogs or social media posts. It will help you reach more people. This, building brand awareness.


That is not possible with any other form of marketing. Inbound marketing focuses on providing audiences with what they want. Thus, allowing a brand to build long-term healthy relationships with customers.

Inbound marketing focuses on creating appealing ways to connect and communicate with a group of people. Rather than pitching them annoyingly with what they don’t want. It gives a brand numerous ways to engage with potential customers.

Providing quality content will always help you to stand out as an expert. Thus, allowing your audiences to better engage with your content. They can even leave their thoughts on your blog or social media.

With time as you are able to build your reputation in the market. It will help you get more leads.


Another best thing about inbound marketing is the insights are readily available. With just a few clicks you can easily know what is working for you and what is not. This is not possible with any other form of marketing.

You can get insights and make changes accordingly. To get better results. You can take better decisions for you  business. Thus, you will get better results.


Overall, inbound marketing is a vast strategy. It consists of numerous different components altogether. Such as SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, etc.

As we already know companies have already shifted from traditional to digital space. These, inbound marketing strategies can actually provide your business with the best results if done properly. Companies nowadays are completely dependent on these strategies.

In this guide, I have shown you the best Inbound Marketing Features that you all must know. I believe that these strategies will surely help you to construct your business inbound marketing strategy in a better way.

Do you feel I’m missing out some inbound marketing features? Let me know in the comments section!

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