Inbound Marketing Features Every Marketer Should Know

There are some inbound marketing features every marketer must know –

Yes! You heard that right. And we are going to tell you some unknown inbound marketing features every marketer must know –

Have you recently started blogging for your business?

Are you handling an e-commerce store?

Started with video marketing?

Promoting your business via social media?

Or you launched a new product in the market?

Or you have started with your own entrepreneurial journey?

Well, all this cannot be successful without some really excellent inbound marketing strategies. Sorry! If we disappointed you but that’s the truth of today’s competitive scenario.

Today if you want to survive in the market. Embracing powerful online marketing strategies is only the key. If you are not using the online marketing strategies then you won’t be able to survive.

Okay, so before we jump to inbound marketing features. Let us first understand INBOUND MARKETING


Well, in inbound marketing as a business you work on attracting your potential customers through various online marketing strategies. Here, you are not annoying but you work on providing your audiences with what they want. As a company, you understand your audiences inside-out and you provide them the solutions they desire.

And now, let’s proceed and understand some of the popular inbound marketing features every marketer should know completely –


inbound marketing features


Yes! you heard that right. You all probably know that there is a tough competition in the online space. Every business is trying to get maximum customers for their businesses. So, in such a scenario. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to be creative, isn’t it?

There is already so much competition. So, as a marketer, you need to come up with attractive ideas to get the eyeballs rolling.

From content writing to social media infographics, to email marketing content… you need to be creative then only you will be able to attract the eyeballs as a marketer.

Note: When we are talking about creativity, for content as well as for graphics. Both need creative ideas otherwise it will get ignored.


Well, we are not saying that inbound marketing is all about content writing. But content writing is a crucial part of inbound marketing strategies. In every strategy, you will need content writing for sure.

Now, marketers worldwide are spending their time and efforts on content marketing. That’s because it is the most cost-effective strategy to connect and communicate with their potential customers. Also, it provides numerous long-term benefits to a business.

There are numerous advantages of creating quality content for your business.

Note: As you all just realized the importance of content writing for a business. Ready for another amazing news? Content writing is one of the top-paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi.


Google plays an important role in every online activity. In such a case, everything you do online needs to be search engine friendly. Whether you write a blog, content, or you utilize videos for your business. All these need to be Search Engine Optimized.

You need to optimize your website in a way that it can appear on the first page of the SERPs. But the question of how you are supposed to do that –

  • Write blogs on the topics that are trending
  • Use focus-keywords
  • Be consistent
  • Create appealing images
  • Work on building backlinks
  • Use appealing and attractive Headings and Sub-Headings


Some time back, email marketing was almost dead. But all thanks to online marketing strategies, email marketing is part of the family again. Companies worldwide are utilizing email marketing for their business and are getting the highest ROI.

If you take email marketing practices seriously… like sending the right email to the right audiences, making the use of personalization then email marketing can actually be very beneficial for your business.

As a marketer, you need to take care of the designing part as well, and you must content to fill in the email. You see, presentation is necessary as well. Last but not least, provide your customers with what they want then only you can expect good results.


The website is the foundation of all online activities for a business. As an organization whether big or small, you need to build the website in a way that can attract your customers to your business. Follow the best practices for building a website. Provide every detail of your business to your website that can be helpful for your visitor.

Make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate. In today’s time, the website that is mobile-friendly is getting the highest traffic. Creating an attractive website/landing page is actually one of the important tasks your business should invest in.

Your website or landing page should be attractive and engaging enough that can compel the visitors to take the appropriate actions. After this, make sure to update your website regularly.


When you want to make a long-lasting relationship with your leads first you need to nurture them. When the leads are nurtured well in each inbound marketing strategies. That is when they will purchase from your business.

When each lead is nurtured well that is when they will convert. Now, if you are still wondering what a nurtured lead is, allow us to explain it to you –

A nurtured lead is a customer who is satisfied with your online marketing activities. Who got the answer to what he/she was seeking. The one who is satisfied.


Another inbound marketing features you must know. With inbound marketing when you provide excellent customer service then it boosts customer retention. When you take good care of your customers then they will come back to your business again and again.

When a company uses content marketing and email marketing to connect with their customers regularly. Also, they are using social media marketing to keep their customers updated with everything. As a company, these inbound marketing strategies can actually boost your customer retention.


This is one of the best things about inbound marketing. It provides your business with the highest ROI. That was not possible with traditional marketing.

Here you can easily monitor the insights, you can easily know what is working in your business favor and where you need to make changes. A recent study shows that when it comes to bringing more business, inbound marketing strategies are 10x more effective than traditional marketing methods.

Inbound marketing strategies are measurable and that’s the best thing.


There exist a number of inbound marketing strategies like content writing, SEO, social media marketing, etc. All companies worldwide are totally dependent on inbound marketing strategies for their businesses as it is bringing them the highest ROI.

A few minutes back we just discussed some of the amazing inbound marketing features. This list will surely help you when you will make new digital marketing strategy for 2020.

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