Influencer Marketing – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the type of marketing in which one works with someone who has more authority with his or her target audience. Let us understand it with an example, all the Bollywood celebrities are doing this particular type of marketing years and years from now. Suppose someone launched a stylish ladies bag so he or she will look out for someone who can promote this thing to their target audience. Who has enough authority or power to influence the people decision around? 

So, who is an Influencer?

When someone talks about an Influencer, the first image that comes immediately in our mind after hearing this word is of a celebrity. Well, it comes naturally. An Influencer is someone who has the power to change the purchase decisions made by others. And a celebrity also works as an influencer for the majority. An influencer can do this because he or she has authority, power, position and is also well-known among people.

— Influencer Marketing came into being after Celebrity started it. As we have seen that for years and years Celebrities have promoted products and for a big amount, of course. Tell me one thing? A Few time ago Salman Khan did an advertisement of a slipper. Do you really think that big superstar used to wear the slipper in his real life too? A person living in a luxurious penthouse will never wear these kinds of slippers. Of course. But that is what they are doing. And this is what Influencer marketing is. They are promoting other brands for money and because of their influence and fame, many people around are buying those products. 

Why Is Influencer Marketing Potent?

Brand Recognition: Your Influencer can help you reach a vast number of people straight away because of their fame. And people will listen to them because they want to. And you will see more people in line who wants to buy what you are selling.

SEO: When other relevant sites link to your site, it increases the value of your website.

The good name maintained: Having a famous person promote your services or products, makes your brand look more reliable, trustworthy and safe. Many people are attracted towards your brand almost instantly. Because of an outside influence, people start appreciating your brand. 

Money spent on Influencer Marketing –

There are two types of Influencer Marketing – Earned influencer marketing and paid influencer marketing.

Earned Marketing is also known as unpaid marketing. Let me clear this concept with an example, it means you have a relationship with your influencer already. What I mean is that you know your influencer him or her personally not as an Influencer but they can be your family friend, a close friend, Cousin. They could be anyone. But you know them already.  In this case, you don’t pay anything to your influencer as they too are promoting your products or services for their personal benefits. In this case, you both are satisfied because you both are getting something out of the promotion. And because they have a personal relationship with you apart from being your Influencer.

Paid Marketing meant you pay your influencer the money and it depends on how much work they do for you. Amount basically depends on audience reach. Or how heavy the promotion is basically. 

Steps To keep in mind before starting Influencer Marketing: 

Know your aim behind doing influencer marketing.

Ask yourself Why you want to do it?

What you want out of this marketing?

Do you want more people for your products or services?

Want others to see you as someone in power?

Stand out from this crowd?

Create space for your products in the marketplace?

Make your place in market significant?

Knowing the answers to these questions will not only help you with choosing the right influencer for your work. But it will also help you to stay clear on what you actually want on a long term. Keeping long-term goals in mind is always helpful. As it helps you with the present decisions you make.

Consistency should be key:

To make the people love you and your brand and to acquire your agenda. You and your influencer need to be consistent with your work. You must be able to make a bonding with your people. So that everyone can relate to you. Not something out of the box but something relevant and authentic. Which can help you make a strong bonding with your people? But for it, you must know the thinking of your target people. 

Choose the right kind of influencer –

Choosing the right kind of influencer is everything. There is no need to choose an influencer whose budget your pocket does not allow. Consider the things that are important. Depending on your products and services. If you cannot afford a celebrity. Then it is completely fine. You can choose a famous blogger or someone who has big social networks or maybe trendsetters. You need to find this by keeping your aim and need in mind.

  • However, also keep in mind that everyone cannot promote everything. The influencer might also be uncomfortable. After all, they are humans too. So keep in mind your influencers interest and hobbies. Then choose your right kind. 

Work with influencers together for good results – 

Keep in mind to keep things real and not to make things look artificial. Today’s generation is very smart and so is your target audience. They will know whether a post is natural or is made for business reasons. Approach your influencer and get to know them better. Share your thoughts with them. And join hands together so that you can convey something to your audience which in return is loved and appreciated. 

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