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Introduction to Content Marketing –

When we discuss the term ”Content Marketing,” the first thing that crosses our mind is viral videos, blogs, isn’t it?

Content Marketing is very important for online businesses, isn’t it? Ever thought why popular industry biggies like Dominos, Marriott, Apple, or Coca-Cola loves to invest in content marketing so much?

Do you know content marketing is not a new concept? It has been around us for centuries now. Writing and Marketing have been around us since the human race was born. Since people were drawing pictures on cave walls. The concept of content marketing is that old.

Content marketing is all about storytelling. Humans are telling stories since they were born.

Want to know the history of content marketing? In 1895, John Deere’s The Furrow became unprecedented. Those who don’t know. This one is an agricultural magazine. It’s each copy reached millions over a period of time. This one is regarded as an excellent example of Content Marketing. This incident was shocking as this was a brand magazine that was born decades before the term ”content marketing” was coined.

Got the point?

That’s why I said content marketing is all about storytelling. Telling stories that your targeted audiences will enjoy reading – that the secret to content marketing.

Significant stories are the secret of content marketing always. – That’s the reason movies like The Princess Bride 1887 and Charlotte’s Web (1973/2006) did so well.

These are some outstanding examples of Content Marketing.

But one thing you must keep in mind. What worked back then will not necessarily work this time. A lot of things have changed.

So, let’s now proceed and understand what is the true meaning of content marketing now.

content marketing


You must have heard the saying, ”Content is the king” isn’t it? But even so, there’s more to it, writing more content will not help you gain more search traffic.

Today, Outbound Marketing strategies don’t work. It’s like intentionally annoying customers with what they don’t want to see. Such marketing is outdated. One cannot succeed by following this path. What works now is personalization. Now, you must create something that can resonate with your targeted audiences.

An authentic way of doing this is through content marketing – aka telling engaging stories. An amazing way to resonate, communicate and engage your audiences.

Content Marketing is not just all about creating content. It’s more than marketing. Content marketing is about storytelling. As said previously as well. It’s about building a long-term relationship with your targeted audiences by providing them relevant content regularly.

Rather than interrupting your audiences with what they don’t want through content marketing with their permission, you provide them the content they want to see. Through your content, you market your products and services. You never over-promote yourself rather you provide them the solution to their queries. You educate them.

It’s like telling them you care for them.

There are several contents types. Some of them are:

  • Visual Contents
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Checklists
  • User-generated contents
  • Online News

Want to succeed with content marketing? You cannot ignore the Internet. That’s because storytelling has changed over these years. Earlier, the Internet was not popular. But now it is. Thus, marketers need to understand that they need to tell stories using the popular mediums of the time we live in.

Every popular brand knows the importance of content marketing. They are using this strategy for their business overall growth. Want to build your career in content writing? Read this guide.


Content is always regarded as the flesh and blood of every online marketing activities. Think of social media, email, online campaigns, landing pages… Do you think these can survive without great content? That’s not possible.

To survive in today’s intense competition. One needs a strong content marketing strategy.

Infographics one posts on the website, the graphics shared on social sites, the emails sent, Facebook campaigns run, landing page… Content is everywhere…!!!

Social media marketing: You need to publish unique, engaging content to grab eyeballs. Contests? That’s too is content.

SEO: Cannot work without website content. You need content first.

PPC: You need interesting content to get results out of it. i.e., copywriting

Content Strategy: Again, content is the most important part

Landing page: If there is no actionable content. Do you think someone will even stay on your page?

Inbound Marketing Strategy: Content is the heart of every strategy.

Email Marketing: You need unique, personalized content.

There are tons of advantages of great content. Do you know what the sad part is? Numerous organizations still lack a solid content marketing strategy.

Bottom line? Marketing will never work if you don’t produce great content.


content marketing

Interesting question, let’s find out.

Content Marketing is popular. Every organization, big and small, is investing in it. This one is not a new marketing tool. Marketers have been investing in content marketing for years now.

Put everything aside, the question is, is content marketing right for our business?

I agree that tons of businesses both B2B and B2C are using it, but is it the right fit for your business?

To answer this question, let us understand some advantages of content marketing:

1. It enhances brand reputation

Enhancing your brand reputation will surely not happen overnight. You need to be consistent over time. This is an important business goal. One of the finest methods to achieve this is through content marketing. Building trust here is vital. It will eventually lead to a positive brand reputation. Creating highly valuable, high-quality content is an ideal way to build brand reputation. The more you create content consistently across every channel, the more your audiences would trust you. Besides, when your readers and customers see you consistent across all channels, they will regard you as an industry expert.

Bottom line? Be consistent across all channels and eventually you will build a strong brand reputation.

2. Content marketing enlightens customers

Now, customers are smart. They want to know everything about the product they plan to purchase first. Several people don’t purchase a product because they don’t understand its value, they don’t understand how valuable the product is for them. Blogs, videos, infographics, e-books are excellent tools to use for educating their customers. You can tell your customers how beneficial your product is for them, why it is better than the rest available in the market. Keep in mind the point here is to educate customers. Never over-promote your business. Otherwise, you will end up losing your customers. Apply the ratio of 80/20. Concentrate 80% on educating your audience with helpful, relevant, quality content. In the 20% tell you how you can solve their issues. (Will discuss this in detail in the later section of this blog)

3. It helps you to attract customers for free

This is one of the best parts. This feature makes content marketing affordable to every business, whether big or small. Instead of paying cash per click. Content marketing allows you to attract several leads for the cost of writing single in-depth content. Here, you need no investment. All you require is understanding the preferences of your customers and providing them the content they desire. Content written once will remain forever for your business. Globally anyone can read your content, which took you four to five hours to write. It will remain on the web forever. On one hand, where Google charges you money to show your website to people for a certain time. Content does this work for free. Content written today has the potential to drive traffic to your site for many years to come. No matter how many strategies come and go. Content will always remain an asset.

4. Content Marketing allows you to create shareable content

What do people share online? Infographics, videos, contests, blogs, etc isn’t it? All these are contents. People share content more. They don’t share your website or your social media pages. They share content. We can share content multiple times. For instance, suppose 10 people shared your Facebook post. And the post was attractive enough that it got shared by their friends as well. See, you have got multiple opportunities to enhance your brand visibility. More and more people are seeing and interacting with your content. This is how content gets viral on the web. Because millions of people share and interact with that particular content. In a short time, everybody knows it.

Thus, the likelihood of content getting viral is more. What do you need to do? Create engaging, relevant content consistently.

5. Through Content Marketing you have got an SEO advantage

Without great content, even SEO cannot help you, isn’t it? A website without quality content you will have to face a hard time building your brand. In this intense competition, want to improve the visibility of your brand? SEO plays an important role. For SEO to work for you, you need to create optimized content. Content creation is one of the most effective SEO techniques. The more fresh and optimized content you have on your site. The more pages search engine can index and show the relevant ones to the users.

Keep in mind: creating more pages doesn’t mean enhanced search engine ranking every time. Tip? Always create fresh contents that are relevant to your targeted audiences. This way you will have higher chances to rank on the keywords. Your users are already searching on the web.

6. Content Marketing helps you to showcase yourself as an industry expert

Today, customers are smart. They want to be assured they are dealing with the best industry experts who know every related to what they are dealing with. In such a scenario, content marketing allows you to show yourself as an industry expert. You can provide your targeted audiences valuable and relevant content that can educate the customers.

Each time you publish some new statistics, some infographic, article. Each allows you to tell how much you know about the industry. When making a purchase decision, people will always consider a consistent brand that answers their queries almost instantly.

Let us understand this with an example, suppose there are two companies A and B. The ”A company” takes content marketing seriously. Publishes high-quality content consistently. Educates customers about their products and services. Tell customers about their product’s advantages and benefits. On the other hand, the ”B Company” is not investing in content marketing.

So, in such a scenario, when making a purchase decision. What do you think people will consider buying from?

Of course the ”A company”.

Got the point? Because people know that the company is taking care of them. Answering their queries on time. So, the point is, care for your customers by providing them the content they need.

7. Valuable content will help you get quality backlinks and (traffic!)

Backlinks are important, and we all know it. Backlinks are important for the goal of improving your site’s overall ranking and getting traffic. When a site has quality backlinks, it is a way of showing Google that the site is authoritative and is trustful.  It is a way of showing Google that this site has some amazing content. A great and consistent content marketing strategy would help your site quality backlinks and regular traffic. Think of it as people recommending your name to others. It builds trust.


Content marketing is evergreen and an excellent marketing strategy. But the question is. Are you getting the desired results out of it or you are struggling to get visitors with your strategy?

If you are getting excellent results, then it’s great. If not, well, you are not alone in this case. Many marketers still don’t get it.

If you want to improve your content marketing strategy. Here are a few tips you must follow:

1. Understand your audience preferences

You cannot win this race without this! Before you begin with content marketing. First, research and understand your targeted audiences. Know their preferences, pain points, like you know your name. Your customers, the issues they are facing. Needs to be your top priority always. Know their preferences, choices, then provide them with what they want. This is the ultimate secret of succeeding through content marketing.

2. Provide your audience with what they want to see

This is very important and a lot many times marketers make this mistake. They think they are writing for their business. Yes! that’s true but your users don’t care about you. They care about themselves. They want the solution to the issues they constantly face. As a business, what you can do is to take advantage of this situation. Providing them the solution they want through contents. Create in-depth valuable content for them. The bottom line is if you want your customers to stay by your side. You need to take care of their needs and wants. You cannot think of your business and profits. Think about them every time.

3. Follow the 80/20 Content marketing rule

Discussed this previously, in this blog, isn’t it? Content marketing is the other name for distributing valuable, in-depth content. When you are writing content your audiences want to see. Then, your content needs to be relevant to them. It must talk about the advantages your audience would get. People are always interested in reading content beneficial to them. If your contents keep reminding them why you are the best in the town, why they must purchase from you, etc. Then you will end up losing your customers. Apply the 80/20 rules always. First, talk about the advantages they would enjoy. Educate your audiences first with relevant, in-depth content. Then, in the 20%, you can talk about how you can help them in a better way.

4. Use unique resources to find your audience’s preferences

I understand this can be a tiresome activity. Knowing what your audiences prefer to read can be tedious. But there is an easier method to find out this. One of the easiest ways to find out this is by searching famous websites popular within your niche. See the content they write and which one is getting maximum appreciation from the users. The contents getting maximum like share and comments. You can also search their social media sites and see the content they post. This will need some research. But after you are done with this. Create similar contents for your audience. Don’t entirely depend on it. Keep variations. But post something similar and engaging to keep your audiences hooked.

5. Grammatical and spelling errors are frustrating 

Yes! they are really annoying. Think of it, you stumbled across a website on the web. The appearance of the site attracted you enough to visit the site. You open a blog on the site to read. As you started reading, there were tons of grammatical and spelling errors on the blog. In every sentence, there were mistakes.

Will you still prefer to complete reading the blog? Or you would immediately switch to another site?

I am certain you will go with the second option. That’s the thing. Always make sure your blog is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Google always aims to provide precise information to its readers. Because of your errors if people leave your site soon. It will not once increase your bounce rate, but you will have a bad brand reputation. So, before you hit the publish button, make sure that your blog is error-free.

6. Long and in-depth contents always perform well

content marketing


The longer the content, the better it is always! These types of content always perform best on search engines and enjoy higher rankings. Google always gives preferences to in-depth content.

I have seen people writing 500-600 words blog and then complaining their blog is not performing well. Well, to get appropriate results through content marketing. Starting writing long, in-depth content. Incorporate relevant images or infographics in your blog and optimize your blog for SEO.

7. Write attractive, compelling headlines always!

People now have a short-attention-span. As marketers, you have got only a few seconds to grab their attention. In such a case, if you are writing dull or mediocre content headings. Do you think people will click on it? If Google notices it. Then, eventually, it will drop your ranking.

So, let’s take two headlines examples:

1. Weight loss tips for beginners

2. 7 Best weight loss tips that actually work!

Which one would you choose? The second one?

That’s the secret. Always write attractive headlines for your article. That can prompt readers to click. If you are a beginner. I would suggest you write 4-5 headlines for each article. Then, you can decide the best one!

8. Invent viral content ideas

Ever thought why certain content goes viral and the other go unnoticed. One fact the viral content always generates intense emotions (fun, anger, laughter, anger, and so on) When your content makes people resonate with it. It is more likely to go viral. So, as a content marketer, you can brainstorm viral content ideas for your business. Brainstorm some creative ideas that can invoke some emotion within readers. It can be a trending idea, some industrial controversy, etc. It can be anything.

If one of your content ideas goes viral. It will then instantly make your brand popular. It will easily make your brand stand out from the crowd. So, if you haven’t invested in creating viral content ideas. Get started now!

Final Thoughts!

I hope you all found this guide to content marketing insightful.

The best thing about content marketing is it doesn’t cost much! All you need to invest in your consistent time and efforts. If you are consistent with your content marketing efforts. It has the potential to provide long-term benefits to your business.

So, what do you think now? Ready to give content marketing a chance?


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