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As we all know in the marketing world. Content Creation is everything. And there are many job profiles regarding content marketing. Content is you can say, an art of writing. You must know what you want and what you are writing. Content creation is everything you must know how to write. Obviously, we have written many articles, essays since schooling days but here it is different.

Content has mainly two parts –

Content creation As the bloggers do, they publish online posts, blogs, their views about something that is happening in the globe around. We write for your websites. It is important to know what you are writing. As imagine yourself as a reader reading something online? What would you want? Would you ever read the boring content? The answer would be definite No. That is what the readers expect from you. If you want to create content. Make sure the content is fresh and not copied from anywhere. Make it relevant to the point that your readers can relate to you. And never forget to be consistent. You are doing content creation which is good. But in the meantime, you are creating content once in a blue moon. This is something which is definitely not acceptable. You must be consistent and write good readable, interesting articles. In order for people to be fond of you, to visit you again to write your writings. Which is equally important.

Content distribution – The second important thing that comes after content creation is content distribution. You wrote great content alright, but you surely did not write those articles to keep it with you. Obviously, you wrote because you want people to read it and for it, you need to distribute your writings? But how? Where will you distribute it? You can share your content on your social media sites, ask your friends to read it. And share it with their pals and companions. You can create your Website and write articles there. And this is the excellent way to gain organic traffic to your website. Many bloggers are there who are famous because of their excellent content creation.

  • Definitely, you will not be able to write excellent articles in one go. It will take time but all you need to be is consistent. Keep writing and in the meantime, you will be improving yourself. Slowly, you will start writing good articles. And it will make you write more. Why? because people will be appreciating your writing skills. And it will be boosting your self-confidence. And will make you write more for your valuable readers.
  • You need to have plans in your mind. Being Lethargic will definitely not work. Have your Why? clear in your mind. No matter how busy you are. If you have chosen this line. Be adamant to give your content creation your time and devotion.
  • Obvious thing. Let me make you understand a bit more. When you were a kid you did not learn to swim, dance in one go. See what would have happened if when you have learned to walk first and you fell. Did you tell your mother that I fell now I would not walk? This did not happen. You fell And again you stood up and walked. Same is with content writing. You will not be having many readers in the beginning. But with your consistent efforts, you will have your readers.

Always keep in mind:

  • Good Content is the base of any type of marketing.
  • Content is what you will need every time
  • You need to have good writing skills, and you will need it throughout your life
  • Many leading renowned brands also use content creation
  • Always try to make your content catchy and relevant
  • Keep your content to the point. You are writing content and in the middle, you are writing something which is completely out of the context. This is a negative remark and can leave the negative impression on someone who is reading your content.
  • Write and improve. When you will begin to write. You will know what mistakes you are making. See yourself as a reader and you will know what a reader expects from you.
  • One of the best way to improve your writing which I tried personally. Is in your free time. Become a reader. Read other blogs. See their writing skills. Examine their good and bad. See the way they wrote. And what topics they are writing on? Are they writing on evergreen topics or something else? Go see by yourself, learn and evolve.

Increase reader engagement. Ask your readers for their opinion on something. Ask them to mention the things they liked about your writing. Interaction with your readers is a good way that your reader will come back to read your writings.

Content Creation & Content Marketing

  • Choose your topics wisely. See what you are passionate about because it becomes easy when you write something you are passionate about.
  • Is your passion lies in some sport? Great, go ahead. Write about your favorite sport, their players or their recent championship. Ask readers to mention something about their favorite player.
  • Sit somewhere, organize your thoughts. Choose topics and decide what you want to write
  • When you read other blogs. See what audience like to read. Is the writing too long or too short? Which basically depends on the topic on which you are writing about.
  • The topics in which the content should be not too long or the topics in which content has to be written long. You need to see those by yourself.
  • Read, Learn, Write, Repeat
  • Remember, Content Is Always The King

In the modern 21st century digital era you will need content everywhere

For your Website – If there will be no content, you will not be getting good traffic

For PPC – you need to have creation

  • There are many reputed job profiles who pay you the handsome amount and all they want you to create good content for them
  • Even housewives can earn with content creation by staying at home itself

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