The Lazy Man’s Guide To what is mobile marketing in 2018

So, what do you understand about mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is the marketing of products or services for mobile phones and devices like
smartphones. Mobile marketing mediums are vast and include technology, trade shows or billboards.
In other words, Mobile marketing is the term used for marketing for business to the mobile-friendly users.
In Simple Words, Mobile marketing is the marketing done for aimed reaching a target people on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, through websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps etc. 

How mobile marketing works?

Mobile Marketing is the same as any other type of marketing procedure. The only difference here is that here the people one target uses mobile and mobile-friendly devices more. And you communicate with your people using mobile, Ads etc.

How to create a mobile marketing strategy?

1. Build Understanding

Understanding the people with whom you want to build the foundation of your business is the base of any type of marketing. Without understanding your perspective people with whom you want to do marketing. It is not possible to excel in business or marketing.

2. Make your point clear 

Ask yourself what do you expect from mobile marketing? And why are you considering to add mobile marketing to your business? What are your expectations with it? Why are you suddenly feeling the urge to do mobile marketing?

  • Asking these questions to yourself is surely the best way to keep your priorities straight away. You will have a clear picture in your mind of what you need to achieve. And will also help you to make good decisions.  

3. Influence Of Mobile In Lives & Website look 

You must always try to go to a website that is mobile friendly. Which perfectly fits into the mobile screen. As the people on this globe are very busy. Busy routines will never stop but one thing which remains constant is that everybody is in love with mobiles. People take time for using phones, social networking sites. People take time to visit every networking sites but they are offline in real life. One can chat with someone online but they do not have time to meet that person in real. 

And when I say mobile-friendly website. I mean 

  •  Your website and its contents must load quickly on mobile phones. Otherwise, within no time your visitor will leave your site and may not visit again. As a mobile user not loading a website is actually the most annoying thing. And can also leave someone in a bad mood. Creating a very bad impression on the visitor. Who might not visit your site again any time soon?
  • The content must fit on the mobile screen without any problem. Everything on the screen of the mobile should be clear. And it must not hang or overload. 
  •  Always be consistent and be engaging to your readers. Never create boring or dull content on your site. As a reader, we always crave for someone which is interesting rather than dull.

Putting it all together :

A mobile marketing agenda consists of any long-term or short-term marketing Ads— and its importance is seen growing and not depleting. From email to PPC, to SEO, to content writing, to social media marketing, there is a mobile marketing strategy to reach every part of the audience where they are most comfortable.

Mobile marketing trends you must know in 2018 :

Growing importance of mobile phones is not something to be ignored or questioned. As seen in today’s era, phones are used everywhere and in everything. Let us take an example of Shopping. Obviously who does not likes shopping. Earlier we used to go to shops and malls to do shopping. But now online. Upcoming party. Busy schedule? No problem order online. Even the schedule is so busy that people nowadays do grocery shopping online also. 

Adaptable – Through mobile nowadays everything can be possible. I have seen people reading the newspaper online. Shopping online. Best restaurants in the city? Online. Good books to read? Online. Everything is done through mobile. We are totally dependable on cell phones. Imagine waking up one day and not finding your mobile phone where you kept it last night? Mini heart attack right? Simply because we cannot imagine going one day without mobile. 

Mobile speed matters – If you want to do mobile marketing or any other type of marketing. It is important to monitor the speed at which your site loads. The more your site takes time to load the more it increases the chances of a higher bounce rate. Which obviously is not a good sign at all. 

Do You Know?

In a recent study, It has been found that 50% of teenagers agree to the fact that without their mobile phones. There will be no social circle of them

In these recent days, six out of every ten students teenagers or above carry a wireless device i.e. cell phones with them wherever they go.

Sometimes no many a times mobile phone reaches where any social media cannot reach. Someone creates a video through their mobiles and boom-mobile works fast.

China and India alone have more than one billion mobile users

Almost 60% of conversations still happen on mobile phones

  • According to an announcement made by Google a few years back was that it will begin to index all websites based on their mobile friendliness. So if someone wants to rank high in search engines i.e. Google. It is now compulsory for people to make their website mobile friendly. 
  • 74% of all the clicks made on PPC Advertisements were made through mobile phones.
  • Nowadays to fill online forms, students are too lethargic to open laptop or computer then open site then fill the form. To cut it short. The maximum number of students prefer filling an online form through mobile.

With mobiles giving birth to so many things. I guess it will be the right option to become a trendsetter. With everything happening in and through mobile marketing. As mobile marketing is emerging as a shiny star. It is definitely fruitful to use mobile for the sake of your own good. Use PPC Marketing, run campaigns. Do what suits your business. Experiment with new plans and you will know which one is working better for you. 

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