Organic and Paid Marketing: Everything for you to know

Online Marketing: Everything about Organic and Paid Marketing You Should Know

Digital marketing is always divided into two categories: paid and organic marketing.

Okay, this is something that always remains the talk of the town. What is the contrast between organic and paid marketing? What should I utilize for my business?

On the web, there exist numerous platforms. And in order to connect and communicate with your potential audiences there exists several strategies as well. And every strategy falls under the two categories mentioned.

It can be either an organic marketing strategy i.e., content marketing strategy or it can be a paid marketing strategy.

Whether you are a B2B organization or a B2C organization. You can still generate leads for your business using organic or paid marketing or both. Both marketing mediums can be effective for your business.

For any business, there are always two ways to build brand awareness, brand visibility, website traffic, etc.

In this guide, you will learn how a good organic marketing strategy i.e., content writing and paid advertising can help you generate leads for your business.

In case, you feel like going after a particular marketing strategy. You’ll be able to know the difference better –

So, let’s get started with the same:

Organic And Paid Marketing: What is Organic Marketing?

In simple words, ”Organic Marketing” means marketing where no cost is involved.

Organic Marketing can take some time but the key here is to be consistent. Here, the audiences find you organically. With these strategies, you cannot expect results for your business overnight. These take some time.

Content writing, social media marketing (organic), guest posting, blog commenting, article submission, email marketing, etc. these strategies fall under Organic Marketing.

Though Organic Marketing is free of cost. Still, if you need some software regarding the strategies like MailChimp for email marketing or Buffer for social media, then it can cost you money. (the software are not free)

As already said above, organic marketing is time-taking. You are not supposed to expect results overnight. Here, you are not paying anything to attract your customers to your business. Rather you are educating them, providing them with what they want, being there for them.

Organic And Paid Marketing: Organic Marketing Strategies Examples

Content Writing: Writing fresh, relevant content regularly on your business website. Updating it consistently is organic marketing. Add on, make your website search-friendly. Make it Search Engine Optimized, add your keywords in your content, add meta description, slug, etc. Struggling with SEO? Visit this guide.

Guest Posting: Writing articles other top-rated websites. This is also organic marketing. This way you bring your content in front of huge audiences. Giving your business more exposure. Tip: Never forget to link back the content to your website. So, that new people can know your business.

Social media marketing: Creating your business pages on different social sites, updating it regularly with your industry updates, engaging with your over there. (Struggling to engage with your audiences on Instagram? Check this graphic) Doing regular activities on social media does not cost you any penny. This is an amazing platform for you to utilize for your business.

Keep in mind, indulging in all these activities once in a blue moon will never provide you with the desired results. When it comes to organic marketing. Consistency is always the secret sauce.

organic and paid marketing

Organic And Paid Marketing: What is Paid Marketing?

In the above section, we discussed Organic Marketing, where no cost was involved.

Here, we are beginning with paid marketing that’s the opposite of organic marketing.

It is where you need to pay to someone so that your business can appear on a platform whether you pay to Google or to Facebook. The bottom line, here is you have to pay. Also, it gives you quicker results.

Paid advertising, the Ads you run on Google or you market your business on Facebook with Ads, you boost your social media posts. These strategies need money. But it provides you with instant results. You can soon know which Ad is performing best. What is working in your favor and what is not. You pay so that your business can be seen by more and more people.

Paid advertising is a good source for new companies to enhance the visibility of their business. And alongside they can work on organic marketing strategies. As organic results cannot be seen immediately. You can easily control and customize paid Ads well.

But the thing with paid advertising is that the Ads will run with only money. If there’s no money, then there are no paid Ads as well. When one is running paid Ads they always have specific goals in their mind.

Providing Content Through Content Marketing Vs. With Paid Channels


CONCLUSION – Organic And Paid Marketing:

Which strategy can work best for your business?

We would say, ”BOTH”. Both organic and paid advertising have their own significance when it comes to business. Depending on a particular strategy within your business won’t help in this tough competition.

Your business will actually get the best results when you are not dependent on a particular strategy. But you incorporate both paid and organic marketing strategies.

Understanding what the market demands from your business are the need of the hour. We would suggest you utilize both the strategies in your business whenever necessary. When you are working on both organic and paid advertising for your business. You will undoubtedly see your sales better.


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