July 20, 2015

Pro Blogger

If you love sharing your thoughts and knowledge with others and you want to make your passion your ultimate profession, blogging is meant for you only.Blogging is a serious business. If you have interest in fashion, technology, health, food, travel, fitness etc, you can become a professional blogger and make money out of it. It’s a lovely profession and you are your own Boss. You will learn the following skills:
  • How to find your niche ( area of interest)
  •  How to make a blog or a website
  •  How to write great articles
  •  How to bring your website to number one page of Google.
  •  How to build your audience
  •  How to use social media and promote your website on all the social media channels
  •  How to network and make contacts
  •  How to start making money with the help of your blog
  •  Adsense
  •  Affiliate marketing
  •  Google webmasters
  •  Google analytics

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