Scope of Digital Marketing: Best career choice for creative people!

+Digital marketing is the hottest career choice these days and the scope of digital marketing is endless and I will explain to you each and every angle as to what makes digital marketing an ideal career choice.

If you are already in this industry you will be able to relate and agree to me but if you are thinking to make digital marketing your career then you have landed at the right place.

This post will pretty much cover the points like what is digital marketing, what is the scope of digital marketing and what makes it an ideal career choice, who all can do it and what are the best career options in this field. Let’s quickly discuss these points now:

scope of digital marketing

the scope of digital marketing

The scope of digital marketing: Everything you need to know about digital marketing

What is digital marketing:

Before I explain you digital marketing, and the scope of digital marketing. I want to explain what marketing is. Marketing is not sales. It is the planning strategy done to made sales. It can be either done traditionally or digitally.

Traditional marketing is an old school method of doing marketing like telemarketing, door to door marketing, hoardings etc. This kind of marketing is done in a traditional way.

Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing, on the other hand, is the kind of marketing done online. Online marketing is quite wide as well as beneficial if done properly, it can get you lots of potential customers/buyers/users.

Digital marketing is done on all digital channels.

You must be thinking about which marketing is better. Well, there has to be a balance and it should be 80% digital marketing and 20% traditional marketing. The importance of digital marketing is way more than traditional and we can not deny the fact that digital marketing is the future of marketing. Not only this, there is an endless scope of digital marketing as well.

scope of digital marketing

the scope of digital marketing

There are endless opportunities and the scope of digital marketing has no limit. You will be amazed to know that you can expertise more than one profile in this industry. You can learn everything and become a pro at one.

There are endless benefits of digital marketing. Let’s discuss the most important ones:

scope of digital marketing

Now, this is the scope and future of digital marketing. Traditional means of marketing was profitable some time ago. When the people only had access to a few media. But the time has changed, only people are smart. And everything is going digital. So, let’s quickly look at the benefits of internet marketing:

  • You can reach a large segment of the audience: You can reach a larger number of audience with the help of digital marketing. For example, when you create a post on Facebook, with just one post, you can reach n number of people without spending much. You can attract a large segment of people in less time.


  • Quick marketing: When you try to expand your business with the help of traditional channels, it takes really long to reach the desired goals. With the help of digital marketing, you can achieve your goals in a very less period of time. This kind of marketing gives you quick results and that is our main motive, to achieve more is less span of time.


  • Cost friendly: Digital marketing is very cost friendly. You don’t have to spend much to attract your target audience. Just the right kind of content and marketing strategy, you can achieve great results without spending much. Digital marketing does not demand money but time, patience and hell lot of creativity.


  • Fast marketing: This marketing is very fast. You will get the results on time and sometimes before time and it is worth it. Time efficiency is the best in digital marketing.


  • Target the right audience: It is very important to target the right audience to get more sales. If you keep on pitching the right product to the wrong people. All your efforts will be wasted. With the help of digital marketing, you can target the right audience for your products and services and achieve better results with fewer efforts.

Let’s discuss the scope of digital marketing now:

scope of digital marketing


Do you know what the recent stats and studies show about the development of digital marketing?

This emerging industry will be providing almost 85% of job opportunities by 2020.

Almost every company owner will be having their website by then.

What is important is digital marketing is a hot topic right now. And this is not expected to fade away anytime soon.

Do you still want to rely on traditional ways of marketing for your business?

If so, then this is the high time when you need to add some digital marketing strategies in your mix! As there are enormous benefits and scope of digital marketing. As well as if done correctly, internet marketing can be very beneficial for your business.

Do you know what is the best thing about this industry?

That it does not matter what type of industry you are linked to, it can be a small business or a large enterprise or be it a local business as well.

Digital marketing is beneficial for every kind of business.

This industry even allows small businesses to compete with big enterprises. And there is no loss even!

For the beginners, or for someone who is new in this industry. The terms like online marketing, social media marketing can be a bit puzzling. It was puzzling for me as well when I was a beginner.

But trust me, there is nothing like that.

Digital marketing is really the cherry on the cake for any industry. It provides companies with many benefits.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of digital marketing, let’s jump on to the endless career opportunities in digital marketing.

If you want to do business:

scope of digital marketing

the scope of digital marketing

Your customer is the king. Today, the consumers spend most of their time online and in order to convert them into potential customers, you need to come online and interact with them.

This will help you to analyze your customer’s need and how they respond to your product and services. The customer wants no hassle and people have very less time in this fast-moving world.

The transactions are faster, you can easily communicate with them and reduce the gap and the distance. You can easily monitor the results. DIGITAL MARKETING helps you to reach maximum potential customers in minimum time. That’s the best!

How can a student earn after doing a digital marketing course?

If you are a student and looking for a job: Do you feel stuck after your graduation and are you confused if you should do an MBA or some other course. Digital Marketing is such a smart choice because first of all it’s not easy and it’s so vast that you need so much of practice but at the same time, it’s very creative and trending.

Digital marketing course in Delhi

There are many different specializations in digital marketing and it opens up so many options for you. To name few are:

Digital marketing strategist.

Digital marketing executive.

Pro blogger.

Brand Manager.

SEO analyst.

Content Marketing Specialist

Google Adwords specialist.

Email marketing specialist.

Marketing Data Analyst.

Social Media Manager.

Web Developer.

Paid Search Specialist. 

Business Development Representative. 

Become a freelancer, master any of the above fields and start giving the exclusive services.

Start your own digital marketing agency and many more.

If you are working from home: If you are a mother or a housewife, it’s the best field for you.

We at Koderey Techstack teach you how to earn money online by just working for a few hours. I have done work from home for two years. I love to write so I worked as a freelance writer.

If you love cooking, technology, makeup, clothes, teaching etc, you can start your own website. We promise you to give that confidence and you can work from home without giving up on your priorities.

Can you work from home after doing a digital marketing course?

I write articles for famous e-commerce companies and well-established bloggers who don’t have time because they run more than one website. All you need is good writing skills and if you have a blog, you get a bonus point. You can create a blog for free.

I give online classes. I teach English and I am also a digital marketing analyst so I do teach whenever I have time. You can also teach a particular subject. Become an online teacher.

I have my own website where I write articles and I earn through Adsense. I have done a fully fledged digital marketing course. You can do a one-month short time course to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing: You can earn through affiliate marketing if you have a great following on social media. For this, you don’t require a website. Still, you can earn good commission. Even you don’t need your own product. You will be promoting somebody else’s product and earn a commission through it.

These are just a few and I am sure there are many, if you are thinking to make your future in the digital marketing, I promise you that this will be the best decision you will make for your life. You will be very addicted to this field and discover endless opportunities.

Why you should care about digital marketing:

scope of digital marketing

This shows the number of internet users in India.

So, how do you see the future of digital marketing?

This is a trend not going to slow down anytime soon.

Nowadays, everything is online. From shopping, booking, banking etc. People are spending much of their time online. There are many people who have such a hectic schedule. That they even read the trending news online. There is a huge scope of digital marketing.

And marketing is happening everywhere, whether you need it or not. Today it is the time of online marketing revolution. Today digital marketing is useful for everyone. No matter which sector they belong to. With the advancement of technology, the pace of marketing is growing like crazy.

Name any big company or brand, everybody is doing digital marketing ( also known as virtual/online marketing) to get more close to their users.

Today there is a huge scope of marketing everywhere. As well as digital marketing is very important. For any business for their growth. It is helpful for the student, corporate professional, housewife. Moreover, if you are an author, here to, digital marketing can help you immensely.

Wish you luck.

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