Quick and easy search engine optimization tips no-one is telling you!

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Do you exactly know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is? Want to generate more organic traffic to your website and improve your website ranking without getting a red flag by Google?

Often when it comes to search engine optimization for a new website. It frightens the new business owners. As there is already plenty of information scattered on the web. Nor do they have a professional SEO Expert to guide them. Thus, they end up doing nothing and later complain.

That is the reason behind writing this guide. Here, we are going to discuss the basics of Search engine optimization and some of the secrets of search engine optimization (SEO) you must know. Overall, following these tips will help you generate more organic traffic and improve your overall website ranking.

Ever wondered how many blogs are out there?

Checkout this

search engine optimization

Insane isn’t it? But that’s true.

That means there is already intense competition on the web. Thus, to stand out from the web. You need to do something extraordinary… Something that others are not doing.

Do you know Google conducts approximately 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per day globally?

Astonishing, isn’t it?

Thus, a business must show up on the front page of Google. Otherwise, people will never know your existence. It’s an important aspect that can decide if a business will thrive in the future or will diminish.

All things considered. But what is search engine optimization (SEO)? Why do we need to optimize and most importantly what to optimize?

Is SEO about links? It is about content?

Yes! But there is more to it.

Description: Search engine optimization is also regarded as SEO. It consists of different strategies one uses to rank higher in the SERPs (search engine result pages). In other words, it is the process of ranking your website organically on Google. Here, you don’t pay Google.

Got the point? Let’s have its translation into English:

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you optimize the pages of your website with relevant keywords. Thus, a search engine is more likely to rank your page on its search result of certain keywords.

Complicated definition? Allow me to help you understand it better

When it comes to Search engine optimization. There are three things involved that are you, the search engine i.e., Google, and the user. Suppose you have an article about ”Weight loss tips for beginners.” So, you want Google to show your article to people who are searching for weight loss for beginners. Thus, to achieve this you need to optimize your content to maximize its chances to rank on the first page of Google.

Got the point?

That is what Search engine optimization i.e., SEO is all about.


Previously we understood what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about. Now, let’s understand why it matters.

Everything related to online businesses begins with a search. As per stats, approximately 75% of users start their searches with Google.

Not only this, but it is also important to note that the first five results on Google get 67% of all clicks.

Now, I feel you got the point of how important search engine optimization is?

In other words, if a business website, product page, landing page, or any business page. If it’s not there on the first page of Google. Then, there’s no use in it. People don’t visit the second page of the search engine. They will only trust what’s there on the first page.

For a detailed guide to SEO, you can read this guide.

All things considered, let’s now talk about the most important aspect of the blog. If you want to dominate the web. Here are the search engine optimization (SEO) tips you must follow:

Let’s get straight into it:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips You Must Follow – to get more organic traffic and improve overall search ranking.

Eliminate anything that hampers your website speed

search engine optimization


In the past, it was not an issue. But it matters now. It’s more than important. I can remember a time when I literally had to wait for several minutes before a popular fashion site can fully load.

But the scenario has completely changed. Now, people will not wait for your site to load. You have only a few seconds.

This is frustrating. It frustrates a visitor more than anything. It creates a negative brand image, and the visitor might never purchase from you or visit your site again.

One second is precious… It can either help you convert a customer or you can end up losing them.

As per hostingbrunal, a 1-second delay reduces a page view by 11%.

It might sound scary. But within a fraction of a second if you don’t take care of your website speed. You might end up losing your customer to your competitor.

As per stats, if your site takes more than 3 seconds load. 40% will abandon your site.

Also, on 9 April 2010, Google has officially announced that they have included website speed as a ranking signal.

search engine optimization

Now, it’s clear that website speed matters. Not only for users but for search engines as well.

Thus, you must eliminate anything that hampers your website speed.

Write extraordinary content every single time!

No shortcut to this! It is the mainstay of the internet. Millions of content are scattered on the web. If you are not investing your time to create extraordinary content then you will struggle to survive.

Do you know that a study shows that humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish? Surprising isn’t it?

search engine optimization

That implies that you have got only a few seconds to attract them otherwise they will leave and might never return. And it will increase your website bounce rate. You don’t want that?

Increase bounce rate gives Google an impression – you are not providing the users with what they want. Thus, Google will not show your website on its search engine result page.

You need to keep your readers engaged with extraordinary content.

But don’t start writing piles of content. Content with poor structure doesn’t work. Make it understandable. Use visuals, keep the formatting neat for better results.

Also, keep in mind Google hates plagiarized, duplicate, or spun content – if you are creating such on your website. You are harming your website. Sooner or later Google might penalize your site as well.

Always create fresh, in-depth content for your website.

Interested in content writing? Want to build a career out of it? Read this.

Invest in creating captivating article headings

search engine optimization

Okay, so in the previous section, we understood that we must always create extraordinary fresh content for our users. Yes! it is very important.

But answer me something here. You wrote excellent content but the heading of the content is average. In such a case will people read your content?

Of course, content is important but before it comes… the title of the article. It needs to be engaging and attention-grabbing.

Okay, I’ll give you two instances here

Example one: Best Street Food in Delhi

Example two: 7 Irresistible Street Food in Delhi you must try once!

Which one will you click? The second one, isn’t it? You will click it because it’s more appealing. That’s the thing. If you want people to notice the existence of your content. You’ll have to write appealing headings for the contents.

If you are a beginner. You cannot learn this overnight. This will take practice. But here what you can do is create multiple titles for each article. And from them choose the more appealing one. You can later check the analytics and you’ll know what works best.

Be Consistent… Always!

No other way to get appropriate results.

SEO is never one-time work. It is a long process that needs to be done every time… Without fail! In such a scenario, where the competition is intense.

If you are composing articles once in a blue moon. Then, you will struggle to get results. It is important to update your site frequently with new blogs, pages, product pages, etc.

Be it anything. In this cut-throat competition. Updating the website frequently is necessary.

Link with other websites that provide value

Some of you might say that doing this will take a reader’s attention off of our site. However, this one is a good SEO practice.

As a marketer, your aim should be to provide maximum value to your readers. Thus, it is important to link with other sites that provide value and are relevant to the content you are writing.

It helps your readers. Thus, there is no harm in doing this.

When your content is valuable and you link to a notable website. Chances are, they will notice you and link back with you.

Remember rather than linking back to poor sites. You must link to high-quality authoritative sites. So, your readers can understand your content more and can refer to other sites you are linking for more knowledge.

Make your website accessible and user-friendly

Apart from investing in creating high-quality content. Then, another most important thing Google notices is user-experience.

Note: Google always aims to provide its users with relevant information with the best user experience. In case, you are not following these terms. It will never rank your site on its search engine result page.

You need to make your site accessible and user-friendly.

If your visitors leave your website quickly – again it will increase your bounce rate.

If visitors have an unpleasant time on your website – they will never do business with you. Make your website easy to navigate.

Keep in mind, Google is watching you… And before ranking your site in its search engine result page. It will see if the visitors are having a good time on your site or not.

Build quality backlinks

Also called inbound or incoming links.

Building backlinks is an evergreen SEO strategy. And it matters! When other websites link back to your site – It shows Google as your site is credible and it has quality contents – that other website trusts your site.

Google always makes changes in its ranking algorithms. Yet building backlinks always remains constant. There are several ways out there to build backlinks.

Note: Always build backlinks from authoritative sites. Don’t go with low-quality, spammy sites. In case you have low-quality links associated with your website. Eliminate them as soon as you can.

Otherwise, you might end up getting a red flag from Google.

The more quality backlinks you have. The more it will boost your search rankings.

Your priority should be to create content for people – search engine comes later!

It needs to be your priority… Every single time.

Old school SEO techniques no longer work… I have seen several websites where people use meaningless keywords, they don’t give importance to long-tail keywords.

They somewhere want to manipulate search engines to boost their site ranking. Well, these don’t work anymore.

Instead, create content for your readers – provide value. It’s them who will purchase from you. The search engine is lifeless – they are not going to purchase from you nor they will interact with you via social sites.

Thus, always keep your readers your priority. Provide them value in every possible way.

So, what does it mean to create content for people – search engine comes later?

Simple, keep search engines aside. Create a valuable, in-depth article for your readers. Keep them your priority – create for them. Help them in any way you can.

Want to know the interesting part of the story? When you keep your readers your priority. You will be rewarded by the search engine as well – simply because Google also aims to provide its readers with the best information possible. So, when you are doing it. You’ll be rewarded.

Never exclude Web Analytics

If you don’t monitor Web Analytics how will you know what is working on your behalf and what’s not? Or where you need to improve?

Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and several other analytics tools are out there that effectively help you to track your results.

You must always monitor these analytics tools out there and you will know where you lack or where you need to improve. These tools will help you get better results.

Write useful URLs always!

search engine optimization

If you are not creating meaningful URLs – it will confuse both your visitors and the search engine.

You can check the URL of this blog. It’s not confusing, isn’t it? Easy to understand. No jargon, no special characters or numbers. Just simple words and dashes.

That’s how a URL needs to be.

Avoid URLs like these:



The above two URLs are confusing, isn’t it?

The first one has a special character and numbers. The second one is too long and has capital letters with numbers.

This will actually make people run away – it creates a bad impression i.e. You must always avoid these. I repeat Always!

The URLs must always be – easy to remember, it needs to be short and search engine friendly.

Check out one of our blog URL

search engine optimization

Easy and simple… No special character or numbers… This is how it should be!

Invest in social media marketing!

Social media has become an important part of our daily lives, isn’t it? Sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are extremely popular globally.

I know most of you will say that investing in social media doesn’t make a huge impact – as it’s not a part of Google algorithms.

Well, it matters. Not directly but indirectly it does matter!

Marketers need to invest in social media marketing. Social media does create an impact. There are several case studies to prove this fact.

Want to invest in it? The rules are the same. Here are some:

  • Create social media pages that are popular among your users – One or two sites will work.
  • Create your business page – and complete your profile – provide every necessary detail of your business
  • Use your business logo as your profile picture
  • Start creating engaging, relevant content – Keep variations
  • Always post when your maximum users are active
  • Run Ads/Boost posts
  • Host contests/giveaways
  • Engage with users regularly

Social media marketing is fun… A better way to engage with your customers. Experiment and use it well!

Get started with image optimization!

search engine optimization

Yes! You heard that right. Images are a crucial aspect of search engine optimization – it is important in every aspect.

Images or infographics make your articles or blogs visually appealing. When you optimize your images – it becomes easier for the search engine to understand what your image is all about. Also, it boosts your overall website SEO.

How can you optimize your images?

Add image ALT tags i.e. add keywords on your images.

People always search for images with keywords.

Don’t overstuff your image with keywords. But always use the right ALT tag on your image. Keep it relevant.


So, it’s a wrap. And these were some of the essential search engine optimization (SEO) tips you must keep in mind when you want to dominate the web, i.e. generate more organic traffic and boost search ranking.

Here are a few important things I forgot to mention previously – never change your domain name. Until and unless you have a brilliant reason with yourself. Otherwise, stick with you and grow with it.

When working with search engine optimization. Don’t work on creating a new blog every time. If you have a blog you wrote years back that didn’t work well – update it with fresh insights and visuals. You have a draft that you didn’t publish earlier – update it and publish it.

Okay, so whenever you are working on articles – whether you are creating a new one or updating an old one. Don’t forget to optimize your images.

Keep your website URLs easy. Don’t make them complicated.

Always monitor your website speed. Eliminate everything that hampers your website speed.

Always aim to create fresh, in-depth, and relevant articles for your readers – but never forget its headings. Create a short and attractive article headings every time. Also, keep in mind that – always link your content to valuable sites i.e. the sites that are useful to the content you are creating. It will help your readers understand your content better.

Be consistent – and make sure your website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. – otherwise, you will fail to get results.

Build quality backlinks from authoritative websites. Invest in creating content for your readers. Keep them your priority every time. It’s them who will eventually purchase from you.

Last but not least, invest in social media marketing. It matters!


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