SEO vs. Social Media | Know Which Is More Important?

SEO  is also known as (Search Engine Optimization). It requires a series of actions or steps to optimize the online content of your website so that the search engine i.e. Google can show your post on the top search results of Google. Let us understand it a bit more. Let’s assume someone wrote an article about ”How To Make Chocolate Fudge” and he or she wants Google to show the particular article in Google searches when somebody around the globe searches on Google the term ”Chocolate Fudge”. Then you need to optimize your content so that Google can include your article as a top result when somebody searches for that particular phrase on search engine i.e. Google.

Seo too is divided into two categories – On Page Seo & Off Page SEO

On Page Seo – It includes all the changes that we can make within our Website. i.e. page title, meta description, body tags, internal linking, images etc. It is about choosing the right keywords. And taking certain actions in order to rank higher on search engine i.e. Google so that our website can earn more readers and can get the traffic it deserves.

The other one is, Off Page Seo – It includes all the changes we make not in our Website but offline. It is done to improve the position of a certain website.

Both types of SEO are important for the Website as Let us understand with an example, We need to keep the front of our house clean so that people can come to visit us. But for it will you keep your drawing hall a mess? No. Right? The people visiting your house expect you to clean the front as well as inside of your house clean. In the same way, you need to balance between the On page & Off page as well in order to make our website more prominent.

Then, What Is Social Media?

All the platforms that we use with the help of the Internet are Social Media platforms. i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. We use these platforms for entertainment, chatting etc. However, we also use these platforms for marketing too.

And here we will see the differences between SEO and Social Media.


  • Social Media videos are instantly able to trigger emotions of anger, anxiety, happiness etc. A few days ago, I was scrolling down the social sites and I saw a video of a little girl dancing. How I am supposed to feel at that time. Obviously, Happy. The kid dancing instantly triggered my emotion of happiness.
  • In SEO, all the contents are based on research. How To? topics, articles etc. There is no emotion. People were searching for it because they needed it.


  • In Social Media, visuals such as videos, gifs work better and it looks attractive too.
  • In SEO, text performs best. And the excellent are those type of text which are long. i.e. 1500+ words approx.

  •  In Social Media, Maximum People here are solely based on who they are. There are a variety of videos and content. Take the example of, Dhinchak Pooja
  • In SEO, Target people are based on what they have in mind or what they are thinking. People on Google mostly searches for the term they are looking for.

  •  In Social Media, people are very less likely to buy anything but are more likely to share something they liked or to spread awareness about something in their friend circle.
  • In SEO, people are expected to buy anything but here they are less likely to share anything or to build interaction. They have some specific need, query or intention.

  •  In Social Media, posts appear instantly and result to get maximum shares or likes. A post can get likes and shares from around the post almost instantly.
  • In SEO, this process can be slow or rather time-taking. Even the good pages take time to get indexed and rank.

  •  In Social Media, there is no limit to the number of people who views a post or who shares. There is no limit. Videos within a short time get viral and can drive enough attention also.
  • Whereas In SEO, let us understand with an example If I wrote an article on Chocolate Brownie. And suppose there are 10,000 searches on the term ”Chocolate Brownie”. I will not get the exact 10,000 visitors searching on this term on my Website.

  •  In Social Media, there are very short actions which take place. It takes a fraction of seconds to like, share or comment on a particular post. However, once done that particular person will not, again and again, take the same action for the post. Once done is done
  • In SEO, Once the website is well-built. And it has a number of interesting, unique and fresh content. It will surely get the recognition it deserves. The website is bound to get more readers. Who once like your content will keep visiting your site to read more articles. There will be people who will even subscribe to your site to stay connected to what you post. Which is a consistent ongoing process? The only time and dedication it takes is to build your home i.e. website strong. 

  •  In Social Media, the engagement of users is highly visible i.e. the number of people who share, like or comment on a particular post is very visible. But the total number of people using the social sites, cannot be found.
  • In SEO, visibility a website is getting is easy to know but the user engagement is harder to measure. i.e. Someone can comment on your site from a duplicate account too but whether the person really exists or not is harder to find.

  •  Social Media, came way after SEO
  • SEO came way before Social Media. Earlier people only used to use SEO. There was no social site engagement. And people only used to rank a website through natural organic ways. They did not use Social Media engagement earlier.

 As I would say, SEO and Social Media both have its own uniqueness and importance. Woking On both On page    & off page SEO can get your site on the search engine i.e. Google top results. Being consistent with the unique and fresh contents and articles can get your website more visitors. Whereas, many brands nowadays social sites to increase their engagement and to reach a vast number of people.

Depending on your goal. You may choose which works best for you. But the working on the website can be a bit time consuming but with time and patience, you can get great results too. Whereas with it you may take social sites with you.

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