How You Can Leverage Social Media for Business Intelligence?

Do you realize the significance of Social media for business intelligence?

Nowadays, social media plays a crucial role in every marketing strategy. Whether big or small every company is utilizing social media sites for its businesses. Social media insights and data are monitored by an organization like any other marketing data.

Take the example of Facebook or Instagram or YouTube these are the most popular social sites with millions of users worldwide. Social media insights are checked to get insights into how well your products and services are accepted by people via social media.

Gathering data from social media and analyzing it with business intelligence, companies can actually get strong insights into their consumer behavior on social sites.

There are companies that are enjoying the benefits of social media for business intelligence.

Using social media for business intelligence can actually provide your business with much detailed insights of how your business is running with social media –


Well, I don’t think I need to remind you how gigantic social media sites are.

You all will agree if I say that social media is actually the fastest spreading trend and is not going away anytime soon.

Almost everyone around the globe is present on the Internet. Even a kid knows what Facebook or Instagram is… You seem that’s how popular social sites are.

These actually are an ideal platform for marketers to reach and communicate with their targeted audiences.

Social sites are actually like an empty fridge. People know it is empty yet they constantly check it.

People are literally obsessed with their smartphones and social sites. They are really conscious of how many people liked their profile picture. How many people liked what they shared on their feed, etc. These are the things people are constantly wondering about.

If this is not an obsession, what is, isn’t it?

Because people are so obsessed with their smartphones and social media. It provides marketers with a unique marketing opportunity.

Every social media platform is different. What is working on Facebook will not necessarily work on Pinterest as well.


What exactly is the definition of social media for business intelligence? Well, don’t think that it’s the intelligence of behaving properly on social media. Well, it’s nothing like that.

Social media business intelligence. The term ”business intelligence” is an Umbrella term that is used to describe the numerous different ways used by the organizations to collect raw and fresh data.

Business Intelligence when used with social media. The amalgamation of the two can provide the organization with various data i.e, audience demographics, behavior on the social site, search habits, etc.

Social media for business intelligence. Well, the first step is to collect the insights of social media. How many people are interacting with your business page, their demographics, location, how much traffic your website is getting via different social sites, how many people personally tried to reach your business, etc.

This process involves collecting as much data as possible via all the social sites you are using for your business.

After collecting these data, you as a business make predictions of how well your business can perform via different social media, how many customers will make a purchase, etc.

You see, this way making business decisions are easier.

In other words, by collecting all such data from social media business intelligence. An organization can easily make predictions, interpret data, and see what the future has stored for them. Thus, it allows an organization to make smarter decisions in this fierce competition.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are the most popular and top sites visited by individuals all over the globe.

In case, you are not using social media for business intelligence. Can you see the tons of opportunities you are missing that could help you make better decisions?



Now that you all understood what social media for business intelligence is. Let’s now proceed towards the second part of the story.

That is… how you are supposed to collect social media data. Well, it can be a bit time-consuming.

But this is the most important aspect.

Remember the data of your every social media business page will be different.

First, make a list of the platforms you are using for your business. Then, know the number of followers your social media sites have. After you are done with this, dig deep into the insights.


Number of page followers

Maximum reach of daily engagement




Number of people who actively engage with your page regularly

Website Clicks

Website Visits

Reach of your page (paid & organic)

Audience Demographics

Response Rate

People trying to contact you

Number of people asked for your directions



Positive/Negative Reviews

There are numerous business intelligence tools to help you or you can do this manually as well. It depends on you. With the help of the tools, you can see and interact with the data in a single dashboard.


There are already many insights available on social sites. You can know what your customers are talking about your organization behind your back. Checking these sources will help you to get creative ideas on how to connect with your audiences. Not checking these sources of social media for business intelligence can actually lead your business in trouble. As you will lose your customers to your competitors.

Real-time insights – Social sites help you to get real-time insights into how your potential audiences are behaving on your page which of your posts are getting maximum likes, comments, and shares, what is the feedback you are getting from your customers, etc. Social sites provide you exact real-time results. This will help you to analyze how your campaigns are working.

Invest in content-writing like a king – Once you already know the kind of content that is getting the maximum appreciation, likes, comments, and shares, You will know what is the kind that is working in your favor then you can come up with contents of a similar kind that will work extremely well with your audiences.

100% Customer Satisfaction – When you engage with your customers via social media, give the response to their queries in a personalized manner. These practices help you to build loyal brand visibility. And with the help of reviews how will you know the popularity of your pages among the masses.

When you conduct contests, you regularly engage with your audiences in a personalized manner, etc. When you follow the right practices sooner or later you will be able to build a community of your loyal audiences.

Monitor the competition – Social sites also let you know the competition of the market. If you track your customers’ behavior through social media. You will know more about their preferences. If you keep a track of your competitors, you will know their daily practices, the type of content they post, and their engagement rate. Thus, allowing you to make a strategy that can help you to stand out from the intense competition.

Collect data without the issue of its storage – When you collect any form of data for an organization. Through social media, you can easily collect data i.e., real-time insights without the issue of storing it. It saves your precious time and energy in numerous ways.


The main purpose of social media for business intelligence is that you can conduct your business in a much-smarter way worldwide.

Analyzing your social media insights will exactly tell you what is working in your business’s favor and what is working against it. Thus, you can improve accordingly. You can work in the direction so that your business can stand out from your competitors.

If you are still not investing in social media for your business? Then, it is the right time to get started now!

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