Some tips that will certainly help in the process to choose the domain name

Do you know exactly how to choose the domain name? The domain name that can work best for you.

Howdy, Everyone.

So, today we are going to converse about a very interesting topic

Everyone wants the best domain name for their website, startup, business isn’t it?

Choosing the right domain name for your business website is always an important task. As it will stay by your side forever. People will perceive your business with that name. Thus, you need to be picky here. Otherwise, the consequences can be harmful in regards to your business. So, moving on.

Choosing the best domain name is an untold story. A real struggle. Especially for every beginner. This task is very confusing. As everyone wants the best for their online business. Be it an entrepreneur or a blogger.

It matters for everyone who wants to succeed in this fierce competition. Because in every online marketing associated activity you will need a website always. So, that needs to be perfect, isn’t it?

A website is considered to be the face of our business. So, undoubtedly we need to be extra careful when we want to choose the best domain name for our online marketing tasks.


A good domain name is everything. You must choose the best domain name for your business. It is associated with your website’s overall success.

What’s the point behind choosing a difficult domain name that your potential audiences cannot remember or pronounce as well? It will undoubtedly hurt your overall business success, don’t you think so?

As we know that to choose the domain name is a real struggle.

At the beginning of my journey, I remember when I wanted to choose the domain name for my website. I was puzzled for a week or so. I exactly knew what I wanted still I was unable to come up with a domain name that could match up.

The result? I got a bit late. And the domain I wanted to purchase was not available. It was sold.

Thus, to make this process a bit easier for you all, especially for beginners. Today, we are going to discuss some tips that will help certainly in the process of selecting your domain. 



Well, of course, it depends on person to person. But you know what the .com domain is one of the widely used and trusted domains.

Several individuals think that if it is a website it will surely end with .com as they are not aware of the other domain extensions that exist.

To be honest there are many advantages of going after the .com domain. On the Internet, there exist millions of websites, tons of different domain extensions as well. But when your website has a dotcom domain. People automatically think your business to be trustworthy.

The domain name ending with .com is the most known domain extensions.

My advice: I would suggest you go with a .com  domain extension. Also, make sure that you don’t go with something weird i.e., .club, .biz, these look spammy.


If your audiences cannot remember or pronounce your website as it is too difficult to remember then what’s the point behind creating it? It will harm your growth.

Okay, so let’s name some of the branded and popular sites on the web.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Apple…

Do you know what is common among these websites?

These sites are memorable and easier to type and pronounce.

Make it very sure that your domain name is not complex. Otherwise, your business will suffer.

Thus, when you are working to choose the best domain name for your website. Make sure that it is easier to remember.

Another reason if your domain name is too complex then people can also have a harm time to remember the spelling. So, the risk of writing the wrong spelling is there. So, if they don’t remember you. They will go after a similar niche website they remember.

So, make sure your domain name is easier to type and pronounce. It needs to be memorable as well.

And you surely don’t want that, right?


Always keep your domain name short, sweet, and simple.

When you are working to choose the best domain name for your website. Never go after a lengthy domain name. We repeat never!

Always keep your domain name short and crisp.

The short your domain name is, the easier it is to write, pronounce, and share. Also, people will remember it better!

There are some insane examples of long domain names –


These are the longest domain that exists on the web. This might seem funny. But in regards to business, this is not funny. No business owner whose brain is properly working would choose such a long domain name to represent their business to the world. Sadly, some become too greedy that they find it right to use such an inanely long domain.

Do you think most people will remember it?

Too many keywords, characters, and an irritatingly long URL.

This is annoying. Trust me! your audiences will never appreciate it.

Note: Never choose to do such a blunder in regards to your business.


We have already discussed in one of the previous sections that our domain name must be memorable, easy to spell, and pronounce, isn’t it?

So, here you need to avoid hyphens and numbers as well.

These make a domain name complex. So, you need to avoid these.

Let us take the example of Instagram. If it had the hyphen there… How would it look?

These explanations –

”Hey Everyone, meet the new social networking site Insta-Gram.” See, there is a hyphen there, in-between Insta and Gram.  Or take another example,

”Hey Everyone, used this new site Facebook1234?

Here, there is a number after Facebook.

Do you think Insta-gram and Facebook1234 would have spread so quickly? Same as Instagram and Facebook?

The answer is probably no.

Botton line? Your domain name should not have hyphens and numbers. I repeat Never!


Your website name can make people guess it’s content. Even better, there’s no harm to it!

Have you ever saw a website and guessed immediately. Oh! this website must be about this topic. Ever happened?

For instance, take the example of Kabita’s kitchen (she’s a famous YouTuber who helps you with delicious recipes), she has a website it’s called Kabita Kitchen. And if someone will come across the website. They will automatically guess that it’s about the kitchen and cooking.

This is an interesting way to choose the domain name. There is no harm in purchasing a domain with your name.

You are good with something, you can then create a creative domain name for yourself. That can represent your passion to the world like Kabita’s kitchen, Neil Patel, etc.

They have their website with their name. And they are experts in their field.

If you have such passion. You must go ahead and create a website with your name.


Otherwise, you can land in some serious legal issues.

Before you proceed to purchase any specific domain name. Make sure to check the name shouldn’t be trademarked or used anywhere else.

To build a name, the name should be unique that can belong to you. It will make it easier for people to recognize and remember you better. It will help you to stand out from the existing crowd.

To save yourself from landing in legal troublesome issues. You must avoid domain name that already exists on the web.

The question is ”How can I check if my domain name  has some trademark associated with it or not?”

Checking the same is quite easy, with a tool like 

The tool will help you to know if the same is available on the web. Or is there any trademark already registered.

In case, your domain name is already taken, consider making changes to it.


Never settle with anything less. A domain name is something that will stay by your side for a long. You’ll have to spend a life with your domain.

In case, you decide to change your domain after some time. It is never an easy-going process. You’ll have to start everything from the beginning. Ranking, branding, SEO, Sitemap, literally.

You will have to start from the start. It’s not a cakewalk. It’s pain taking.

So, before you settle with a domain name. First, think about your long-term plans.

For instance, if you are a marketing firm that helps small businesses with content writing. Then, you can go with something like But in near future, if you desire to expand your marketing firm.

Then, it is always a wise choice that you must reconsider your domain name.

Note: Always make a wise decision and do long-term planning when you are going to purchase a domain.


Coming up with new and exciting domain names can be tiresome. Think about it, you are coming up with brand new names every time. And it is showing that the domain name is already taken.

It can be frustrating, like seriously.

Thus, in such a scenario. the domain name generator tool can be your real savior.

Have one or two keywords in your mind?


These tools can help you to generate creative and new domain names within seconds.

In such a tiresome process, using a domain name generator like Name Boy or Shopify Business Name Generator can be helpful.

These sites will not only find creative domain names for you. But it will also make sure to suggest you domains that are available for purchase.

All you have to do is click on the website and enter your desired keywords. And boom! it will give you hundreds of options and then you can choose the best one for you.


Now, after you have chosen your domain name. You have to register the same domain and hosting from a domain registrar. Without a domain registrar, you cannot register a domain.

Choosing a suitable domain name and trustworthy domain registrar should always be your top priority.

Why it is important to go after a trustworthy registrar?

That’s because it’s them who will take care of the backend of your website. And you will have to consult them if you are having any difficulty in operating a website.

If you don’t want to website issues now and then. You will have to choose a trustworthy registrar.

i.e., your website is getting good traffic and impressions in such a scenario nobody wants their website to face issues, isn’t it? You don’t want it? That’s why you need to choose the right registrar.

Tons of domain registrar exist in the market today. And all of them provide the same services as well.

Yet most of them are not worth it.

Some of the famous domain registrars that exist are Godaddy, HostGator, BlueHost, NameCheap.

They are indeed trustworthy registrars to purchase the domain and hosting.


Okay, so no more lengthy discussions.

The above-discussed are some of the suggestions that will help certainly in the process of selecting your domain. And it will make the process of selecting a domain name less difficult for you. 

Remember, this one is really important. So, be calculative and come up with a creative domain name.

Just follow the steps above and you are done. Do you have more suggestions to offer? Let us know in the comments section below. In the meanwhile, visit the best digital marketing course in Delhi and enjoy more interesting and useful blogs on online marketing.


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