Successful Indian Brands making a powerful impact on the World

The culture of India is always considered rich in all aspects. So, today we are going to discuss the top 12 Indian brands.

The brands who are highly successful in all aspects, also are giving a tough competition to the foreign brands that exist.

indian brands

To be honest building a branding, it’s reputation, to be able to build loyal admirers of the brand around the globe, to capture the heart of millions of people worldwide is not at all a cakewalk.

It consists of a strong vision to build the brand, accurate marketing strategies, etc.  It actually requires tremendous hard work, several sleepless nights, a lifestyle that actually is enough to scare many individuals.

Thus, in this guide, we are going to discuss the top 12 Indian brands that are giving tough competition to foreign companies as well. So, have a look:


When we are talking of Indian brands. This is the first company we are going to discuss.

Syska is a Puna based company. This company is established in 1989 by two brothers Rajesh and Govind Uttamchandani.

Ready for another surprising news? This company was formally known as Shree Sant Kripa Pvt. Ltd. (SSK Group)

The company then used to deal with T-Series Audio Cassettes, CDs, etc.

Syska provides numerous High-Quality LED Lightning options.

These lights are energy-saving and can be suitable for any environment be it for commercial or retail space.

Currently a highly successful Indian brand with a turnover of approx. 1400 Crore.


This is the second one on our list. Well, don’t go for the name.

Peter England is one of the renowned Indian Brands when it comes to menswear. It was founded in 1889, in Ireland for the purpose of providing the soldiers khaki trousers during a war.

It came into the Indian Market in  1997 and then later acquired by the Aditya Birla Group in the year 2000.

Ready for yet another exciting news? This company is listed among the top 5 trusted Indian Brands in the category of garments for 7 years in a row.

It quickly becomes one of the most trusted and leading Indian brands. And it rapidly expanded outside the Indian Market as well.


The list will probably look incomplete, without the mention of the famous CCD, isn’t it?

Well, how old were you when you finally realized that our very favourite place of hangout is a desi brand?

Yes! you heard it right. Our very own, famously known as CCD. Our favourite spot for coffees. Is not a videshi brand. It our desi brand.

Established in the year 1993, by V.G. Siddhartha. For youths, this is one of the favorite spots to hang out and to have conversations. Personally, I love CCD. Yet another successful and popular Indian Company.

The owner VG Siddhartha successfully implanted the concept of drinking coffee in the states where sometimes back tea was preferred more than anything.

The very first CCD was initially built in Bangalore.


SBI is gigantic in its own form. One of the oldest banks in our country.

We all are aware of SBI (State Bank Of India). One of the most admired Indian Bank on the Globe.

Do you know SBI ranked in the 236th position the fortune global 500 lists for the World’s biggest Cooperations of the year 2019?

SBI has over 24000 branches all over India. Also, have 190 offices in 35 countries across the globe.

This brand has hundreds of branches. And it also gives an intense competition to the other private banks out there in our country.

Since 1973, apart from banking, SBI is associated with Community Services as well.


Do you know the Titan Company is regarded as the fifth largest wrist watch manufacturer of the globe? And when it comes to India, in the category of Watches, this is people’s first preference.

The company is also popularly known to export watches to about 32  countries around the globe.

The company was established in 1984, division of the TATA Group. Headquartered in Bangalore.

The company is regarded as the master of fashion Accessories, mainly deals with watches, jewelry, and eyewear.

Holds a revenue of over 156 billion.

The company produces watches under the brand name Titan Fastrack Sonata Nebula RAGA Regalia Octane and Xylys. They are also a jewellery producer under the Tanishq brand name.

This one is the joint venture between the TATA Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development.


Well, this might be shocking to many of you but Bira 91 is an Indian Company.

Founded by an Indian Entrepreneur Ankur Jain in the year 2015.

According to the founder, he created this by keeping young people in mind. And Bira 91 was an instant hit among youths initially as well.

There exist two kinds of Bira that is Bira White and Bira Blonde.

The flavored beer initially become so popular among the youth and was accepted so gracefully that this scenario was quite surprising for the founder as well.

At that point in time the market was dominated by Kingfisher Strong and Haywards. Mostly at that point of time wanted something different to try. And when Bira hit the market. Everyone found what they were looking for.


Monte Carlo was launched in the year 1984, by Oswal Woolen Mills, Ludhiana, an associated company of the Nahar Group.

The brand also gained ISO Certification 9001:2000.

It was quite surprising that in the initial year only the company got a turnover of approx 2.5 Crore.

And due to the success, the company was getting, in the year 2002, the brand became an all-season brand. Another strong company in India.


When we are talking about Indian brands. The list is incomplete without the mention of Hero Cycle for sure.

Our childhood is actually incomplete without the memories of Hero Cycle, isn’t it? As kids, we were all fond of Hero Cycles.

The company was established in the year 1956.

The story of this company began when Brijmohan Lall Munjal, and his three brothers Dayanand Munjal, Satyanand Munjal and Om Prakash Munjal. Started a bicycle spare business in Amritsar.

Their business was not working quite well, it was affected by partition as well. So, they moved their base to Ludhiana. They got a licenmse from Panjab Government. And started their journey of Hero Cycles with a bank loan of Rs. 50,000/-

But around the 1980s hero cycles, became the largest bicycle manufacturer and is also registered with the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Successful bicycle company in India, love, and admired by everyone.


The dark green color soap, we all remember that, isn’t it?

Well, there is an interesting story, behind the creation of this soap. Around 1969, this soap was created by Dr. VP Sidhan, who belonged to the family who was Ayurveda Practitioners.

Well, the doctor VP Sidhan was a doctor associated with the Indian Railways.

In the year 1969, he created the soap to treat the skin problems of his railways’ laborers. Well, Word-Of-Mouth were not that famous at that time, but Medimix actually became famous by word-of-mouth.

Also, today Medimix is one of the largest Ayurvedic and trusted Brands around the globe.


When it comes to a telecommunication services company, Airtel is everyone’s favorite, hands down.

Founded in the year 1995, by Sunil Bharti Mittal. The company is also known to be the first company to practice outsourcing.

This connection is served Worldwide. It deals in 17 countries across Asia and Africa.

In the year 2009, this company is known to establish the first international mobile network in Sri Lanka. Also, the following year, in 2010, the company rebranded itself and revealed its new logo to the world.

It is believed that Airtel introduced Apps like Hike Messenger which was highly successful as well, also it gave tough competition to other Apps present in the market.

This company is said to rank in top 3 mobile service providers in terms of users. The company also provides Digital TV and IPTV Services.


You must ave heard about this one. This brand is popular among everyone.

Yes! The iconic old monk rum. This one is produced in India in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

This one is known to be the creation of Ved Rattan Mohan, he was the managing director of Mohan Meakin. In the past it is known to dominate the rum market. There were other brands in the market. But when it comes to taste, popularity and quality of Old Monk. None brand could afford to even stand near to old monk.

This one is also known to be the oldest one in the world and is available all over the world.

This one first launched in the market in the year 1935. Happenened during the British East India Company. Due to its strong impact. It became worldwide very popular. And its demand  hiked in the Indian Market.

Each and every bottle of old monk is believed to be handmade from the very beginning till the end. Also, it has won several gold medals as well.


One of the household names, isn’t it.

This brand has Indian roots. Suprizing? Well, don’t be its true.

Aero Group, the parent company of Woodland was founded by Avatar Singh in Quebec in Cananda in the 1980s. At the point of time the aero group was said to produce winter boots for Canada and Russia.

But after the split of USSR, the aero group was unable to ship its products to Russia. Thus, it introduced outdoor shoes for Indian Customers.

When Woodland came to India, it started off in three small shops in New Delhi. These shops were in New Delhi, South Extention -2 and Connaught place respectively.


So, these were some of the powerful Indian Brands making a huge impact on the World.

They conquered the World and made a powerful impact.

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