15 Essential Specifications Every Marketing Student Must Know

In this guide, I am going to discuss 15 things every marketing student must know. I dedicate this guide to every marketing graduating student who just graduated or who will graduate in-near future. Before you jump into this field, there are certain essential things you must know.

I am certain that every marketing fresher will find this guide insightful.

If you are still here reading this guide, that means you are convinced that you belong to marketing.

Are you sure about this decision?

If your answer is yes, then let’s proceed.

Now that you are certain that you belong to marketing. All you have is a University degree that states you are a marketing graduate. You have a powerful resume, and you are waiting for a perfect opportunity.

And… Now you are waiting, right?

Sorry to burst your bubble… But this old-school method will surely disappoint you. It doesn’t work anymore.

Entering the field of marketing and advertising is easy. But that’s when the real struggle starts. To be honest, most marketing students are not even prepared to face the real-marketing industry.

There are certain rules and regulations in this industry one needs to follow.

I will tell you what inspired me to write this blog… Actually, I was planning to write this blog for quite some time now, but I couldn’t spare time. I am a marketing head and I have hired many students for full-time positions, internships, and freelancers. Interviewed them for the position of Marketing and Advertising.

I was looking for skilled young talents who can manage online activities.

Every student differed from the other in terms of qualification, University degree, etc. But one thing was common in most of them… You know what?

Most of them shared a common misconception. They are practically not aware of how things work in the marketing and advertising industry. They are clueless regarding everything.

I am observing this similar pattern for quite some time now. Students don’t understand the requirements. They lack practical knowledge of how things operate in this real-world.

So, let us proceed and understand –

15 Things Every Marketing Student Must Know


Don’t think you can miss this one and survive in this tough competition. This is going to be the first one in our guide things every marketing student must know.

If you want to stand out of the rat-race. You need to have some in-demand skill set. Data Analyzation is one of them.

In marketing, a big part of your job will require you to spend time with raw data, spreadsheets, or with various analytics tools. In the marketing industry, analyzing these tools will help you make better decisions.

The ability to analyze data is a high in-demand requirement a marketing student must know.

Analyzing data will help an organization make smarter and better decisions. To gain new customers.

Truth be told if you lack this skill it will be difficult for you to survive in this intense competition.

Without the proper knowledge of Analysation. You will never know what is working, what is not, and where you need to improve your strategy.

This is an important part. Don’t miss this one..!!! Pay Attention to your Analytics Classes.


This is going to be the second one in our list of things every marketing student needs to know. Every industry be it a medical industry, marketing, or be it any industry. Every industry has its own sets of terminology and jargon. The same goes for the marketing industry.

Whether you are working with a client or an organization – there are certain terms, you must know. It will save you time and energy.

Terms such as – inbound marketing, lead nurturing, qualified leads, ROI, marketing funnel, content syndication, A/B Testing, CTR, etc. I am just throwing names of a few of them. There are plenty of terminologies, you must know.

For instance, when a client tells you to manage the CTR of an ongoing campaign. Rather than looking here and there. You must know what the client is expecting from you.


Technology keeps on changing now and then… It takes a lot for each one of them. No matter what comes and go. One thing you need to keep in mind never to forget the basics.

No matter what technology changes come and go. Your communication skills will always matter. It relates to everything we do in this industry.

If you don’t work on improving your communication skills. You’ll surely suffer in the long-term. Smooth communication both verbal and written is highly in demand.

Check out this graph and you will understand this better

things every marketing student must know


Whether you are someone who just graduated or who will graduate in-near future. You must invest in improving your communication skills. It will overall shape you to become a better marketer.

You must know how you can communicate your thoughts with people with whom you are working. This is important.


No matter how much you learn in class. You won’t be able to learn how to work in an organization or with a client in actual time. You will never know how everything works in proper time, how practical decisions are made. Until and unless you work in an office scenario. You can only understand such things when you are investing in some projects, or when you are managing the online tasks or reputation of a brand.

You must work on some projects or work in an office environment in real-time. Then, only you will gain real-time practical knowledge. For this, you can apply for various internships available. And you’ll know how things work.


Oh! I heard that you did various internships. That’s great! But the point is, every other marketing graduating student did it. So, what’s so new. Why a reputed company should hire you and not the rest of the students?

Got the point?

This is another important thing every marketing student must know, but they cannot realize it!

Many marketing students have this misconception that if they have a big company name on their resume. Then, they will get a job call quickly.

Of course. This might help you get interview calls. But… Sorry to burst your bubble.

If you don’t have practical knowledge if you cannot share the benefits your presence got the company. Then the companies will never consider you a valuable resource.

If you have a big company name on your resume. You’ll get endless calls for job offers. Well, this is an old-school strategy. In this intense competition, practical knowledge matters. Nothing else will work…!!! If you can bring real-time results. Then, only organizations will hire you. Nothing else will work.


Numerous things happen quickly in this industry. Nothing is steady. What worked for your business last time? Might not work this time.

Chances are high that what you have learned in the first year of your University. Those rules are not applicable anymore. For instance, if you are struggling to find a marketing question solution. Then you’ll not find it in theoretical textbooks. Find the solutions yourself.

Topics like social media, content writing are being taught in the classroom, in offline training recently. Earlier people were clueless about these. These topics are been around for years. But nobody was aware.

Numerous marketers like Neil Patel are practicing these online marketing/ advertising strategies for years. Nobody taught them how social media works or which content will work best for their business.

Nobody taught them. They themselves experimented with various strategies and figured out how each strategy works.

That’s the thing. You must figure out each thing regarding Marketing yourself. Nobody can teach you it’s each feature. You must try to future out tons of its features yourself.


One cannot succeed in marketing. Till they don’t realize the needs and preferences of their targeted audiences. You just cannot be investing in pretty pictures and videos for the sake of grabbing attention. This is not how marketing works.

Do you understand who is your potential audience? What are their needs and preferences? The issues they are facing? Their pain point?

Do you know the answers to these questions?

When you can answer one of these questions eventually your business will serve them better. And the contents you are creating for them will be more beneficial.


This is an important thing every marketing student needs to understand. There is already enough intense competition in the market. In such a case, how you will stand out from the crowd?

To stand out from the rat race. You need to build a brand and a visual identity. Without one, you’ll be lost in this crowd.

No matter what the marketing channel you are using. Make sure to always be consistent.

When I am saying the word ”Consistent” that means using the same colors, fonts, visuals in every channel. This way it will be easier for your audiences to recognize you.

Without being consistent across every channel you are using. You will fail to get the appropriate results.


Yes! you heard it right. Let’s forget the old traditional marketing methods. Now, the term marketing and sales go hand in hand.

Now, marketing means profits, it means cash.

In today’s time, terms like profits are very common. We use these terms daily. But we often forget to elaborate on the term ”Profit.” We say to our team ”Make sure the deal is profitable for our business.” What is profitable?

It simply means money, cash, revenue…

What was the return of investment of the last Facebook campaign? The email sent last week? The social media campaign?

Each strategy must reflect your business values. But the other most important part is, every strategy should benefit the business in terms of money.


Yes! you heard it right. Marketing does not mean only one thing. It is a combination of various things altogether. On the one hand, you need to be creative; That means you will have to create advertising campaigns that can grab the eyeballs. Apart from this, you need to brainstorm in copywriting, etc.

You need to be scientific and technical. You need to embrace the idea of analyzing raw data. So, you can bring more real-time data. You need to understand the latest trends and technology. And incorporate it into the overall marketing strategy.

Apart from these things, learn soft skills. You must understand the importance of personalization, one-in-one marketing. You will need to build a long-lasting, healthy relationship with everyone you work with.

Got the point? Marketing is the amalgamation of various things altogether. You need to work on your various skills altogether.


Thumb rule every marketer must live by.

As a marketer, you will have to deal with different people. Each will have a different nature. With judgemental or annoying customers, people who will bash you on social media for no logical reason, complaining clients, etc. – The list is long.

In such a scenario – you cannot afford to take everything by heart. If you get too emotional in everything. You will have a hard time in this tough competition, i.e. your business will suffer.

Make sure you don’t end up taking everything by heart. If you have to deal with a grumpy client or customer – understand their issue and solve that as soon as you can. Make sure they don’t face the same issue again.

Learn from your mistakes – Don’t make the same mistake again and again. Make sure you create something positive from all the negativity.


Because there is a tough competition in marketing. To stand out from the crowd. You need to prove yourself. That you are better than the rest out there. For this, you will need practical knowledge. You must invest in something that can make you market-ready.

Well, to accomplish this there are numerous constructive ways out there :

Create a website or a blog  – Write quality and fresh contents. Work on its ranking. Build a professional website.

Invest in creating your social media presence – Choose one or two appropriate sites. Build your profiles there. And stay consistent. Be consistent with the colors, fonts, etc.

Invest in Email Marketing

Another thing you can do is write blog posts, articles for big publications. This might take some time. But once you can do this… This one is an excellent way to get your name out there. Then, people will start knowing you more.

Show the world that you are passionate about marketing. Market yourself in the best way possible. Show your practical knowledge. Become the best version of yourself.


Yes! You heard it right. Networking is a very important aspect. If you are working with a ZZ organization, don’t just communicate and network with people of the ZZ organization. Don’t hesitate to communicate and network with an organization person.

You never know what is in store for you in near future. So, go out there and network with people. Attend a local event, conferences, and grow your network. Join as many networking events as you can.

If I talk about myself, then I got my first project through networking. It is powerful. Never underestimate its value. Point is, you never know anything about future associations. Thus, networking is important.


No..!!! I am not telling you to know each technical function. But having an understanding of basic technical functions helps.

Suppose you are out with some work but you couldn’t open your website as it is having a minor issue. What you are going to do in such a scenario? Or your website developer is not available and you need to make a certain change in your website. Then what?

Got the point?

You won’t want to appear like an untrained person, isn’t it? Understand how basic technical things work. And be prepared to make some changes when necessary.


Mostly every fresher in the marketing industry is actually proud of this one… Mentioning on their resume, they experimented with different things altogether. Well, I can get that. You think putting it all in one place will show you as ”someone with expert knowledge.”

Another important thing every marketing student must know.

On one hand, you might think this one is an excellent idea. But in reality, for recruiters, this one is actually troublesome.

We have heard several recruiters complain that it displeases them when a student is involved in too many things. As they are looking for a particular specialty in the students. They want to hire students who are an expert in one particular thing. Rather than students who are too involved with many things.

Recruiters are always looking for students who have a unique set of skills. And have mastered a particular skill. This one is very important. So, don’t get your hands on everything other things. Rather master a particular skill.


The field of the marketing industry is huge, it is flourishing and industry experts expect it to grow more…!!!

This field provides you numerous opportunities but with this, in mind, there’s a tough competition you’ll have to face.

In such a scenario, how can you stand out from the rat-race?

As a beginner, understand that data plays an essential role in marketing. And you will have a hard time struggling if you don’t understand how to analyze data and decide.

Invest your time in understanding the industry-specific terms – it will save your tons of time.

Work on improving your communication skills – both written and verbal. As this is a communication-based industry.

Try to get your hands on real-time projects – to get an understanding of how things work in the office, you to one should quickly take a decision, etc.

Keep in mind, practical knowledge matters more than anything.

Understand the nature of marketing. Keep in mind that to market you must know the preferences of your targeted audiences.

Make sure you are consistent with your marketing activities. It has everything to do with revenue.

Remember, marketing is a mixture of many things altogether.

This one is a practical industry. So don’t be too emotional and take nothing by heart. Always present yourself in the best light possible. Don’t get your hands on everything rather than invest your time and master a particular skill.

We hope you all found this guide beneficial. When you are planning your marketing career. This guide will surely show you the light.

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