Top 5 Reasons to become a Pro Blogger after digital marketing course

Are you also a passionate writer just like me?

Well, I am aware of the fact that not everyone is interested in writing.

It is tiresome for many individuals as well.

So, if writing excites you, here we are going to discuss reasons to become a pro blogger after the digital marketing course. (you all must be knowing that pro stands for ”professional”)

If you love writing, then undoubtedly this is the best thing for you to do after the digital marketing course. Most of you must be knowing that content writing is one of the tops paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi.

There are numerous reasons to become a pro blogger. Not only in full-time work but in freelancing as well people are there making excellent money. When it comes to earning money online, blogging is still the top preference of the people.

When you want to share your thoughts and opinions with the world, blogging is the best medium. On the Internet, there are millions of blogs and contents scattered here and there.

”Writing” was among us for a very long time. But with the beginning of blogs. Traditional writing is now less active. Blogging helps you reach worldwide and get their involvement.

Earlier ”blog” meant a personal small journal. Where a person used to write their daily journal, special life events, feelings, etc. But now this has moved online.

Reasons To Become A Pro Blogger. Why People Prefer Blogging –

Reasons to become a pro blogger –


This is one of the top reasons to become a pro blogger. Let us explain how.

When we were children, every child has a habit of copying others, don’t you think so? Like if we see a cricketer, we wanted to become one, doctors, scientists, police, etc. What we wanted to become keeps changing as a child.

In the world of digital marketing, there are numerous successful bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, Rand Fishkin, Arriana Huffington, etc. There are many on the list, just throwing some names. As pro bloggers, they are earning great money. Also, they are highly popular influencers.

There exist numerous people who admire them and want to become like them as they are popular.

But what people fail to realize is these people are passionate about blogging. They started with zero. If you are choosing to become a blogger without being passionate about writing, then you won’t be successful. ”Passion for writing” is always the driving force.

Reasons to become a pro blogger –


Undoubtedly, pro blogging can help you make excellent money. If not full-time, then part-time as well. But you can make outstanding money for sure.

I know numerous people who are successful and earning great money. They are professional bloggers.

If you are passionate about writing, then it can even take you to places as well.

You can choose a niche that is comfortable for you. Then, keep composing excellent articles, and make good money.

As a beginner, it may take you some time to reach the level. But keep writing, and you will get numerous opportunities that will help you to take yourself to great heights as a pro blogger.

If I talk about myself, then I am a freelance writer, and I can assure you that if you can stay consistent on the right track. This is very beneficial.

Blogging is a part of online marketing. If you are not passionate about writing. Then, this won’t help you.

Reasons to become a pro blogger –


When you initially start with blogging. As already discussed above, it might take you some time to reach that point, but if you stay consistent with your efforts. Then, people will start recognizing you with your name.

You will become a brand. That’s what personal branding is.

People will start searching for you with your name.

They will explore your social sites to know more about you, your life, your blogs.

Then, there will be no need for you to tell people who you are. They will know your name as a brand.

This is the digital era. Everybody knows how to operate the Internet. Also, marketers are using digital mediums to reach their customers. So, the entrepreneurs keep looking for bloggers who can promote them.

Promote the business and earn good money, exciting isn’t?

Reasons to become a pro blogger –


Yes! You heard that right. Several individuals are bloggers but are interested in working with a reputed organization as well.

Suppose you are a wedding planner, you can create a blog for your business, post exciting wedding pictures, write about the same. Giving people wedding related-tips.

Well, if you are on the right track.

You will get contacted by big event management or wedding planning companies for a job.

The same goes for photography or any other profession.

When your blog will start getting traffic, it will reach heights. It will give you numerous opportunities to work with reputed organizations.

If you are good at blogging, you can surely get recommendations for a job in reputed companies.

First work on building yourself, your blog. And your ideal companies will find you.

Reasons to become a pro blogger –


As a blogger, you can grow your connections, build a network.

Connect with like-minded individuals.

If you love building connections. Then, this is meant for you!

There exist many blogging networks, social media groups to engage with like-minded individuals where you can grow your community. Also, you can build long-lasting, meaningful relations.

Blogging is an excellent way to make your thoughts reach millions that too beyond boundaries.

An excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals and to know what the majority of people are thinking regarding a certain issue.

Do you think there is a better way to connect with a stranger, to share thoughts?

So, these are some of the compelling reasons to become a pro blogger after doing a digital marketing course.

Well, there is high competition in the market.

And to get the game of blogging work in your favor. You need to get the proper knowledge of how to blog, how to monetize the blog, and how to grab freelancing projects as a professional blogger. The good news? The course is of short duration and affordable as well.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the best digital marketing course in Delhi, and get started with a pro blogging course.

Okay, so moving on…

In the previous sections, we just saw what blogging used to be earlier. Also, some captivating reasons to become a pro blogger after doing a digital marketing course, i.e., the top 5 reasons why people blog.

Now, we will proceed and see in this fierce competition, why a blog is not simply a blog anymore. Why it has become a business.


I started my blogging journey years back. Maybe around 2006/2007. Those posts no longer exist.


Those posts were not even terrible, it was horrible.

I had those blog copy saved with me sometimes back. Trust me, whenever I used to look at it. I use to wonder ”How On Earth, I Can Write Such a Thing”

It’s terrible, in every inch.

I wrote a few posts some were regarding Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping and the other was about PPC.

To be honest, those blogs were good for nothing.

Each blog was around 550 words long. There were lengthy paragraphs, no external or internal links, no images, no image ALT Attributes, no SEO, most importantly, it was not valuable for anybody.

The surprising thing?

Those posts were performing well then.

As there was no competition. I wasn’t competing with anybody.

reasons to become a pro blogger

You see nowadays the competition is fierce, back in around 2006/2007 this was not the case.

Twitter was launched in 2006.

Back in 2006, there were only 85 million websites.

Now, you understood why I said that those blogs were performing well then.

That’s because the source of information was very limited. People were satisfied with limited information.

And if we see the stats of today, tons of websites and blogs are scattered on the web. And the competition is fierce. As the source of information is not limited anymore.

One information is shown on various websites. People got unlimited options. So, people will always choose the best information source for themselves, isn’t it?

But in these years, blogging has changed drastically, the audiences have changed. People are smart now. The rules followed back in 2006 is no more applicable now.

The trend of the blog have increased drastically, don’t you think so?

Well, there are numerous reasons for the same.

One of the main reasons is… people enjoy reading blogs. They like consuming their information. If people love your site, Google will love it as well. Similarly, Google has no choice, and it ranks them accordingly.

reasons to become a pro blogger


We have seen reasons why people prefer blogging or you can say, the reasons why people want to become a pro blogger.

After all that, now you must be wondering why I called a blog a business…

Let me explain the reason.

Companies have already moved from traditional to digital space. Websites and contents are scattered all over the web. That means there are tons of keywords.

Millions of people are searching for one keyword or the other on the web. It doesn’t mean that people are generation new keywords every time. It only means the popular keywords are becoming more popular.

That’s why I always say the competition on the web is intense.

For instance, you are an organization that writes on AI-related topics. So, there must be tons of other sites as well who are writing on the same niche. They must be your competitors.

So, in such a scenario, why people should choose you than the rest that exists?

As you are competing with other sites. You must also work smart for people to choose you over the rest.

As the competition is intense. SEO is intense. You have to take your blog as your business. Otherwise, you will struggle to survive.

It takes time and energy, to create a well-research long content. It takes time to promote it, to build regular traffic, to have regular website visitors. And to turn those visitors into loyal customers.

All these aspects take time, isn’t it?

First, you will have to put your heart and soul into your blog. Then, only you can expect results.

In this intense competition, only those sites can survive who treats it like a business. And as the owner, it’s completely your job to take your business to new heights.


So, you saw my story. The blogging mistakes I made back then. We also learned the reasons why people prefer to blog i.e., reasons to become a pro blogger, we also saw that to succeed you have to take your blog as a business.

We learned all these in the previous sections.

In this competition, bloggers are struggling to survive. Ever wondered the reason behind? Why it is that not every blogger can make it to the top.

Without a strong base nothing can survive, not even a business, isn’t it?

Novice bloggers tend to make some blogging mistakes that they shouldn’t. And when they do such mistakes. It’s even harder to recuperate them.

So, in this scenario, if you desire to survive and succeed in this intense competition as a content writer/blogger. Avoid these 7 mistakes below at any cost.

1. Writing without knowing the targeted audiences, their preferences. Not having a clear blogging strategy.

For whom you are composing your blog posts for – Are they entrepreneurs with a turnover of $1M? Or they are regular working people? Or are students or graduates who are looking for a job?

Are you targeting males or females or both or housewives only? What are their preferences? What is the issue they constantly face and they are looking for a solution?

reasons to become pro blogger

Do you know the answers to these questions?

Never try to avoid these questions. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to succeed.

Remember, not everyone is your audience.

Not everyone is interested in the services you provide. If you end up choosing everyone as your audience. You will struggle.

Be as specific as you can when it comes to your audiences.

Don’t be a jester and think that as soon as you end up composing something, your audiences will find you. This will never happen. It’s your duty so make sure your blog reaches maximum people.

Writing excellent content means your audiences can resonate with what you wrote. They can relate to it. That is when you become successful as a blogger.

Make sure that you talk with them in a language that they can understand.

Also, make sure you are not using complex vocabulary or sentences. That can be difficult for your audiences to grasp. Make your content as readable for your audiences as you can.

2. You don’t take the blog seriously

This we have discussed in the previous sections as well. You have to take your blog as your business to succeed.

Numerous individuals get excited when they plan to start a blog. But eventually, they end up not achieving anything.


Because like any other work. In blogging, you will have to invest your hard work, time, and energy. After only one week, you cannot wait for results.

You’ll have to be consistent first.

Inconsistent blogging can never give consistent results. Creating content once in a blue moon never works.

You will have to create quality content. And you’ll have to create it often.

When you are consistent, you will then get regular traffic to your site. Additionally, you will have new leads for your business.

Bottom line, learn to make your blog your priority.

3. You are not creating appealing content

There are already tons of sites writing on the same topics as yours. If you end up creating similar content, what’s the point behind blogging?

To get outstanding content, you’ll have to create outstanding content first.

To stand out from the crowd. You’ll have to create engaging content, as simple as that.

reasons to become a pro blogger


You see for B2C content creators creating more engaging content is their top priority.

Of course, this is something that cannot happen overnight, as it requires practices to reach a stage where you can create high-quality content regularly.

You’ll have to provide your audiences with some insights that they didn’t find anywhere else. Something unique.

Before anything else, first, research and know your industry in snd out. Then, only you’ll be able to provide valuable insights to your audiences.

4. You are similar to other regular bloggers that exist out there

Okay, we have seen the importance of creating more engaging content in the previous section. But that’s only one part of the iceberg, there’s more to it.

I am asking a similar question again?

Why the readers should read your blog and not the rest that exists on the web? What’s so special about you?

Getting the point?

You must know the answer to this one.

Make sure you are working on making your blog special. You must give your readers a reason to choose you and not the test.

The question that comes is ”How can I do this.”

Relax, there are several ways to do this. I’ll tell you some.

The first one is obviously, to create outstanding content. This needs to be the priority always. You cannot compromise on this one for sure.

Now, let us know your specialty?

Is your content more well-researched then the rest existing?

Is your content more in-depth and insightful?

Does your content have a more unique infographic i.e., any form of graphic, making it easier for readers to understand?

It’s your tone of conveying a message, more unique than the rest?


This is what can make your blog special. Provide your audience something that others are not providing.


Now, you have learned the reasons the reason behind choosing to blog. You have also learned the blunders bloggers initially make that lead to their failure.

Of course, there are tons of benefits to blogging.

And if you can successfully establish a blog, then there are numerous ways to monetize it as well.

You just need to work in the right direction. As already said you cannot expect results overnight. You’ll have to earn it first. Make sure to work hard on it like any other regular job.

You’ll have to compose quality content regularly, monitor the results, and improve accordingly.

Let us know in the comment section, how you started your blogging journey. Also, if you think I am missing out something, let me know, please!


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