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Let us talk here about digital marketing tools and its importance. Every digital marketer around the corner is very good at multi-tasking. However, without these tools, our work can be very hectic. All thanks to these tools. Which every time proves to be our savior and it is like that friend who is always there to help us in need. Without these tools, our work could have been more hectic as well as dull. So here, let us talk about the important digital marketing tools. Which are always there to help us –

These are some of the top Digital Marketing Tools – 


  • Google Analytics – This is one of the most important marketing tools. Which is always there to help us. Its owner is, of course, Google. It helps us to know our day-to-day website work. How well a website is working. Google analytics keeps a record of it. Almost every website uses google analytics. Suppose, one can have a vast number of visitors or say millions of people visiting their website per month. However, it is futile if you know nothing about the people visiting your site. This is where this tool helps you. Also, you can know a number of things from this tool i.e., your real-time site users (the number of people using the site that time), their locations, the keywords and sites that referred them, the bounce rate, the pages they are looking at, your site speed, people’s age-group.  Moreover, the top and famous websites also use this tool. Google analytics is connected with your website through a piece of coding. This tool is helpful in a number of ways. Of course, every site user must use this tool.

  •  Google Webmaster – It helps you to know the issues your Website is dealing with. So, I want to ask something from you all. Are you looking for some appreciation… from Google? Apart from gaining paid traffic for your site. One of the best and organic way to get traffic is from SEO that is (search engine optimization). But before you start with the optimization of your site. You need to sign-up for Google webmaster. Once your site is logged in from this. You will start seeing a rough overview of everything i.e., your best keyword and the amount of traffic you are getting for that keyword. Moreover, this tool can help Google to better judge your site therefore, you will get indexed and crawled properly by Google. Many benefits from a single tool. Isn’t great?

  •  Keyword Planner – Another amazing tool. So if you want to use this tool you need to have a Google Adwords account the reason behind is that this tool made for Google Advertisers especially. Of course, anybody can use this tool. But a rule is a rule. For the one who runs campaigns, this is the best tool because it can help them to choose the right keyword. And for others, it is surely the best tool for searching new keywords. i.e., when someone searches for a new keyword, with it you get to know more about the keywords that you search like the average number of people searching for that keyword per month, competition (the number of people writing on that keyword) and suggested bid (for the people using Adwords). Let me clear one thing here, keyword planner does not do anything special but it always gives you the right results which obviously matters the most. Hence, this is the best keyword research tool according to a vast number of people including me.

  •  Google Trends – Google Trends is another very important tool used by many of us. It works simply by keeping us aware of what is trending around the globe i.e., in different countries. When we search any word over there, it helps us to know the popularity of the word we searched. Also, we come to know what is trending around the globe in different sectors i.e., health, entertainment, news, sports etc. You can search new keywords and get more ideas for the content you are planning to write, you can find trending topics from around the globe and you can tune them in your latest post. This is a very good tool and it keeps you updated with everything going around the globe.

  •  Ahrefs – This is a very important tool which helps you to keep a watch at your competitor’s actions and thus, you can stay updated also. This tool helps you to know how well a site is performing. When you enter any page URL in this tool, this tool lets you know that particular page best keywords, you will know which country is giving the best traffic to that page. With the help of this tool, you can be aware of what your competitors best things. Not only for them, you can easily check for any pages. This tool is very useful for tracking down the performance of others. This is indeed one of my best tools which I regularly use.

  •  Buzzsumo – This is one of the best tools especially for content writers. With the help of this tool, you can know a lot of information. In this tool, you need to search by the topic name. What I mean here is, that when you search for any term over there. Almost instantly you are taken to a page with a depth knowledge of the content which is bound to work best for you as well as for your keyword. Here with the help of this tool, you can have fresh and creative ideas for your latest content. Not only this, you can know who is writing the best article for the keywords you choose. So, overall this is one of the best tools to improve your writing skills.

  • Ubersuggest – This tool is all about suggestions but mind it, it is awesome and very helpful also. As in this fast-paced life. Where everyone is quite busy. When you hear the tool’s name what you think this tool does? Obviously, it suggests. Now the second question what will it suggest? Let me explain this a bit more i.e. when anybody enters any word in this tool. Within the blink of an eye, it will generate a vast number of ideas for you regarding the word you entered.

  • SimilarWeb – This is one of the best tools, to give you the right information. What I mean to say is, many highest earning websites use this tool for the improvement of their business. The most special thing about this tool is that. Let me ask you all a question first? Is it possible for you to know how many exclusive visitors the best competitor of your is having per month? Will you probably say this is not possible to know this? But here my answer is, this tool will help you know this quite well. This tool can help you to investigate any website or App. Many highest earning are using this tool and improving their business beyond measure. But how will you do that? Simple, open this Website, put your competitors URL there and there you go.

  • Alexa Traffic Rank – This tool is useful in many ways. i.e., It helps you to know that how a website is better than the other sites. This tool helps you to know the most number of visitors on a particular site. Moreover, it also helps you to know the best keywords your competitors are using. Overall, this tool is very useful.

These are some of the most important tools every marketer needs to use in this era. These are the best yet they are very useful. If these tools are used properly it surely can give you good results.

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