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This article will be very interesting as here we will be talking about some famous personalities. Who are so successful in their life that they are truly an inspiration for many of us. Money speaks for them. Famous and handsome personalities living a life which others see in their dreams. Let us know more about them.

So, what is Google Adsense?

With Google Adsense, one can earn money with their interesting online contents. It is a programme run by Google which is quite similar to PPC (pay per click) marketing). Here, the publishers are allowed to show display Ads, videos or any engaging advertisement. And when someone clicks on any of them. The publishers earn a certain amount of commission from it. Now let us see, who are those famous people who started this. And today they are self-made billionaires.

Top Google Adsense Earners –

  • Jack Herrick – He is an American entrepreneur. CEO of WikiHow. This man is such a huge inspiration as he has earned a lot of money with just a single website WikiHow. And in today’s time, he is such a big name, in this industry. According to him, he only focused on a single thing for a long period of time and definitely came up with interesting content

  •  Kevin Rose – The second name in this list is of Kevin Rose. Who is the founder of He is an American entrepreneur. And one of the highest Adsense Earners.

  •  Shawn Hogan – Shawn Hogan founder and executive head of Digital Point Solutions. At first, he was not that successful with his online contents but as soon as he started with Adsense. He was indeed successful in no time.

  •  Michael Arrington – He is an American and founder of Techcrunch. This blog is considered to be one of the successful technology blogs in the world. He regularly updates his site with technology related articles.

  •  Jeremy Schoemaker – He is the founder of Shoemoney. He is a well- known speaker and speaks on the topics like search engine marketing and affiliate marketing. In his initial time, he used to put a lot of efforts in his blog. One of the best internet marketers. Apart from this, he also earns from affiliate marketing.

  •  Pankaj Aggarwal – He is an Indian and owner of ClickIndia. He has created an Ad platform where any Indians can post an Ad. And within a short span, his website became one of the top websites in India. He earns through Adsense.

  • Amit Agarwal- He is the founder of Digital Inspiration. He is an Indian. Is one of the oldest bloggers on India. A very successful Indian mainly earns through Adsense.

  • Clark Benson – He is the founder of Ranker. It is a digital media company in Los Angeles. This site is basically an opinion poll. And has many topics regarding entertainment, culture, sports etc. This site has many unique visitors per month.

–  These are some of the famous personalities earning from Adsense. Since the creation of Google Adsense. There are many bloggers earning a good amount from Google Adsense. According to me, earning a huge amount of money from blogging and content creation is never an easy job. However, one can succeed in this but it surely takes Willpower and commitment towards your work. Success may not come overnight but if you continue to do hard work with faith. One is bound to be successful.

Let us know about –

Top Online Marketers Of The World –

These are some of the most famous and significant marketers of the world. They are truly an inspiration and are very successful in their own ways. Let us see who are they –

  • Neil Patel – If you ask my favorite Online Marketers. Neil Patel is one of them. He is the founder of Hello bar and Kissmetrics. He is one of the most talented and successful people around the globe in online marketing. I personally love to read his blogs and watch him on YouTube. He is a very successful speaker. And speaks and writes in a way everybody would understand.

  •  Rand Fishkin – He is also known to be a very successful SEO expert. He is the developer of This man is very successful in doing SEO (search engine optimization). Updates his blog on a regular basis and shares very informative tactics to be successful in SEO. Is another very famous SEO expert and his techniques and always correct and easy to implement.

  •  Pam Moore – She is the co-founder of Marketing Nutz. According to Forbes. Moore is one of the top ten influential people of Social Media.

  •  Jeff Bullas – One thing I need to say that this man is multi-tasking. He is an expert in online marketing. Bullas is a self-made entrepreneur. Works with many big companies and helps them to improve their online presence.

  •  Dave Chaffey – He is the founder of Smart Insights. He trains professionals in this sector. Chaffey creates wonderful contents and is in this field for a very long time.

  •  Jay Bear – He is A very successful Internet expert. A very famous business leader. He is the famous author of ”The New York Times”. Is an obvious expert in online marketing. Has traveled a lot around the world and helped many brands transform their marketing and customer service.

These personalities are the famous Online Marketers. They are very famous and successful Internet Leaders. They definitely have their own ”success mantra”. But money speaks for them and they are indeed very successful living the life of dreams. Such famous Marketers did not become successful over-night. The only difference is that they were very passionate and dedicated towards their work. ”Hard work and a burning desire to succeed” is their only goal.

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