Want to attract customers to your e-commerce store? This might help!

Want to attract a maximum of new customers to your e-commerce store? Every business owners want to and that’s the struggle.

No business can survive without new customers, isn’t it?

Sites like Shopify and WooCommerce made it very easier for individuals to kick-start their e-commerce ventures. And when you want to earn decent money online. Starting an e-commerce venture can be really good work…!!!

Whether you are already running your e-commerce or you want to start one and need some guidance. You need new customers to your e-commerce store regularly to succeed and survive in this competition.

Several individuals feel this is not possible in this time and age.

As there is already fierce competition online.

Well, it is not at all a struggle. Provided that you do smart work instead of hard work.

In the past few years, how people behave online drastically changed. That is mainly due to the trends that are evolving in recent times. Online shopping is now a trend. Also, people have become smart when it comes to purchasing from an e-commerce store. As they have also got numerous options online. Thus, e-commerce store owners are having a tough time retaining customers.

But no need to worry, if you are an e-commerce store owner looking for ways to increase your online sales. In this guide, we are going to discuss some powerful ways to attract customers to your e-commerce site.

So, let’s begin –



Now! this is very important.

When you want to attract customers to your e-commerce store.

First, you must know their preferences. Otherwise, everything is futile.

This is the first step in doing business. When you already know the preferences of your customers.

You will understand which of your products can work better than the others.

Also, make sure to add various categories to your e-commerce store. It will then be easier for your audiences to pick the right thing for themselves.


For marketers, social media equals to free promotion. For any business whether big or small. Social media marketing in today’s time and age is very helpful.

You see excellent content is the foundation of every online activity. When it comes to social media, the same is no different. As an e-commerce store, you must consider social media sites into your overall marketing strategy. If done right, it can provide your brand with maximum visibility.

The question that comes here is ”What I need to do when it comes to social media?”

  • Choose the right channels – You must choose one of two social media channels that are used by most of your customers. Never try to grab every possible social site. Choose one or two channels and follow the right practices.

  • Be Consistent – This is very important when it comes to social media. Posting once in a blue moon never works. Update once but update regularly.

  • Keep Variations – Okay, so this one is quite important when you want to attract customers to your e-commerce store. Never just post a similar kind of thing daily. Keep variations that can keep your customers hooked. You can post videos, customer reviews, your niche-related infographics, insights about your products, new developments in your products, run a contest, giveaway, etc. You see, you have got different things to update. So, remember to keep variations.

  • Engage – Engagement is very important when it comes to social media sites. Engage with your customers on a daily basis on each social media. This is how you will be able to build a group of loyal customers.

  • Ask for feedback – Know what is working with your customers and where you need to change your strategy. Every now and then ask for feedback from your audiences and improve accordingly.


Build a reputation in the market is crucial. Otherwise, do you think someone will trust you? Building a reputation is important as there is already fierce competition in the market. So, without a reputation, you won’t be able to survive in the tough competition. Today, the customers are smart so even before they purchase something from you they will first check your brand’s reputation.

Do you need guidance on how you can build your brand’s reputation?

  • Create Excellent Content – Contents are regarded as one of the cost-effective ways to engage your customers. Never focus on creating sales-content first. Create educational and relevant content consistently for your audiences that can solve their issues. The second part is, after creating content never forget to incorporate SEO to the same.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction – Simple rule, when you provide excellent customer service. When your customers are satisfied then they will continue to purchase from your business. Indirectly they will become your brand advocates, i.e, spreading their good experience with your brand within their circle. This one is directly related to your brand’s overall reputation.

  • Boost Customer Experience – If you don’t work on providing excellent customer services then your customers will go to your customers. This step is important to attract customers to your e-commerce store. Respond to the queries of your customers on time, improve according to the feedback you receive, if your customers are facing any issues make sure that the subject is clear immediately, etc.

These activities may seem harmless but when it comes to providing excellent customer service. You need to follow these steps religiously.


Individuals who leave your site without completing the purchase. Rarely returns to purchase.

Seriousness i.e., urgency gives your visitors a reason to purchase.

Urgency always leaves an impression on the user that hurry up! otherwise, we might miss out on something important.

It can be Act fast! Limited time offer. Free shipping, Hurry up.! Book your seat now! etc. It can be anything according to your e-commerce store.

Look at this example from Amazon.

attract customers to your e-commerce store


They very cleverly warn their users that they are soon going to run out of stock.


If you go to a restaurant and ask them regarding their top-selling food item, they are most likely to respond like, ”Our most popular Dumplings dish is… If you’re very hungry, you can try… Everyone loves ….. here…, or – something like that

The items suggested from them is something they can prepare well and quickly, something that is recommended or ordered often, or it can be a dish that is very profitable to them.

Several restaurants highlight their best-selling items or popular items. Making it easier for you to choose from.

Well, this is actually a brilliant idea you can adopt to attract customers to your e-commerce store.

Buyers prefer directions…

They would love to know your top-selling items that others prefer purchasing more.

Amazon does this brilliantly…

They have a section on their website which highlights their best selling items through various categories. Making it easier for the visitor to check and choose the best items for themselves.


Another excellent idea to attract customers to your e-commerce store.

The visitor visiting your store wants to know that you are trusted by others. They want to be assured that they are making the right decision.

What can help them believe?

Simple, happy customer reviews, testimonials, etc.

Reviews are an excellent tool i.e., social proof that can persuade people to purchase from you. It can make people trust you almost instantly.

Short videos of people recommending your business? Even better.

In fact, people even consider reading reviews before purchasing.

Because now people are surrounded by so many options to choose from, people now depend on honest reviews.

pic credit: Amazon


The word ”free” is magical in itself.

It can be very much helpful when you want to attract new customers to your e-commerce store. But there needs to be a limit otherwise your business will end up being bankrupt. So, be extra careful here.

Numerous e-commerce store gives discounts and offers to attract customers. You can do this same as well.

Offer your visitors discounts and offers on certain things.

A recent study found that if customers do not want to buy something yet the discounts and exciting offers can make them make a purchase. Exciting offers and discounts can change their mind. You can offer free shipping as well. That’s an amazing deal as well.


Another way to attract customers to your e-commerce store is through email marketing! It is believed that email marketing provides the highest ROI to businesses effectively using it.

Well, there are two ways to build emails for your e-commerce store. The first one is marketing to your existing list and the second one is building an entirely new list.

If you already have an email list for your e-commerce store. Many of you must be having already having. But if you don’t have you need to start creating one for yourself.

You can run a paid marketing campaign where people can opt-in your email list. Another amazing way to do that is to conduct a giveaway.

Another appealing giveaway idea to attract customers to your e-commerce store? Suppose your e-commerce store sells shirts. You can ask people to provide their mailing address – and you will put their name on the shirts.

This is actually an amazing way to attract customers. Such giveaways world wonders.

Another question, what can be done to generate sales from the mailing list? 

A clever method is cross-selling.

Here, you sell people products that are compatible with the products they already bought.

Cross-selling can be done easily via emails.

For instance, if someone bought a smartphone from your store, you can sell them a complimentary SD Card.

Suppose, Ryan ordered a smartphone from your e-commerce store. Then, after two weeks you can sell them an email to promote your complimentary products.


Another interesting strategy for you to attract customers to your e-commerce store.

Remember, people will only buy what is beneficial for them.

There are numerous ways to do this.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is showing better pictures of the products you are selling.

I have seen numerous people complaining that the product they got was not at all similar to the image shown on their website. And this is a negative remark which can make your customers run away.

Pictures and descriptions both are very important aspects of an e-commerce store.

So, always make sure that you are using quality HD real-time images. Also, write real-time descriptions with accurate details of products.

If you are new to the world of photography. Clicking real HD Quality pictures can be a tricky task.

Tip: To click an appealing picture. Consider taking a picture against a white background. You’ll go a long way following this way. The second tip is to click the picture in perfect light.

Make sure your image looks polished and good.

So, we just learned the importance of clicking HD quality images for your e-commerce store.

The next thing for you to do to demonstrate your product benefits is to write accurate product descriptions. Improving this aspect matters a lot when you want to attract customers to your e-commerce store.

In case, you are not a ”copywriter” then it can be a bit tough task for you.

Make it very clear that anything you are writing is beneficial, clear, and relevant. So, that the person reading it can grasp everything easily.

Thus, make sure that you are writing a clear and concise product description. Also, you are using HD Quality images.


Another amazing method for you to earn customers to your e-commerce store. One of the easiest and quickest methods to generate traffic to your e-commerce store.

Ever heard stories of companies who invested huge money in paid traffic – but it doesn’t help them much. Things like paid traffic are expensive and it doesn’t work?

In case, you know how to play the cards right – then paid traffic can be quite affordable. And it can boost your e-commerce sales.

Individuals who fail miserably with paid traffic – make some mistakes that the shouldn’t

Mistakes? Yes!

The first and foremost thing you should be doing is… You know what the thing is, people, think that they need to invest a lot of money into paid campaigns to see the results.

Well, this is a foolish thing to do.

The appropriate thing to do is.. get started with spending small amounts of money at a time. It can teach you tons of things.

When it comes to paid campaigns try to adopt the mindset of testing. It always works.

Rather than spending all your advertising budget on a single Ad. You must run multiple campaigns and then multiple Ad variations.

When you know what is working on your behalf. Then, proceed and raise the spend on those particular Ads.

Before anything else, first, have a clear picture of who your audiences are… This will help you to make the most of the advance targeting options available.

When you show your ads to the right audiences it will help you to attract the right customers to your e-commerce store.


When you want to attract customers to your e-commerce store this is important. Otherwise, you will lose more customers at the checkout point itself.

Okay, so a few weeks back I visited a website from my smartphone as I wanted to order a bouquet, cake, and a few other things for a family event.

The website was appealing and good in every manner.

I selected everything I wanted and proceed to the checkout page.

But what happened next was kinda disappointing for me. They only allowed payment from credit cards. That too only payment from MasterCard and VISA cards were available.

I really didn’t want to take out my card for payment. It sometimes seems risky as well.

All these uncertainties took over me.

Alas! I didn’t purchase it.

A study shows that the number 1 reason why people abandoned their card and transactions before making the final payment is… lack of different payment options.

E-commerce sales are sometimes tricky and when some user finally wants to make a purchase. You must not lose them. Rather you must have all the tools readily available.

Check out this from Aliexpress


Their checkout process is quoted simple and can be completed in three easy steps.

The website collects minimum information from the user.

And they provide various modes of payments as well.


Let’s face it you don’t just want your customers to buy from you once. You want them to keep purchasing from you. You want them to choose your business over any other business, isn’t it?

An e-commerce store can accomplish it by making their customers feel valued. You can accomplish it by providing your customers with rewards through a customer loyalty program.

Create a loyalty program for your customers that can provide them incentives to buy frequently or when they spend more on their purchases.

There are numerous ways to build a loyalty program.

For instance, you can create a loyalty program where people will be rewarded for doing things that has nothing to do with buying i.e., they’ll be rewarded for writing reviews on your company Facebook profile, sharing your page, or through submitting their photos and videos with your products, etc.


Nowadays, online shopping is everything. People are more comfortable shopping online. And most of the people avoid visiting stores. As people are always in hurry!

More customers mean more business, isn’t it?

So, these were some of the powerful ways to attract customers to your e-commerce store.

Whether you are already running an e-commerce store or you are planning to start one in near future. You must be already looking out for ways to attract customers to your e-commerce store.

Let’s face it, folks, without regular customers. One cannot run a successful e-commerce store.

As I already mentioned above various methods to attract customers to your e-commerce store.

But keep in mind before you proceed with any strategy. Make it very clear that you know your audiences, their preferences over anything. Without this, you will struggle to get the desired results…

Attracting new customers is not expensive. Numerous people think that you have to spend much cash to attract new customers.

But in reality, it is nothing as such.

All you need is to adopt new trends and the latest strategies.

In short, you need to do smart work instead of hard work. And in the end, everything will take care of itself. Attracting new customers might feel like rocket science. But if you know the right steps, it is easy!

I believe that after reading this guide you already know what steps to take to attract the right customers to your e-commerce store.

Let us know in the comment section your favorite method to attract customers to your e-commerce store…!!!



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