Want to start your career with content writing? Read this first!

Want to start your successful career in content writing? If you are reading this blog, it’s for sure that you want to pursue a career in content writing. 

Do you love writing?

Are you always someone who is very particular about grammar, vocabulary, spellings. Do slight mistakes in these irritate you as well?

Then, a career in content writing is meant for you! Congratulations, on making a sound and rewarding decision.

Ready for a piece of good news for all those who have decided to pursue a career in content writing? Content writing is among the top-paid Digital Marketing Jobs In Delhi. Amazing isn’t it?

The value of content writing in today’s tough competition online is huge. Every organization in today’s time is looking for skilled content writers. And with consistent practice, you will grow as a content writer.

It is up to you but you are in for various different fields altogether you can be a website content writer, a copywriter, social media content planner, podcast content writer, SEO content writer, etc. You see, you have got different opportunities when it comes to content writing.

You can become a freelancer as well. Freelancer content writers, you can earn exciting money as well. Interesting isn’t it?

How To Get Started With Content Writing?

Well, there actually exist two kinds of people. One who are passionate writers, who want to succeed in content writing. And others for them writing is a boring and tedious task. And we are here going to talk about the first category people.

Almost everybody writes, but not everybody desires to share their outlook with the world. They like to keep their writing safe with themselves. It’s a personal choice and we truly appreciate it.

When you want to become successful in content writing, it is important for you to remember that just writing is never enough, there are many things that you need to keep in mind additionally.

If I share my experience, so here I am with my career in writing and marketing. And I love this line as I was always interested in writing. But I know that’s not the case with everyone. Content is always regarded as a very important aspect of marketing. ”Content” and ”Marketing” both aspects of digital marketing always intersect. I have seen the content writing industry-shaping before my eyes. Thus, I decided to write this article to help everyone who wants to kick-start their career in content writing. Here’s everything you must know before you get started with a career in content writing.

There are a few things the successful content writers do differently. Now, let us proceed and understand the things you need to do in order to become successful –

Whether you are writing for a business website, blog post, social media infographic or you are writing an Ebook. These tips if followed seriously will undoubtedly help you.

content writing

A career in content writing: Here, what you need to follow to become successful online – 

1. Become habitual of doing research work

Yes! you heard that right. Before writing anything. You need to research about the same first. As you all know there are millions of contents already scattered on the web. So, you need to do proper research to make your piece of content more insightful and powerful than the rest available on the web.

If you are a beginner, we would suggest you make notes on what you are writing. It would give you a reference when you are writing.

But before anything else, research seriously and know what others are writing. Making notes will also give you an idea of how you are going to proceed with your content.

2. Know your special writing style

In the first point, we discussed research work. Well, research does not mean copying someone’s other writing style and tone. Every individual is different so each of them has their unique writing style as well. They have their own writing style.

Think about it, for instance, you told four people to write on a similar topic. Do you think four of them will write similarly? The answer is No. They will have a different tone, a different way of communicating with their audiences, etc. They will never write in a similar way.

Take another example of Neil Patel, I personally make sure to read all his blog. I love the way he writes and communicates with his audience. He has the ability that he can make complex things simple.

Now, you got our point? As a writer, you must have your own writing style.

3. Choose a niche for yourself

There are writers who are writing on different topics altogether. Of course, you can do that. But I would suggest you as a beginner don’t go after multi-tasking.

Pick one niche for yourself. Maybe you are good at writing travel blogs, maybe fashion related blogs, or maybe you are good with marketing/business topics.

As a beginner, choose a niche that can make you comfortable then you can choose different other niches for yourself. Then, the other thing you can do is write for various aspects, which means try writing email content, social media contents, etc. Then, you will know how different contents work together. This is very important in content writing.

4. Stick to the main idea of what you are writing

Beginners tend to make this mistake every time. In your content, it is very important for you as a writer to stick to the main idea of the content. Don’t just wander here and there within your content. It will break the interest of your reader and they might never return to read your other article.

For instance, suppose you are writing on ”Street food in Delhi”, then you are only allowed to talk about different delicious, street food famous in Delhi. You are not supposed to talk about Diet plan or Diet Coke. As the two things are completely different. And you cannot discuss both the different things on the same content.

So, make sure that you always stick to the main idea of the content.

5. Boost your creative side

I already discussed this above. There are millions of contents already scattered on the web. So, in case you are publishing your content with the old stats and data that is already available on the web. Then, you are actually wasting your time and energy. No-one will read your content.

The competition online is high nowadays. So, whenever you are writing a piece of content make sure that the same is fresh. Make sure to add some fresh insights, data to your content that nobody is taking on the web, share your own outlook of the same, add an interesting conclusion, give your feedback.

You need to boost your creative side always. Got the point?

6. Write an attractive title and interesting introduction

Yes, absolutely that’s true!

Today, the attention span of people around is low. So, you have got only a few seconds to get the eyeballs to roll. In a few seconds if you cannot then no-one will read your content.

The people always have the tendency to judge the book by its cover.  So, if your title is dry as dust do you really think people will click on it to read your content?

After that comes the introduction first paragraph. If your blog first para is interesting and appealing enough then only your readers will proceed to read your whole content.

You must work on making your first paragraph interesting, it must be engaging for your audiences then only your readers will read your whole article.

Of course, you cannot master these two aspects overnight. But the practice is the key. As a beginner, what we would suggest is when you are writing content, make it’s 4-5 title and choose from them the best suitable for your article. This way, eventually you will be able to create interesting titles.

For instance, I’m going to give you two titles to choose from.

  • 10 reasons to become a freelancer
  • 10 powerful reasons that will encourage your dream to become a freelancer

I am sure you will choose the second title, isn’t it? As the first one is dull? The second title will encourage more and more people to click your blog.

The bottom line? Always make sure to write an attractive title and engaging introduction para.  You need to do the same in your content as well. Make it exciting.

7. Make it readable

You are reading an article on the web the article has too many complex words and sentences. Would you read that complete article? That’s the point.

You must use simple sentences in your article, easy to understand words. If you are using complex sentences no-one would read your content. Your audiences should relate to what you are trying to communicate. Then, only they will stick by your side.

Write your content in a way that a layman can also understand what you are trying to communicate. Keep everything in your content simple always. Keep the paragraphs short, give suitable headings/sub-headings, explain every concept clearly, use suitable images/infographics, provide points that prove what you are saying right, don’t overemphasize any topic, etc.

8. Always Edit and Proofread

I repeat always.

Not everything you write needs to be published online.

Before you hit the ”publish” button. Go through the article you just composed. And edit useless words, meaningless sentences, spelling/grammatical errors.

Edit everything you think is not necessary.

Without proofreading and editing your writing is never complete.

Remember, not everything you write needs to be published. No successful writer just publishes their content. Editing and proofreading are always necessary.

Editing and proofreading is a crucial part of the content writing a writer must not ignore.

Tip: When proofreading content, make sure to read the whole paragraph slowly then you will be able to better understand what is not going well with your content and where you need to edit.


Last but not least, I would wrap up the article by saying two more additional things, which you must do to become successful in content writing.

First, provide value to your audiences, know for whom you are writing. And work on providing them value.

Second, practice consistently. That’s the secret sauce of becoming successful in content writing.

See, the thing is no-one can become successful in their selected niche over-night. It requires consistent practice.

I remember the first article I wrote when I began my journey as a content writer was crap. It was good for nothing. And I still laugh my heart out when I read it.

That’s the thing. Everyone learns from their mistakes. And you will learn as well. Hold on! And keep practicing.

I hope you enjoyed this guide if so do spread the word. In the meanwhile, visit the best digital marketing course in Delhi and there you can enjoy other interesting articles on online marketing.

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