Effective ways to win back grumpy unhappy customers!


unhappy customers

Do you know how to deal with annoyed unhappy customers? Do you want to make unhappy customers happy and satisfied? Want to know? It hardly matters from which industry we belong to… Our customers will always remain an integral part of our organization.

If you don’t understand customers and their preferences – you will struggle to makes sales. First, you need to know your customers. Then only you will be able to create your business strategies.

As a business, you must aim to provide excellent customer service.

”Customer Retention” is something most companies are struggling with. As the competition in the market is intense, companies are finding it difficult to retain their customers.

Of course, you must work to acquire new customers but a loyal customer is always worth it.

Now is the era of the Internet and social media. People are glued to these sites. It gives people the freedom to express their thoughts and opinions publically. That is another major reason why providing excellent customer service is a must.

The way you deal with grumpy, annoyed customers will determine what they will think about your business in the long haul.

So, is there really a way to make unhappy customers happy and satisfied.

If you are willing to listen… There exists a path.

First thing first, stop! seeing your unhappy customers as a problem. It is an opportunity for you to learn from your mistakes and to improve.

Poor customer service… is the number 1 reason why people leave a brand. And everything can effectively change when you start to provide excellent customer service.

Do you know there is the term ”Brand Advocate?” Do you know what that means?

Well, a brand advocate can be anyone, it can be an employee or a customer. These are the people who support your brand unconditionally. These people are satisfied with your business and they willing to spread the word about your business to people organically.

So, let us proceed and understand how cab you change grumpy annoyed customers into happy and satisfied. How can you turn these customers into brand advocates?

Powerful methods to make unhappy customers happy

Be empathetic first!

unhappy customers

When we are talking about making unhappy customers happy. This is going to be the first one on our list.

Many times we feel tempted to react – this is something we must resist. Here, having an empathetic nature will work. Try to see the situation from your customer’s eyes – it will make a difference. And you will be able to better relate to them. Show your customers you care for them. This will even help you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

All complaints revolve around a similar thing  – your customers expected something that didn’t happen. i.e. they didn’t get the replica of the product that was shown on the website, they received a damaged product, the repair person didn’t arrive on time and they got late for a function, etc. You see all these complaints have a similar structure – customers expected something but what happened was exactly the opposite.

Now the thing you need to do is – as I already said you need to be empathetic first. Don’t just jump and try to find the solution – first make them feel important – hear what they want to say.

Make them feel that they are a part of your organization – admit that you understand what they are going through. You can even apologize if necessary. For instance, you may say, ”It’s frustrating when we don’t get what we expect. We know it’s our mistake. Kindly accept our apologies”

Express yourself… Tell your customer that you can understand what they are going through.

Listen carefully when your customers express themselves – take every detailed insight and you will know what needs to be fixed.

It can be tempting to give justification when someone is criticizing you or your business – always listen first!

Ask for Forgiveness!

unhappy customers

This goes a long way. This will show your customers you regret what happened. They will be able to trust you more. A sincere apology goes a long way!

Don’t say, ”I am sorry for what happened!” Be more expressive!

You can say something like ”We regret the inconvenience caused to you, it is annoying and we admit it.” Kindly forgive this and allow us to make it up for you.

Even after you mistake if you want your customers to stay loyal to you – First listen and then apologize!

Enchant your customers!


Sometimes you cannot fix something – it’s too late. For instance – an important big-project deadline is missed! You cannot undo such a situation. But you can always find a way to enchant them – and how you make it up for them can literally change a grumpy unhappy customer into your brand advocate.

Make a special effort to make your customers feel – they matter!

Whenever you can go out of the way to enchant your customers – provide them more than they have asked!


Okay, so there was a small town in Bethel, Alaska of around 6,200 people. So, tacos from Taco bell was out of the ordinary commodity for them. Even the nearest store was about 400 kilometers away. So, the people of Bethel used to have homemade tacos all their lives. As having the original tacos were out of their reach.

Around 2012 a local mischief tricked the entire town into thinking that Taco Bells were opening a new store in Bethel soon. But soon the people were dejected.

Soon Taco Bell heard the whole story. And jumped into the scene to enchant its customers. In July the company airlifted a taco truck by helicopter into the town. And distributed 10,000 free Doritos Locos Tacos to each resident of Bethel, Alaska.

The people of Bethel Alaska was on cloud nine. They never expected such a thing to happen. They were ecstatic.

The results of this giveaway?

Taco Bell Operation Alaska was a huge hit. Instantly it became a matter of the moment. The matter was highlighted on Fox Moment and CNN. The campaign acquired 14.4 million impressions on social sites. The same-store sales boosted up to 6 percent. Also, soon after the giveaway 77 Million, Doritos Locos Tacos were sold.

Insane isn’t it? A brilliant method to make unhappy customers happy.

Problematic situations occur when you cannot undo the damage that occurred… But how you make it up for your customers’ matters! Such things go a long way and can almost instantly make unhappy customers happy. These things will help your brand stand out from the crowd and you’ll have a loyal fan base for life.

People who will cherish and adore your brand forever.

When most of the brands are struggling with customer retention. Your brand will never have to face such a situation as you have a loyal fan base who will always choose you – because they know you as a brand will handle every situation.

Damage Assessment: Protect your brand from negative reviews

unhappy customers

For a detailed guide to Online Reputation Management read this guide.

This is a basic human instinct that when we have a terrible experience with a brand… We share it with several people including friends and family. The same goes for the opposite situation…

When someone will have an outstanding experience with a brand. They will share about it on their social sites and will tell their friends.

This is the era of social media and the Internet… Be it an annoyed customer or a happy customer. They can share their views about a company with the public almost instantly.

Unfortunately, negative reviews are more epizootic than positive ones.

That is why it is important to provide excellent customer service. And as soon as you encounter an annoyed grumpy customer. You must communicate with them and try to resolve their issue as soon as you can.

As unanswered complaints tend to magnify. Once a negative review gets posted on social media. More and more grumpy customers join the conversation. Making the scenario worse…

The more this fire spreads… More and more people will perceive your brand in a bad light.

You don’t want such a thing to happen with your brand, isn’t it? You can save your brand from all these… By providing excellent customer service and by making your customers feel important. You can stop the negative publicity of your brand!

So, let’s now proceed further with our list of make unhappy customers happy.

Create a positive reputation

Always aim to build a positive reputation. You can easily make an unhappy customer your loyal brand advocate by making them feel important and a part of your organization. Several companies are known to provide excellent customer service. Some examples are listed below

Jetblue – Never fails to delight their customers with tiny gestures.

Paul Brown was flying Jetblue Airlines where he tweeted that he wasn’t able to nab his Starbucks coffee before boarding his plane. Now, what happened next was surprising for Paul. Jetblue jumped on the opportunity and the Airport customer service delivered Venti mocha to Paul’s seat on the plane.

With this gesture of Jetblue Airlines, Paul Brown was exhilarated and he even praised the airline on Twitter.

Takeaway: Customers are always the lifeline of a business. Without loyal customers, a business will always struggle to survive. Always make your customers feel important and appreciated. This will go a long way. Make them feel they are a part of your organization. And they will stay by your side forever. In simple words, take care of your customers and they will take care of your business. 

Another one on this list is Zappos. They are known to provide excellent customer service. One of the stories is listed here:

So, this is the story of a marriage. The customer ordered a pair of shoes online from Zappos.com because he found those inexpensive on the site. So, everything was ready for the marriage. But the shoes got transported to the wrong address. Jay (the best man) called and informed the whole incident to the team Zappos.

As the wedding was the next day. Zappos provided overnight replacement with no extra charges. Jay was definitely elated with this. Apart from this, Zappos gave him an upgrade to the VIP account. Also, provided him a full refund.

Jay was elated with this gesture of Zappos.

Takeaway: When you satisfy your customers by taking care of their issues and then you exceed their expectations – by providing them something they never expected. You will have a customer for life. The customer will not only stay by your side – but will also share their happy experience with the world. 

You can even use happy, positive testimonials to build your positive brand image. Remember, always aim to build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Interesting stories isn’t it? This is how you make unhappy customers happy.

Improve your business!

Always work on improving your business… Always! This is never a one-time task! Whenever you encounter an unhappy customer – take the opportunity to improve your overall business and to provide better customer service. A grumpy unhappy customer will always tell you the truth in regards to your business – the customer will tell you where you need to improve.

When a customer tells about their problem – there can be instances where your customers faced a similar situation but didn’t bother you and just switched.

Thus, you need to figure out what went wrong and where you can improve – make sure that no customer faces such a situation again!

unhappy customers

Build your presence on social media!

Gone are the days when Social media sites were used for entertainment purposes. As a business, you need to be there – to interact and communicate with the targeted audiences.

Social media provides businesses a remarkable opportunity to connect with targeted audiences – to provide them personalized content. No need to create a business page on every possible social site – be there where your audiences are… 1-2 sites will work!

You must stay active on all your social sites. Remember, if you are not consistent you will struggle to achieve the goals you want! You can monitor what reviews you are getting, your brand mentions… What people are saying about your business… You will know where you lack and where you need to improve.

Ask your customers questions, interact with them regularly, and this way you will improve your brand reputation. If you interact with unhappy customers over social sites – interact with them and resolve their issue immediately!

Acknowledge Reviews!

As said in the previous section as well – if you encounter unhappy customers over social sites – you must try and fix their issue immediately!

Your immediate attention to the matter – cab turn unhappy customers into loyal brand advocates! Unanswered complaints always tend to magnify. If you try you can easily win back unhappy customers. If you can patiently listen to what the unhappy customer wants to say – if you make a special effort to delight them… They will stay by your side forever.

unhappy customers

Get your hands on personalized marketing!

Read this blog to get a detailed insight into personalized marketing.

Think of it, we receive tons of emails a day – where the content is completely irrelevant and it has nothing to do with us! And most of the time we just delete the email without even seeing it!

Our every customer * their needs and preferences all are different – yet several companies make this mistake… They don’t personalize their marketing! Well, this one is a blunder for you to avoid!

When you personalize your marketing messages – you will be able to build meaningful relationships better! – when you show your customers you care – they will automatically become your brand advocates!


”Customers are the lifeline of a business” – thus, it’s your responsibility to take care of them. You cannot control everything – some customers will simply leave because they no longer need your products or services. However, you can effectively win back grumpy unhappy customers with the strategies mentioned above.


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