Web 2.0 : What is web 2.0 submission? Can it help you get backlinks?

Web 2.0 websites that emphasize user-created content allow you to create a free sub-domain for posting your content as a blog or a micro website. Today I’ll be telling why you should do web 2.0 submission, what are the best web 2.0 submission sites and how to generate do follow backlinks from these websites.

web 2.0

web 2.0

Web 2.0 submission sites are used for link building perspective and you can build authority and gain lots of traffic with the help of these websites as these web 2.0 websites have high domain authority.

web 2.0

web 2.0

Google has made it quite clear that backlinks with poor quality will no longer be given the importance and the link juice will not be followed because this technique has been overly used by many websites and such websites have violated the rules and have been going out of their ways to build backlinks. Google does not appreciate this, Hence whenever you build backlinks, make sure you create quality backlinks because relevancy of the links matters the most.

Web 2.0 is not dead or anything. It’s still a powerful way to build links. All you have to do is take care of the fact that you don’t overdo it, use duplicate and thin content etc. You must create original posts and high-quality posts and on web 2.0 sites and you will get quality backlinks that can boost up your rankings as well.

Let’s discuss these points:

Why should you do web 2.0 submission? Why it is an important off-page technique:

It provides you a platform to create your blog or a micro website.

  • DoFollow links – Most of these websites provide do follow links, yes.
  • Authority Sites – All these websites have high DA ( Domain authority) that helps your domain and boost the rankings in search engines.
  • Traffic – Creating blog posts on these websites will give you lots of traffic and that will help you boost the traffic.
  • Backlinks: You do get backlinks when you submit posts on these blogs.
  • Boost ranking in SERP: Web 2.0 is an important OFF page SEO technique and if done properly, you can achieve high rankings in the search engine.
  • Site popularity: These web 2.0 websites have high Domain authority and leaving links on these websites will ge you lots of traffic and popularity.

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Why we should do web 2.0 submission:

These sites have high-quality links and the relevancy of links matter the most in off page technique.

How much web 2.0 submission is good?

You can start with 10 sites and increase it later but the most important thing is to start it now!

Step by step guide to do web 2.0 submission:

  • Create an email address, you can use the old one too.
  • Create a specific URL
  • Create a unique content that is not duplicate, it must be at least 800 words long, even if you are going for spinning, you must edit it professionally with no grammar mistakes. Do not create trash content. Google hates it. Google wants to give the users best user experience and if you are uploading trash content, there is no way you can make it on top of google search engine rankings.
  • Don’t overdo: Don’t use all the techniques all at once. Maintain a balance and create posts consistently.
  • Add images, videos in the posts and you can also create infographics. Visuals always steal the show.
  • Minimum content length should be at least 400-500 words.
  • Always add the links back to your website or the post you want to rank for in the google.

You need to build a comprehensive list and write down the list of the top 10 web 2.0 websites that have high DA and PA.

After creating the list, post every day a high-quality blog post and follow this activity for a month. You will get lots of links back to your website and it is an incredible

Best free web 2.0 submission sites:

These are some of the best free web 2.0 submission sites:

  • WordPress: WordPress is the best CMS system where you can submit blogs. It has high PA and domain authority of 100.
  • Tumblr: You can pos great content posts on Tumblr. It also has DA 97 which is pretty good.
  • Blogspot: Blogspot/Blogger is also good for uploading high quality, unique posts to improve the rankings.
  • There are more such amazing websites like weebly, wikidot,storify, wix etc that have high DA and PA.
This was the best information about web 2.0 submission that we could give you.

I hope the points are clear. There is no complex way to get these links, you just have to write meaningful, unique and good quality content and insert the links to the posts or home page you want to rank for. Make sure you avoid duplicate content, insert visuals like related images, infographics and videos. You can really get quality backlinks only if you follow these simple yet important rules.

Wrap up: If you are looking for more such tips and if you wish to do a digital marketing course in Delhi, you can always contact us to get a counselling and know more about how digital marketing is so good as a career.

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