WhatsApp business: Quick guide to grow your business in 2019


WhatsApp Business


The above statistics clearly show the usage of WhatsApp. Now, you all can clearly imagine the popularity of this App. This article will discuss topics like what is WhatsApp business, why use this App? And what are the uses of using the same, the organizations currently using the App and so on… 

Now, Before jumping into WhatsApp Business. Let’s discuss WhatsApp, which is a free messaging App. Voice and video calls are too allowed there. WhatsApp is launched in 2009 in India by Jan Koum and Brian Acton who were former employees of Yahoo! India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia are the top countries with the maximum usage of WhatsApp. There are presently 1.5 Billion users using WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Stats 2019 (Updated)


  • WhatsApp supports 10 Indian languages

  • India has a monster WhatsApp market in the world

  • Presently, there are three million users of WhatsApp Business (which is huge)

  • It is said that WhatsApp is Facebook’s best acquisition

  • Over 64 billion texts are received and sent on WhatsApp on a daily basis. (Really astonishing)

What Is WhatsApp Business?


WhatsApp Business is a free Android App. It is launched in January 2018. This App was launched by keeping small and medium business owners in mind. It is beneficial in many ways. As this App helps in interaction with the ideal customers. It provides automated tools. So, the business owners can quickly respond to the messages and queries of the clients.

This App also feels like Facebook Messenger. As you can use this App to do what you used to do earlier. You can use this App to do everything from messaging to sharing photos.


Let’s us discuss some features of WhatsApp Business App –


  • Business Profile: It is similar to setting up the Instagram business profile. Here, you mention the important details of your company. As its Email Address, Directions to follow to reach your company, Website handle, etc.


  • Statistics: It is also similar to the Insights of Instagram business App. Where you get information about the messages you sent, the ones delivered and read.


  • Automated Tools: To be able to respond to your clients within no time.

How WhatsApp Business Is Useful – 


It is estimated that WhatsApp Business will see huge growth in this year 2019. Now, let us grasp a bit more about WhatsApp Business. And see if this is another revolution waiting for us or not:

As I already mentioned above this App is created by keeping small and medium businesses. Now, this App is designed especially to help businesses reach their audiences on time. This App is useful in many ways. As this App makes the interaction between customers and business more easy-going.

It is important to see that, this App is designed to solve the issue many brands face. When they are not able to reply to the queries. If you are handling a big enterprise, and facing just the same problem. Then, WhatsApp Business is the answer to all your queries.

Small scale businesses who don’t have access to the chatbots or business APIs. These businesses can set the option for ”quick-replies” on WhatsApp Business App. ”Quick-replies” is a set of answers to frequently asked questions. These are pre-set responses which allow organizations to answer the repeated questions with ease.

Why Use WhatsApp Business?


As already discussed above There are presently 1.5 Billion users using WhatsApp. Now, there are many people who have the question is their mind. That ”there are many messaging Apps like facebook messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, etc.” Then, what is the use of using WhatsApp Business?

Yes, absolutely there are many messaging channels. The first and foremost reason, of using WhatsApp business download is because of its users. There are many businesses observing the potential of WhatsApp Business App. There is hardly anyone not using this App. So, this can be beneficial for organizations. In a way that businesses can use this to build a strong bond with their customers.

By being able to answer their queries quickly. To be able to personalize the messages sent to customers. Are some few ways to build a strong and healthy relationship with customers. As when a brand is able to answer the queries of customers quickly. It does show that the brand cares for its customers. And it is easier for people to trust the brand too.


Businesses using WhatsApp Business App: 


WhatsApp Business

Now, the graph above shows which App the maximum number of people prefer for their stories. Here, too, WhatsApp status as you can see is preferred by the maximum number of people.

Now let us talk about the companies using WhatsApp Business. Let’s talk about BookMyShow. BookMyShow is already using this App for their Business. Whenever someone books a ticket online. This company sends them confirmation of the same through WhatsApp. There is no doubt that BookMyShow is a very large and famous company.

Or take another example of MakeMyTrip. This tourism industry uses the App. To reach their ideal clients for their booking authentication and to share other related information. Apart from these two companies. There are many other companies too using the same application for better revenues and better customer service.

These two companies are using this business App to communicate with their customers on a daily basis. Not only using but successfully using it.

”Individuals all around the globe use WhatsApp. To remain associated with their friends, family, and loved ones. Propelled in 2009, WhatsApp, turned into a stage. To sew billions of worldwide connections.”


WhatsApp Usage : 


WhatsApp Business


A recent study shows that the usage of WhatsApp has increased tremendously over recent years. And, most everyone is using the App regularly. This App is very popular among people of every age. This is one of the main reasons marketers around the globe is seeing potential in WhatsApp business App. Another main reason behind people using WhatsApp is that the people using this App from mobile data. Their internet usage almost remains the same. This App does not eat away all your data balance.

Why Businesses Need To Utilize WhatsApp Marketing:

WhatsApp Business is not well-build like other Apps like Facebook Messenger, it is under processing to become one like the messenger. Still, if we see the utilization of the App by the people. It can be clearly said that WhatsApp Business has a bright future. The best reason, which each one of you would agree is that no matter with which organization. You have associated with your audiences are there on WhatsApp. So, it’s quite easy to convert them using WhatsApp Marketing Strategies.


WhatsApp Business


Using WhatsApp Marketing gives a marketer some unique advantages. Since each WhatsApp account is connected to a solitary cell phone number. And you can message with up to 256 WhatsApp clients at a go. Which is not a good idea for a big organization. So, according to me, your success is much higher when you can use the limitations too on your behalf.

Keep in mind that, like other versatile Apps. Some part of the intensity of WhatsApp is that it’s connected to our phones. Which is in general more close to us than our PCs. They’re not shared and we convey them all over. So any promoting efforts you handle. Ought to reflect (and regard) the individual perspective. With this App, only people connect with their companions. And most people, prefer this App to stay connected with the people who matter to them. So, building a strong bond is the key here.

Advertisers who make strategies that align with, WhatsApp’s limitations will have leeway. The absence of advertising on WhatsApp today. Implies that early adopters can truly emerge in this race. In the event that you do it right.

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