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Hello Everyone, so today, we are going to discuss the reason why small businesses need digital marketing?


Well, right now when I am writing this blog. Internetlivestats shows there are over 4.6 billion people around the globe who are using the Internet right now.

Sounds surprising, isn’t it?

That’s really a huge number of people!

And the stats are increasing and increasing.

It is also expected that the Digital Ad Spending in India, as well as Worldwide, will continue to grow. In India, it will see the fastest growth.

When we are discussing Digital Ad Spending. Mobile, social media, videos are already a part of it.

The Digital Ad spending has already surpassed the spending on the TV that to years back.

India is considered as the third-largest market in the world when it comes to digital Ad spending.

It is also obvious that most companies are spending millions on ads for the platform Facebook and Google.

Well, for me it is a sheer wastage of cash!

Okay, wait don’t get me wrong. Obviously targeted Google and Facebook Ads have their own place. And I am not denying that.

But the thing is when you are a small business trying to compete with industry biggies in this fiercely competitive industry. Then, you cannot spend this huge sum of cash on Digital Ads. It’s is not possible for you. And that’s absolutely fine. There is no need for you to worry.

Well, in case you are a small business owner trying to compete in this competition. Then, undoubtedly this blog is meant for you.

We have already seen why small businesses need digital marketing. We just saw the stats as well. And that’s because today everybody is using the Internet. If you are missing this place. Then, you will have to struggle!

Wait, yet confused? I have something more for you –



With the help of digital marketing, small business owners can target audiences where they are present. Everybody is online. Then, what is the point of targeting audiences where they are not? As a small business owner if you are not utilizing the medium your customers are using. Then, you are actually missing up tons of opportunities for better results and even you are missing out on your customers as well. One of the first and potential reasons why small businesses need to invest in digital marketing is because people are online.


This is one of the finest reasons why small businesses need to invest in digital marketing. Most of the time small businesses have less capital, resources, etc. So, digital marketing provides them with a number of resources, to market their product or services in a cost-effective or even free of cost manner. Whereas, every strategy of traditional marketing is expensive. Marketing digitally is definitely profitable.


This is one of the best reasons for marketing with the help of digital media. Not everybody is your audience and if you know your audiences. You can exactly target them for better results. This option is not there in traditional marketing. There you cannot target your audiences not you can measure the effectiveness of your results. Also, here you can personalize your marketing messages as well for better results.


With the help of digital marketing, a small business can get a better conversion rate for their businesses. The strategies of digital marketing provide a better conversion rate to all businesses. You can easily track which strategy is working in favor of your business and which is working against it. Hence, you can measure and improve accordingly. The digital marketing strategies also helps you to convert your customers into regular buyers.


We already mentioned this in the previous section mobile is the need of the hour. Everybody owns one or two phones with them, it’s common. Today, people cannot survive without their mobile phones or WiFi. Mobile has become an important part of their lives. Here, digital marketing gives the opportunity to small businesses to connect with their audiences where they are, thus bringing more ROI.


Another powerful reason why small businesses need digital marketing. The competition online is getting tough day by day. As the customers are getting several options online. Marketers are facing a tough time retaining customers. Here, in order to engage with your potential customers. Small business owners are getting a number of opportunities. Being present on social sites and connecting with customers on social media sites Facebook, Instagram, Youtube is a powerful way to boost your customer engagement thus bringing more sales for your business.


As we all know the competition is tough and everyone is doing and adopting the best practices to stay ahead of the rat race. Here, if you are not utilizing online mediums to reach your audiences. Then, you will lose your customers and your competitors will take them. Sometimes competition with other brands can be tedious at times. But here what you need to do is be mindful of the practices you are adopting in your business. And change accordingly to the results you are getting.


Another reason why small businesses need digital marketing. Because of these strategies, you can measure your results. Know which strategy is providing you with what result. And you can also change these strategies to get better results. You can monitor your results and keep a track of your performance regularly.


Think about it, let’s talk about a website. In digital marketing, business owners do have their websites. And on the website, you can easily update any business-related information, provide your audiences with what information they need at the exact moment. In short, your website is your business face. It will support your business 24/7, even when you are not physically present. In social media, you can interact with your customers, etc. Online marketing supports your business 24/7. That’s the need of the hour and another season why businesses need to invest in digital marketing.

Digital marketing has completely changed the scenario in which businesses function. The situation is such that if companies miss the online space then they might not be able to survive in his competition.

Every business is competing online. And the competition is surely tough.

Small businesses always have limited resources, limited budget, etc. And that’s fine.

Digital marketing is the preferred marketing nowadays. Each and every business are using it.

There are tons of cost-effective online marketing strategies small businesses can utilize. And trust me, these strategies work! And these will help you to survive in this tough competition.

Think about it, today everything and everyone is dependent on WiFi. Mobile has become very important for anyone. Literally, nobody can go without their phone for even a single day, there are other numerous reasons as well. And because of all this, the digital industry is flourishing. And companies are using this medium to reach their potential customers.

Okay, so now it is obvious that as a small business you need to invest in digital marketing. That’s very important. So, let’s now proceed and understand some of the amazingly powerful yet inexpensive digital marketing strategies that you can use in your business –


Do Keyword Research

This is going to be the first and most important step! Keyword research is the name of the game and you cannot afford to miss this step.

Like Ahref there are a number of keyword research tools out there. First thing first, you must research the keywords you want to rank for and you will know how easy or difficult that is going to be or the number of backlinks you might need.

A keyword research tool will let you know everything about your keywords.

Keywords are the most important aspect. Every small or big organization always perform keyword research. And after you are done with this step.

You need to blog

Get Started With Blogging

Do you know a new blog is published on the Internet every 0.5 seconds?

As per WordPress, 409 million people read 20 billion pages on the platform.

That’s undoubtedly a lot of content.

And to be seen you surely need quality content! Otherwise, your content won’t be seen anywhere!

Quality content is important more than ever!

Just filling pages with long content on your website is never enough.

Never take blogging lightly. It is one of the trusted sources on the web.

Looking to make long term benefits with blogging. Make sure that your business website is created on WordPress. Your website should have everything that your audiences need. Testimonials, Contact Us form, everything should be available.

Another thing which you need to keep in mind is to be consistent. If you are not being consistent, blogging will never bring you the desired results.

Okay, so now you know that you need to blog consistently and you need to write quality content. These things are clear.

Now, you need to invest in SEO.

Invest In SEO

Okay, so you have done keyword research, you wrote quality content as well. Excellent!

But you know what all these are totally worthless in case, you are not embracing SEO. Today, customers are smart.

And for everything, there is just only one answer and that is ”Google”. People trust Google more than anything. They turn to Google for anything and everything.

For instance, you are a travel agency. Providing packages for various cities. ‘Somebody searches for ”best travel agency for Goa”. They search this on Google and you are not there.

Now what? You’ll lose your customers.

People search on Google everything. And if someone is searching on your business keywords and you are not there. Trust me, you are missing out tons of customers.

Nobody visits the second page of Google. The results of the first page of Google are considered authentic. Also, those sites receive tons of traffic from Google.

To be seen on Google, what you need to do?

Invest in SEO, for your website content. That is never a one-time work. You need to do it every time. In order to enhance your visibility and ranking on Google.

Join Facebook Groups Or Build Your Own

I don’t know why but I really feel Facebook Groups are underestimated by people.

Facebook pages always allow like-minded individuals to share their thoughts, values across the community.

Keep in mind that if you keep posting irrelevant content on Facebook groups or you are posting too many times. Then, the group admins might block you forever.

Just like blogs, the aim of Facebook groups is to provide value to its community.

Never join irrelevant Facebook Groups. Search for groups on Facebook that are suitable for your niche. Connect and provide value. Network and let people know how you can help them.

Never underestimate the value of Facebook groups they are very helpful. And if done right, might bring your business more sales as well.

In case, you are a big company you can create your own Facebook group as well for your community and provide exclusive services.

There are big companies like Canva who have their Official Facebook Page.


Facebook groups are really hidden gems for small businesses. You desire to expand the reach of their organization without spending cash.

Now, let’s proceed to Facebook Live.

Utilize Facebook Live

In the previous section, we already heard of Facebook Groups.

You are already on the platform be it for your business or be it for yourself. The point is, you are there on Facebook.

So, why don’t you utilize Facebook Live?

Another amazing way to connect with your audiences. It is found that people love to watch live videos. And as a business, if you are investing in Facebook Live then people will connect with your business better.

This is one of the latest trends marketers must utilize. Actually, there is no rime better than now! To get started with Facebook Live.

Don’t worry you don’t need some professional studio or something to get started with Facebook Live. A smartphone with good camera quality will do the work.

Invest in Quora

Well, I am a Quora user for quite some time now. And trust me, this is a wonderful platform for small businesses to use. This platform has approx 300 million active users monthly.

But trust me, this is amazing.

On Quora, you can come up as an industry biggie, build your community. Know what issues your audiences are facing and be there for them.

This is a low-cost yet amazing platform. When you are consistent with this platform you will realize it’s potential.

When you write long and helpful answers for people to read. They visit your website to read more of your company’s blog. Thence, providing your business website huge organic traffic.

Keep in mind that Quora is a community platform. And there are certain guidelines and rules you need to follow. But remember, never over-promote your business. Only do where it is needed.

Blog Commenting

Another cost-effective and amazing method to build backlinks. Once you have some quality blog posts out there on your website. It’s time for blog commenting.

In case, you already know what blog commenting is then that’s great! And if you don’t know then

”In blog commenting, you visit the popular websites within your niche and in their comment section. You comment something insightful and relevant about the website, it’s content.”

Every blogger out there loves comments. And this is am amazing way to build relationships.

It opens up more and more opportunities for future collaborations. Also, an excellent method to build backlinks.

The more people will see your comment the more it will enhance your business visibility.

Get Yourself Registered On Freelancing Platforms 

Wait, what? How can we just register on Freelancing Platforms and it can help us to market a small business? This is complicated. This is done when you want to complete your business tasks.

For instance, suppose you are a digital marketing firm that writes really exciting articles. Then, what are you waiting for? You can sell your articles to make money.

This might sound a bit odd. But when you are a small business. You can invest your time in this. And once you are established you can take projects for your business as well.

Why You Are Not Utilizing YouTube?

Video is a trend that will never fade away.

People love to watch videos, especially on YouTube. This is considered as the second largest search engine after Google.

I personally love to watch YouTube videos related to Cooking. It’s fun.

When you are utilizing YouTube Marketing. You are able to expose your content in front of new audiences. You can monetize your YouTube channel as well. For a new income stream.

For every niche, you will find a suitable youtube channel. It’s time to create one for your business.

Youtube is one of the many social media channels. You must utilize for better conversions. As videos are in forever trend! So, don’t miss out.

Now, let us proceed and understand other social sites.

Stay Where Your Customers Are… Social Media Sites

You cannot replace social media from people’s lives that’s impossible. As social media sites like Facebook, Instagram are a part of people’s lives and it will continue to be so.

Everyone in this globe is at least active on one or two social sites where they visit frequently.

Social sites have billions of users worldwide. And the numbers are increasing only.

Your audiences are there on social media sites as well.

With such a huge number of people using social sites. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity. It is one of the cost-effective ways to connect with your targeted audiences.

Don’t be spammy. Otherwise, you will soon notice your followers list declining.

Provide value and people will stick to you. Again, stay consistent if you want to enjoy maximum benefits from your social media pages.

Looking for ways to Engage your Instagram Followers? You can visit this.

Online Reviews Matters!

In this fierce competition online, this is very important.

People check online reviews more than anything before making any purchase decision. They want to read the experience of other people first! So, that they can make a sound decision.

For instance, let’s talk about Zomato. Before trying out a new dish from a new restaurant. People first prefer to read reviews of the restaurant.

Online reviews can boost your brand visibility more than anything. What you can do here is make sure that you timely reply to the comments you receive. And it will show people that you care.

It will get people to trust your brand more easily.

Make sure, that you don’t lose your temper when you receive negative comments. Stay calm and then respond to the negative comments. And make sure that you solve the problem your customers are facing soon!


Okay, so we just saw the reasons why small businesses need digital marketing, it’s advantages. Also, we understood some of the amazing and inexpensive ways small businesses can market their business online and compete with industry biggies.

Today, the digital marketing industry is flourishing like anything.

Every business is competing online.

As a small business owner, if you are still not utilizing digital mediums to market your business. Then, this is the high time to get this done.

It is understood that companies are heavily investing their cash on digital Ads and everything. But you need to understand that the inexpensive methods are powerful as well.

The strategies discussed above have the potential to bring amazing results for your small business.

What strategies work best for your business! Let us know in the comment section below.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this guide. If so, do spread the word.


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