The A – Z Guide Of What Is Growth Hacking In Digital Marketing

Growth Hacking has become very important in today’s time. In simple terms, growth means growing faster than before. If companies or business takes it seriously then they can make great changes in their workplace. It is possible that many of you are actually hearing the term ”Growth Hacking” for the very first time. Growth Hacking has been around the corner from last few years. However, there are companies using this technique for their advancement even before everyone knows about what this actually is. But it does not matter whether everybody knows this term or not. People are still using this around the globe for their profit.

So, What actually is Growth Hacking?

Marketers around the globe have many issues to deal with. They need to take care of the money they need to spend whether on advertisements or anything, Conversions, Brand Awareness. There are many things which are important and has to be taken care of. However, a growth hacker is not concerned about these things. His only motive is to grow. The only thing which is taken care here is, especially for the businesses or startup which uses growth is that (they either grow too fast or die). Growth Hackers generally uses innovative and creative methods to grow. There is a lot of competition around this globe and the people who are actually aware of this term will surely have an advantage. Moreover, they will be ahead of time than most people. For the people who really want to try this technique, one thing you need to ask yourself is that if your customers matter to you. Then, growth must matter to you. Let me tell you one thing, people really misinterpret the true meaning of growth hacking. Sean Ellis is actually the person who introduced this term to the globe in 2010. In one of his interview, he mentioned that the meaning of Growthhackers. And he said that ”A growth Hacker is someone whose only motive is growth”. The only goal behind is ”Growth”. Every decision a growth hacker will take, every planning they do. The only reason behind is ”Growth”. The point which matters here is, that a growth hacker will only focus on a single task until and unless it is completed. Their main focus is only on one single thing rather than different tasks at a time. They tend to ignore almost everything and focus on one thing and in this way, they come up with innovative and creative ways to complete their task.

How Can Growth Hacking Help In Digital Marketing –

Now, Let us Know the importance of growth hacking in digital marketing. In this era, where the competition level has increased beyond measure. At this point in time, anyone will do anything to grow in the marketplace. The main concern of a growth hacker is that they need to come up with innovative and formative ways to complete their single task with complete dedication towards their task.

Though, Growth Hacking and digital marketing are two different terms. Growth is altogether a term which works through the growth hacker’s mindset. Because a growth hacker only focuses on one task at a time and every time comes up with new ideas to achieve that task. Still, growth can be very helpful in the digital marketing industry if applied in the right way. Growth if applied correctly has the potential to give you the results you want.

Now, Let us see how this is helpful in Digital Marketing –

  • Building Brand – When it comes to building a brand and awareness obviously this cannot happen overnight. The one starting it needs to plan out everything. They need a structural way to handle each and everything coming their way. Obviously, you started with your brand. And the next day you are asking for more and more customers. It cannot happen this way. For this, first, you need to build a bonding with your customers. So that they can relate to you and your business. When your customers will trust you then only they will come to you as well as will recommend your brand to their family and friends. Here, growth hacking can be very fruitful for your business.

  • B2C (business to customers) work – Many people fail to understand this concept. Even bloggers, business developers, and many such people who are in the field of digital marketing. This is where growth is very important and can improve your work beyond measure. It can help you in such a way that it has the power to convert your customers into sales. So you can have more profit.

  •  Social media work – When some brand or business uses social media platforms i.e., facebook, twitter, youtube or any other social media sites to promote their business. Why will a business promote in social sites? Obviously, they have some thought process behind. They are looking for some result. That is why they do this. Here growth hacking can be a very powerful technique to get the results you are seeking. It can help you and your results through social media sites immensely. Can help you to achieve the results you want. Also, can give you more customers. Moreover, it can be the main source of traffic for your social sites.

Growth Hacking can be very helpful in digital marketing if done in a better way. There are many sectors that need growth hacking in the digital world. To make better results. And to stand-out from others.

When people hear the term ”Growth Hacking” there are many things which come in mind. I will be talking about a few things here –

  1. To learn about growth. You need some course. You need to study hard to become a master in growth. Which is indeed a half-truth. The truth here is that a growth hacker is definitely an ordinary man like you and me. Obviously, they are no extraordinary or you can say, they are not extra-qualified man. The only thing is that they are creative beings. They have lots of innovative ideas in their mind. Growth is what? The quality that you will grow with innovative and creative ways and will complete your task.
  2. You need to spend lots of money to make more money. Which is again an illusion. It is not like that a growth hacker spends a lot of money to make the double money. They do spend money but they only spend money where it is needed. And not spend money on anything and everything. It does not mean they do not spend money but the thing they keep in mind is that they will only spend money where it is essential for their growth. Because their only motive behind everything is ”Growth”.

For Growth Hacking to work perfectly for you here are things which you need to keep in mind

  1. Make the products which are needed by people today.
  2. Know your customer. It is, as usual, the base of any type of business.
  3. Do not target everyone. Before targeting your audience. Think wisely about them
  4. Do not forget to include images or infographics in your content to make it attractive
  5. Always do smart work instead of hard work
  6. Be creative and innovative
  7. Do not make any plan what I mean here is your plans and strategy that you decided to follow has to be trusted. And must have the capacity to bring desired results
  8. Be a leader and not a follower. A growth hacker has to be someone who is organized and has the capacity to manage and lead a team. Because a growth hacker is not someone who is a one-man army. They do need a team that can work together to achieve the goal. So, you need to be the leader here
  9. A growth hacker must keep in mind that lack of interest will harm them as well as their business and products. What I mean to say here is a growth hacker must have a deep desire to think something out of the box. They must have new creative ideas in their mind to keep things going
  10. Dedication – Obviously nothing comes easy. You need to work for it. And if someone tells you growth is like using a ”shortcut”. You know that is a myth. Growth Hacking will surely give you the success you desire but what is needed is your passion and dedication towards it. Ideas may not pop-up overnight. And when it does not happen people tend to be frustrated. But that’s not how a growth hacker works. They are very focused with their approach. And the right idea may come in their mind anytime. And that idea tends to be the game changer for them.
  11. Planning is everything – Growth hacker must know what is suitable for them and what is not. Not every idea may work out. But they need to have the capability to analyze everything. Judge whether something is working or not. And if not then why not? This is how it works.
  12. Extremely Analytical mind – Yes, you heard it right. This is the quality a growth hacker must have. The power to judge everything. They need to have the analytical mind for better results Because that’s what is going to help them to bring better results. What happened? Why did it happen? What is the reason behind? How can I improve it? These are the questions a growth hacker needs to ask every time when something does not work. If I execute this plan what will happen? How can this make better results? These are the questions a growth hacker needs to keep in mind. This is what makes a growth hacker powerful. Having a sharp analytical mind makes it easy for growth hackers to predict the future in advance.

What needs to be a successful growth hacker –

  1. Ask yourself why this?
  2. Have the clear picture of your goals in your mind
  3. Know your strengths and weaknesses
  4. Be bold and confident
  5. Be a leader
  6. Have an innovative plan of actions for your work
  7. Have the ability to analyze everything
  8. Work with your strengths. Improve your weakness
  9. Experiment with your new ideas
  10. Be open for new ideas
  11. Improve yourself and your plans
  12. Repeat

Conclusion –

  • Marketers can be growth hackers but the only condition is that they need to be focused for a particular task. Growth hackers do not go well with multi-tasking. At a time they only focus on one task, complete it then they pick another one. Marketers can also do growth hacking if they focus on one goal at a time
  • Growth hacking is not illegal. There are right and ethical ways also.
  •  Of course, growth hackers need to have a sharp analytical mind but this is the only one part. They need to do good research at times also
  • One cannot do growth if they have a lack of interest or is not focused
  • You don’t need a proper education to become a growth hacker. A creative, innovative person with a sharp mind can also become one
  • Growth can be very fruitful for digital marketers
  • A lethargic person cannot become growth hackers
  • Growth hackers are mad for growth. ”Growth” is all they know. And in everything they do. They will do it if the end result is Growth


Growth Hacking is not something very difficult or impossible to do. If you have the deep burning desire you can learn and can even master it. Want to become perfect in growth hacking. You can, at Best Digital Marketing Training At Delhi

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