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First Time Ever in India for your Career Growth! It’s a blend of 6 professional courses with a duration of 6-8Months. Includes Digital marketing masters, professional Web designing, Professional Graphic Designing, Android App Development Course, Black Hat SEO Course along with 22 LIVE PROJECTS & 24 Certifications.

Executive Program In Digital Marketing | EPDM

This digital marketing program has been developed in an interactive way that enhances your digital as well as creative strategy building skills for your marketing platform. This digital marketing course in Delhi is suitable for students as well as working professionals and surely for the ones who to begin their career in Online marketing.

Advance Program in Digital marketing

This program is designed in a way that covers all the technologies of of online marketing and other comprehensive technologies to digital marketing course. Containing 40+ modules along with the 100+ assessments, this advance digital marketing course in Delhi supporting the 2 months of additional internship is suitable for students, working professionals, job seekers and even for the household managers.

Corporate Program in Digital Marketing

This course is invented on high demand by the working professionals to enhance their digital plus offline marketing skills. This digital marketing course is specialised for the marketing executives and experts who want to excel their marketing skills with the updating technology. This digital marketing course includes 60+ Digital marketing plus offline marketing modules along with 120+ assessments and internship.

Go to Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger

If you love sharing your thoughts and knowledge with others and you want to make your passion your ultimate profession, blogging is meant for you! learn to write the most liked and innovative content for your audience along with the high end creatives. We’ve also added a part of it in our advance program in digital marketing (APDM)

Go to Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content writers are professional writers who produce engaging content online. Content is the king in the online business of digital marketing. Content Marketing is considered to be the second name of Digital Marketing. Content writing and marketing is also one of the highest paid jobs in Online Marketing. We’ve also added a part of it in our advance program in digital marketing (APDM)

Go to Freelancing


Do you have a desire to be independent and be your own boss? Do freelancing. A freelancer is a self employed person offering services to multiple clients at a time. These services include Website designing, Search Engine Optimisation, SMO (Social Media Optimisation), Social Media Marketing & Campaigning etc. We’ve also added a part of it in our advance program in digital marketing (APDM)

Influencer Marketing

With its increasing demand and the most powerful and authentic results. Influencer marketing is gradually taking over other digital marketing course channels and mediums. it would influence your digital presence on the web with the powerful content branding skills and digital marketing tools that covers up in your Digital marketing course in delhi from Koderey Techstack. We’ve also added a part of it in our advance program in digital marketing (APDM)

Go to Personality Development Course

Personality Development Course

It’s very important to analyze what are your strong traits and which traits need to be polished and enhanced more. A great personality can take you so far in life. Courses we provide our: Personality Development package Leadership qualities Interpersonal Relations Time management skills Group discussions and debates Stress management

Social Media Optimization

Social media is such a powerful medium. Learn how to unleash these platforms and use them in the best possible way for monetisation. Social media optimisation is a specially designed program for the ones who want to monetise through this or see their career in the same. Alongside this is also the part of our advance digital marketing course in delhi.


If you want to attract the right strangers (your target traffic) to your website and to your brand with quality and compelling content, become an Adwords specialist and learn to create campaigns and ads. This is a specially designed program for learning the complexities advancement of Pay Per Click pricing model. Alongside, this is also has a module part in Advance digital marketing course in Delhi by Koderey Techstack.

Web Designing

Website Designing, these days, is becoming the most influential factor in promoting a business and taking its branding to a different level if used creatively. Learn this course for the intact knowledge of Web & Graphics.

Web Development

Website development is a wide term that includes all the tasks performed in developing a website for the Internet. This course contains all the modules of web designing and added programming languages such as PHP, Advanced PHP, My SQL, CMS plateforms, AZAX, FTP servers etc. and Cryptography.

Android App Development

Course Highlights: ● Basics of Java ● Advanced Java ● API’s ● Development for Andriod ● UI/UX Mobile Development ● Assets and Resources ● Filters and theme styles ● Front-end Frameworks

React JS

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK FRAMEWORK. Koderey Techstack: India’s 1st offline live classroom training institute to teach this Framework.

Angular JS

ANGULAR JS : Most trending and Job-oriented (java script Framework) training Program.

Graphic Designing

2018 is an ERA of Creatives and Visuals. Graphic designing is not just just creating a photo or editing it. It’s about putting your thoughts into the creatives and visuals. This course gives you ample knowledge all the Graphic tools including Adobe Photoshop, adobe Illustrator, adobe indesign and so on.

Video Creations & Editing

Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. As we are living in an era where people like to see videos and creatives rather than reading the whole content for the information. It contains Post production, Adobe Premiere, After effects.

Why you should care about Digital Marketing Course?

  • With the advancement of technology, the pace of marketing is growing like crazy. Name any big company or brand, everybody is doing digital marketing ( also known as virtual marketing) to get more close to their users.
  • Traditional marketing is not passe. It’s just that digital marketing is way too efficient. Traditional marketing involves lots of hard work and demands time but digital marketing only requires smart work along with the creative marketing skills and gives you incredible results in a short span of time.
  • Think about your day to day life. How many times each day, do you use internet? How many devices in your house are connected to internet?
  • Millions of people are using internet to get some help because tell me honestly, aren’t we short of time? Everything is so quick these days and customer is becoming smart.
  • Brands are becoming super competitive. They want to do everything to get the attention of their customers then what on earth are you waiting for?

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Why join Koderey? Our Core Strengths

A little sneak-peak to 'How We Do'
Our sole motive is to build a strong community and empower our students in the best possible way!

Koderey Techstack is an ISO Certified and DMCA approved Institution. We believe in personalization, each and every student is given required attention because our students represent who we are and what we preach. Our faculty is highly experienced. They have an in depth knowledge of digital marketing course & curriculum and have a great experience in building brands and a strong online presence. Impactful training: We don’t believe in traditional way of teaching our students. We have unique way of teaching that involves weekly debate classes, presentations, digital marketing course case studies and so much more. The fellow students are always humble and jolly. Creativity is our essence and we know that every child is special. Flexible timings: We don’t get strict with the timings. You can always join a batch according to your convenience. In case you miss an important lecture, proper backup classes are given for the same. We connect on the personal level with our students because it is not a business firm but it is a learning institute where we care about every student and how we can do our best to help them do better in live. Every day is a new day and the learning just keeps increasing. We love enthusiasm and living each day to the fullest. We don’t like a boring and a negative class environment. We love humor with creativity. I am sure you will learn a lot from each other and that is our mission.

  • We are an ISO Certified Institution offering various IT courses in Digital Studies.

  • Koderey Techstack owes the highly experienced trainers from IIT delhi and other skillfull startup owners as the trainers.

  • Team Koderey runs for the innovation. we are the India's first official institute to launch the Diploma in Digital Marketing & Technologies. Its a combination of 6 Professional courses in one diploma that outranks you from other common Digital Marketers

  • We here in Koderey emphasize on the student's personal growth along with the professional. We do conduct the debates and seminars to make the enrolled studets take part in it and grow their future with the superfine learning.


  • Few words from our Trainees about our Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

How can this Digital Marketing Course help to achieve your goals!


  • For a business man/woman:

Do you agree that customer is the king when it comes to running a successful business? Customer satisfaction is the key factor for success. Digital marketing course in delhi helps you to get in touch with the customers, know their needs/behavior and track the results whether or not your services/ products are liked by the customers or not. Yes, you can track everything about your customer with just a click.


  • For a student

Believe me. If I had any idea about digital marketing back in my school days, I would have done it then and there. This field is crazy and we promise you that after doing this digital marketing course, you will never want to stop doing it. It gets more intense and interesting. You will gain the basics along with the advance digital marketing training and there is no expert in this field, there is so much to explore. Words by the best digital marketing institute in Delhi


  • For a corporate professional

If you are a working professional, digital marketing course can improve your overall growth and will help you to face the challenging environment. The knowledge of digital marketing can be an edge in your education and career. The growing importance of virtual marketing and rapidly changing business environment can really hamper your growth. Online Marketing is the need of the hour. It’s high time to do it. Words by the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi


  • For a house wife:

We completely respect the choice of working from home because sometimes in life, there comes a time when you have to make a choice. These women are the stars of the family but somehow every woman wishes to work and earn for their family. Well the beauty of digital marketing is that you can easily work from home by just giving few hours in a day. If you know how to operate a mobile and use whatsapp, facebook or any other social media platform. That is it, we have got your back. All you need is little knowledge about making a website and promoting your work over there. It is really not that difficult. All you need is a will to do and learn something new that can help you throughout your life. Words by the best digital marketing institute in Delhi


  • For creative people:

No matter what your degree is, you can do this course to complete your goals. To showcase your creativity, you need a platform and we help you to build a spectacular website and other channels to showcase your talent and promote it to the right audience because it can help you make big money. Why not  turn your passion into your profession? Words by the Best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.




Our Mission: What we strive for!

An institution is a pure place to learn and grow and we are not a business making company. We strive for clarity and honest. Every student that has passed out Koderey has always been satisfied and this is our biggest drive. Even if we can change one life, it would mean everything to us.

Our team is dedicated to build a community of students that can do wonders in life with their passion.

If you have it in you, we will show you the light.



Meet our Trainers :)

Anurag Arora

Founder and Digital Marketing Head at Koderey.
Successful business strategist, Anurag Arora is the CO-founder of Koderey Techstack. He leads the whole team of Koderey and is known as the man of substance. Extremely talented and the most sought out person in the team. He is a Corporate strategist and has an in-depth knowledge of solid business and marketing principles. He is also an online expert. He believes in smart work and makes everything so easy and interesting for the students and that’s the true quality of a leader. Specialities: Strong communication skills SEO expert Team leader Great Career counselor Website developer Branding and Marketing expert


Content and Digital Marketing Trainer at Koderey.
Content Marketing Head and the Digital Marketing Trainer at Koderey Techstack. The proud owner of “ Just Being Fab”, Shefali takes great interest in the Digital Marketing, SEO and content marketing. Content is the king in the Digital Marketing and she is an expert at creating great content. Her website is ranking on the top in the Google for most of her articles. Specialities: How to become a blogger and earn money from your blog. How to use the best digital marketing tools. How to grow your blog audience. SEO expert Strong communication skills How to use social media to build relationships with your target audience.

Puneet Saxena

Digital Marketing Trainer at Koderey.

Ranmeet Bhatia

Business Developer

Awarded wth 93% Placement Success. Big Companies across India are waiting for you.

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